Canada's National Laboratory for Particle and Nuclear Physics Laboratoire national canadien pour la recherche en physique nucléaire et en physique des particules

Research Program


Research Topics

Learn more about the major research thrusts at TRIUMF.

Research Facilities

Get an overview of the major on-site research facilities at TRIUMF.

Planning Experiments

If you are a scientist planning an experiment at TRIUMF for the first time, start here.

Running Experiments

If your experiment is approved to run at TRIUMF, look here to see what's required to make it happen.

ISAC Meetings

The rare-isotope science program centres around the ISAC facility.  Look here for news and information.

Lectures & Conferences

Conferences and lectures allow scientists and students to trade ideas and report on results.

TRIUMF Users Group

This group forms basis of the network of scientists and users that work or visit TRIUMF for their research.


Areas of Research

Nuclear Medicine

TRIUMF brings together physics, chemistry, and biology in one of Canada's premier centres of excellence for nuclear medicine. New methods for disease detection and treatment are being developed.


Nuclear Physics

TRIUMF has the world's largest cyclotron, which is used to generate exotic atoms for unlocking the secrets of the stars and discovering the medical isotopes of the future.

Materials Science

TRIUMF studies the detailed nature of materials revealing new levels of complexity---and simplicity.


Particle Physics

TRIUMF helps Canadians understand the universe by providing tools, skills, and infrastructure for some of the world's most sophisticated research projects.


TRIUMF's theory groups pairs analytical and computational prowess with cutting-edge experiments to create breakthroughs in fundamental understanding.



TRIUMF is Canada's steward for accelerators and drives the development of higher power, more efficient, and more effective accelerators.



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