Advancing Isotopes for Science and Medicine

Clockwise from left: ARIEL building north face, ARIEL south face, and the Compressor Building.


 The Advanced Rare IsotopE Laboratory (ARIEL) is TRIUMF's flagship facility that will expand Canada's capabilities to produce and study isotopes for physics and medicine. Utilizing next-generation technology, it will showcase a Made-in-Canada, high-power superconducting electron accelerator to produce exotic isotopes for research and development.


Benefits to Canada

ARIEL will triple TRIUMF's capabilities for producing beams of rare isotopes and will expand the range of isotopes produced.  These isotopes are used to study the nature of stars, where the elements come from, and how complex patterns arise from relatively simple building blocks.

ARIEL can demonstrate accelerator-based technologies for (a) making conventional medical isotopes and (b)
uncovering the medical isotopes of the future, especially those targeted at therapy. 

ARIEL exploits high-technology called superconducting accelerator cavities that has been transferred from TRIUMF to Canadian industry. These companies are now developing bids on global contracts.  This technology is being examined for application to reducing noxious components of chimney flue gases and production of medical isotopes.

Together, ARIEL and TRIUMF will generate a $750 milllion economic impact over five years with 1,200 jobs.


Project Management

The design and construction of ARIEL at TRIUMF is being led by Lia Merminga and Remy Dawson under the guidance of Principle Investigator Dean Karlen. Assisting them is a Project Management Office consisting of: Remy Dawson, Greg Hackman, Byron Jennings, Franco Mammarella, and Anne Trudel.




The ARIEL facility includes five major elements to fulfill its mission:

  • E-linac
  • Specialized proton beam line
  • High-power target stations
  • Front end & isotope separator
  • Conventional buildings & services
Support has been received from NRC, CFI, and BC province along with several industrial and international contributions.


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The five major work packages are managed under a structure shown in the ARIEL Organization Diagram.


 ARIEL logo


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