July 31 ARIEL Snapshot

31 July 2015

ARIEL 1.5:

  • Plant group finishing the e-Hall temporary shielding
  • Vendor late with modified EHDT shielding block
  • Rel 2 of tuning dump Interlocks requirement  document is out for review.


  • ARIEL-1.5 diagnostics actuating mechanics is UHV cleaned and clean assembled. Approximately 80% was completed. Drawings of BPM body assembles were checked and passed to the Machine shop for manufacture.
  • Cable data required for ARIEL-1.5 have been collected and requisitions prepared and passed to the Purchaser.
  • BPM electronics assembly is in progress. The new version of the front-end was tested and showed some improvement in the noise performance. It will be ready for production in about a week.
  • Eight channel extension for View Screen electronics was installed and is presently tested.
  • Checking of diagnostics devices is ongoing in the e-hall with the purpose to complete the prerequisite list.


  • CANREB schedule updated, for next week's Steering Committee mtg
  • Review of latest layout of room B1-08; it looks promising to freeze the layout soon
  • Project Physicist selected; nomination by next week

 - to be published soon -