Board of Management (BOM)


The TRIUMF Board of Management is made up of appointees from the Joint Venture Universities and two elected representatives from the private sector. The duties of the Board are identified in the Terms of Reference (updated March 2008).

 Full Member Universities



University of AlbertaDr. L. Babiuk (Lorne)


University of AlbertaDr. A. Hallin (Aksel)Personnel & Admin
University of British ColumbiaDr. D. Brooks (Donald)

Chair, Finance

Innovation & Industrial Partnerships

University of British ColumbiaDr. H. Burt (Helen)Personnel & Admin
University of CalgaryDr. E. McCauley (Ed)


University of CalgaryDr. R.I. Thompson (Robert)Chair, Safety & Security
Carleton UniversityDr. N. Rajapakse (Nimal)Finance

Carleton UniversityDr. S. Godfrey (Stephen)Personnel & Admin
University of ManitobaDr. D.S. Jayas (Digvir)



Chair, Innovation & Industrial Partnerships

University of ManitobaDr. S. Baum (Stefi)Personnel & Admin
University of GuelphDr. M. Campbell (Malcolm)Finance
University of GuelphDr. A. Vannelli (Anthony)Personnel & Admin
Universite de MontrealTBAFinance
Universite de MontrealDr. C. Leroy (Claude)Personnel & Admin
University of ReginaDr. D. Malloy (David)Finance
University of ReginaTBA

Personnel & Admin

Simon Fraser UniversityDr. N. Haunerland (Norbert)




Simon Fraser UniversityDr. C. Cupples (Claire)Personnel & Admin
University of TorontoDr. V. Goel (Vivek)Finance
University of TorontoDr. P. Savard (Pierre)Personnel & Admin
University of VictoriaDr. D. Castle (David)Finance
University of VictoriaDr. R. Keeler (Richard)Personnel & Admin
Queen's UniversityDr. S.N. Liss (Steven)

Chair, Board of Management


Chair, Executive

Queen's UniversityDr. M. Dignam (Marc)Personnel & Admin
York UniversityDr. R. Haché (Robert)Executive, Finance, Audit
York UniversityDr. W. Taylor (Wendy)Personnel & Admin
Private Sector RepresentativeDr. S. Lévesque (Sylvain) 
Private Sector RepresentativeTBAInnovation & Industrial Partnerships

 Associate Member Universities (Non-Voting)

McGill UniversityDr. P. Grütter (Peter) 
McMaster UniversityDr. G. Luke (Graeme) 
University of Northern British ColumbiaDr. G. Payne (Geoff) 
Saint Mary's UniversityDr. A.J. Sarty (Adam) 
Western UniversityDr. F. Prato (Frank) 
University of WinnipegDr. J. Distasio (Jino) 

 Other Non-Voting Members

Interim Vice-President, Emerging Technologies, NRCDr. G. Tanguay (Genevieve) 
 Director, TRIUMFDr. J.A. Bagger (Jonathan) 
 Chair, ACOTDr. D.B. MacFarlane (David) 
 SecretaryMr. J. Hanlon (Jim)