August 21 ARIEL Snapshot

21 August 2015

ARIEL 1.5:
- North hatch block in place
- Pre-commissioning cleaning of e-Hall is organized; will start Aug 24
- Tunnel south cable infrastructure build out started
- Tunnel north cable infrastructure design started
- SF6 gas storage solution proposed by plant group supervisor

- Ring cost estimated
- Started document for Mass Separator Room CFS document
- PMO's EH&S rep confirmed: J. Mildenberger
- PMO's Prin. Scientist not confirmed yet
- Levelling of resources underway, by ARIEL-II project manager
- Finalization of B1-08 layout... hopefully ready for an official design review next week
- Proposal made for how ARIEL-II takes into account VECC MOU3
- Training for Docushare Routing Slips set, by site training coordinator

Attached are two photos from the crane 100% load test and a photo of the remote camera bridge / trolley position and hoist views. The local and remote tests are completed for the ARIEL crane!  COH came in the last weekend to complete a few more small controls tests but the ARIEL Target Hall crane project is finished.

 The ARIEL Target Hall crane project is finished!