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2011 Proton run ends on a high note with over 5 fb-1 of data 31 October 2011

ATLAS received its last proton-proton fill of 2011 this weekend.  Altogether we took more than five times as much data as we had originally set as the goal for this year.  Full story.

ATLAS' Peter Jenni going to Stockholm to receive prize for Higgs boson discovery 23 May 2013

The High Energy and Particle Physics Prize 2013

ATLAS collaboration (CERN, CH)
CMS collaboration (CERN, CH)

For the discovery of a Higgs boson as predicted by the Brout-Englert-Higgs mechanism

Michel Della Negra (CERN, now at Imperial College London, UK)
Peter Jenni (CERN, now at Freiburg University, DE)
Tejinder Virdee (Imperial College London, UK)

For their pioneering and outstanding leadership rôles in the making of the ATLAS and CMS experiments.

Congratulations to ATLAS Spokesperson Fabiola Gianotti, Time Person-of-the-Year runner-up 19 December 2012

Time person-of-the-year runner-up - a beautiful end to a fantastic year for the LHC and the ATLAS collaboration.

End of 2011 run 07 December 2011

Today is the last day of the 2011 heavy ion run at the LHC; Christmas shutdown starts tomorrow.  Looking forward to next year, and even more data!

Higgs Search goes Multivariate 10 June 2012

Searching for the Higgs boson in the decay channel where the Higgs decays to two W bosons which in turn decay to an electron or a muon together with their corresponding neutrino represents the most sensitive search channel over a wide mass range. Due to the presence of neutrinos, the final state is kinematically under-constraint. In a novel ATLAS analysis, we (and our local collaborators from SFU and UBC) test ATLAS candidate events for the Higgs signal and Standard Model background hypothesis based on Fermi's Golden rule that probes the full dimensionality of the phase space beyond single kinematic observables. Details can be found here.

Hundredth ATLAS Physics Paper Submitted 05 January 2012

ATLAS has just submitted its hundredth paper based on collision data for publication!  For a full list of ATLAS published (or submitted) papers see

LHC (world) lumi record 21 April 2011

 LHC sets new world record for instantaneous luminosity!

LHC reached 10^33 /cm^2/s on Victoria Day! 24 May 2011

Another important milestone, LHC is now running at the canonical rate of 1033 /cm2/s !

LHC to run at 8 TeV in 2012 13 February 2012

The LHC will run with a beam energy of 4 TeV this year, 0.5 TeV higher than in 2010 and 2011.

News on SUSY 27 January 2012

SUperSYmmetry is one of the most promising theories for Physics Beyond the Standard Model. The TRIUMF group, in collaboration with the UBC group, has released the result of a search for SUSY in events with at least four leptons and missing transverse momentum. What is data telling us? 


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