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Quality and Safety Management Committee


The Quality & Safety Management Committee meets every quarter to review reports from the different groups who have an operational role in workplace and environmental safety.  In addition this committee carries out inspections as part of TRIUMF's TSOP-09 on Qualtity Program Assessment. Deficiencies and any corrections implemented are recorded.




Jonathan Bagger, ChairDirector
Kristina Gildert, (Secretary)Administrative Assistant, Dosimetry and Documentation
Reiner KrueckenDeputy Director
Greg HackmanResearch Scientist
Violeta TomaManager, Accelerator Operations, Acting ISAC Operations Coordinator
Jim HanlonChief Administrative Officer
Patricia BaqueroQuality Management Systems Leader
Phil JonesTraining Manager
Remy DawsonAssociate Laboratory Director - Engineering Division
Jens DillingAssociate Laboratory Director - Physical Sciences Division
Oliver KesterAssociate Laboratory Director  - Accelerator Division
Paul SchafferAssociate Laboratory Director - Life Sciences Division
Anne Trudel Chief Safety Officer
Jeff WhyteNordion
Terry SangheraOccupational Health and Safety Officer
Joseph MildenbergerGroup Leader, Radiation Protection / Health Physicist
Kathryn HayashiAAPS, President and Chief Executive Officer
Jozef Orzechowski Radioisotope Production Facility Manager
Conny HoehrLife Sciences Divisional Safety Officer
Franco MammarellaEngineering Divisional Safety Officer
Mike TrinczekTRIUMF Innovations Divisional Safety Officer