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Undergraduate Research Awards

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TRIUMF Summer Research Awards for Canadian Undergraduate Students


TRIUMF is Canada's National Laboratory for Particle and Nuclear Physics, located on the campus of the University of British Columbia. Our 500 MeV cyclotron and smaller isotope production cyclotrons support a diverse program of world class research in particle physics, nuclear physics and chemistry (including nuclear astrophysics), condensed matter and materials research, and life sciences. In addition, TRIUMF acts as an infrastructure lab for international collaborations in subatomic physics at European laboratories such as CERN and DESY, American laboratories such as Brookhaven, SLAC, and JLab, the Japanese laboratory KEK, and other laboratories around the world.

TRIUMF has a policy to give Canadian undergraduate students the opportunity to experience the excitement of research at a National Laboratory such as TRIUMF. In part to fulfill this policy, we sponsor up to 5 scholarships every year for one student from each of the 5 regions of Canada (Atlantic Provinces, Quebec, Ontario, Prairie Provinces, British Columbia)1 at TRIUMF.  The present competition for the Summer 2015 awards (May to August 2015) has an application deadline of January 22, 2015.



  • Salaries will be in the range $1900 to $2700 per month, depending on work experience and the number of academic terms completed.
  • Airfare (Airfare not applicable for Greater Vancouver, Fraser River Valley, and Vancouver Island institutions. Ferry and car mileage paid for Vancouver Island institutions) return from the home institution will be paid by TRIUMF.
  • Students will receive a $2000 scholarship on the satisfactory completion of a report on their research.
  • There are weekly student seminars and lectures given by leading Scientists in their field.
  • Social activities are organized by the 40 undergraduates TRIUMF usually has on site each summer.
  • Vancouver and its environs is a world-famous vacation destination, with much to offer students during their non-working hours and weekends.

Possible areas or research projects that may be available include:


  • High-energy experiment and analysis
  • Decays of the muon and pion
  • Life Sciences with radioisotopes
  • Nuclear/Particle Theory
  • Fu