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TRIUMF Hosts Spring InterActions Meeting

17 May 2012

From May 9-11, 2012, TRIUMF played host to a number of expert particle physics communicators as part of the annual spring meeting of the InterActions collaboration. Communications specialists from around the globe participated in the meeting, with representatives visiting from KEK (Japan), IHEP (China), CERN (Switzerland), DESY (Germany), INFN (Italy), STFC (UK), SLAC (USA), and FNAL (USA). A different laboratory hosts each meeting in order to facilitate the exchange of ideas, the development of international group projects, and to review best practices.  

In keeping with tradition, the hosting laboratory invites its international counterparts to a cultural activity. TRIUMF took advantage of one of Vancouver’s elusive sunny spring days and hosted a barbeque on the Spanish Banks beach; though it was windy, the sun held throughout. Taking a break from particle physi