ARIEL Technical Description


The Advanced Rare Isotope Laboratory project at TRIUMF is designed to enhance and expand TRIUMF's rare-isotope production capabilities by up to 200% (in the fullness of time).  Phase I has been funded and includes the construction of conventional facilities and the first stage of a high-power electron linear accelerator (aka e-linac) using superconducting radio-frequency cavities. Additional phases of ARIEL will add two full target stations and an additional proton beam line from TRIUMF's main cyclotron.

ARIEL's e-linac will drive photo-fission of actinide target materials to produce exotic isotopes which will be extracted and separated on-line (ISOL) and delivery to TRIUMF's existing ISAC facilities.



Projected yields of isotopes from photo-fission: 50 kW electron beam on a 15 g/cm^2 UCx target.Employing a 300 keV electron gun, the e-linac will deliver 5 mA beams at 25 MeV from the injector cyromodule and 5 mA, ~25 MeV beams at the output of the first accelerator cryomodule by 2014.



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