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Expanding Partnerships with India

07 March 2011

During the first week of March, a team from TRIUMF visited Kolkata, India, to participate in the 2011 VECC/TRIUMF collaboration meeting as part of the ongoing partnership between the two laboratories.  The team included Bob Laxdal, Nigel Lockyer, Lia Merminga, Tim Meyer, and Amiya Mitra. Dr. Alok Chakrabarti hosted the event at VECC.

The collaboration meeting lasted two days with a good number of presentations and discussions by both TRIUMF and VECC attendees. A good number (more than 20) of VECC scientists joined the meeting.  Topics included manufacturing process for superconducting radio frequency (SRF) cavities, liquid helium cryogenic systems, electron gun parameters, and isotope science. In the picture to the left, TRIUMF and VECC scientists at the collaboration meeting in Kolkata, India, on March 1, 2011. In the centre of the photograph is VECC Director Rakesh Bhandari; seated next to him at the conference table is TRIUMF Director Nigel S. Lockyer.

VECC is planning a large "green field" national center for rare-isotope physics called ANURIB to be located about 5 km from their existing facilities. The facility would be based around a 50 MeV, 100 kW electron accelerator (similar to TRIUMF's e-linac project) producing isotopes through photo-fission.  Then next phase would include a linac post-accelerator up to ~7 MeV/u f