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TRIUMF Speakers Bureau

TRIUMF has many people who are willing and able to give seminars or colloquia. The expertise extends beyond the obvious like subatomic physics to condensed matter, accelerator physics, and even science policy and the nature of science. We can provide lectures at many different levels from talks for the general public and school students to University Departmental Colloquia.

Here we will highlight a few of the possibilities:

  • Colloquia
    • Reiner Kruecken (Deputy Director):
      Experimental Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Astrophysics
    • David Morrissey (Research Scientist):
      Particle Physics Phenomenology
  • Technical Talks
    • Adam Garnsworthy (Reseach Scientist):
      Nuclear Structure (experimental)
    • Akira Konaka (Research Scientist):
      The T2K Experiment
    • Petr Navratil (Research Scientist):
      Ab initio nuclear calculations
    • Chris Ruiz (Research Scientist):
      Nuclear Astrophysics (experimental)
  • High School
  • What's Hot
    • Jens Dilling (Deputy Division Head - Science):
      Recent mass measurements with the TITAN Ion Trap
    • Makoto Fujiwara (Research Scientist):
      The ALPHA Experiment (antihydrogen)
    • Mike Wilking (Research Associate):
      T2K Results
    • Paul Schaffer (Deputy Division Head - Nuclear Medicine):
      Recent advances in medical imaging

In addition to the its staff, TRIUMF has a large user community. These users are located at universities across Canada and around the world. We would be happy to direct you to members of the community close to you who could give seminars.

  • External Speakers
    • Kim Chow (Alberta, Physics Dept.): 
      Materials Science
    • Khashayar Ghandi (Mount Allison, Chemistry Dept.):
      Green chemistry
    • Graeme Luke (McMaster, Physics Dept.):
      Exotic superconductors from bronze to iron to uranium
    • Andrew MacFarlane (UBC, Chemistry Dept.):
      Strongly correlated materials
    • Carl Svensson (Guelph, Physics Dept.):
      Gamma ray spectroscopy and rare isotope physics

Individual speakers and research groups can be contacted directly. 

For more information and additional suggestions for speakers, please contact program coordinator Dr. Jason Holt. For high school talks, please contact Dr. Marcello Pavan.

Photographs: Grant Minor at NerdNite Vancouver; Claire Davids at the Richmond Public Library; and Anadi Canepa at Sam Sullivan's Public Salon.