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To our Japanese Friends, Families, & Collaborators

11 March 2011

Late last night / very early this morning, a serious earthquake rocked Japan, triggering a series of subsequent tsunamis.  The situation is very serious and our thoughts and feelings are with our Japanese colleagues, friends, and families in the aftermath of this tragedy.  TRIUMF has very strong connections with Japanese researchers and institutions, particularly at the KEK, J-PARC, and RIKEN laboratories and at universities throughout the country. We extend our deepest condolences and our support to all of them. 


Lastest updates from our colleagues on twitter @TRIUMFLab



Map showing the location of the three laboratories in relation to the effects of the earthquake.

Photographs of the J-PARC site after the earthquake, buckling roads and shifting buildings. These are provided courtesy of T2K Collaborators.