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AAPS Achieves Project Milestone

08 May 2012

Just over a year ago, Advanced Applied Physics Solutions, Inc. (AAPS) unveiled itsplans to commercialize the concept of muon geotomography, which is a geophysics technique developed by UBC Professor Doug Bryman that employs cosmic-ray muons (highly energetic electron-like particles created in the upper atmosphere) to detect regions of high ore density and also differentiate types of ore, based on how they interact with the muons.

AAPS has passed an important milestone on the road to commercializing the concept of muon geotomography: they have built the first full-scale working version of the detector that will be used in the mining technique. The new mineral exploration technology will allow mining companies to take three-dimensional scans of mines in order to determine the location of valuable ore deposits. This cutting-edge approach not only has the potential to increase the success and ease of mine exploration, but also to reduce the costs and environmental impact