Canada's National Laboratory for Particle and Nuclear Physics Laboratoire national canadien pour la recherche en physique nucléaire et en physique des particules is undergoing an upgrade and is currently set to be read only. Thank you for your patience.

For Scientific Visitors

Before your Visit

  • Letter of Invitation
  • Immigration documents
  • Medical Insurance
  • Pacemaker Warning
  • Accomodation
  • Shipping Equipment
  • Safety & Training*
  • Security Access Cards*
  • Radiation Badge*

*Please submit before arriving on-site to TRIUMF. 

When you Arrive at TRIUMF

  • Laboratory Keys
  • Computer Account
  • Parking Permits
  • Other Adminstrative Processes

Conducting Experiments

  • Planning your Experiment
  • Running your Experiment



When you Leave TRIUMF

  • Computing Accounts
  • Address Forwarding
  • Mail
  • Library Books
  • Radiation Badge
  • Keys
  • Security Access Card

Your stay in Vancouver

Additional Information: