TRIUMF Science Week 2017

TRIUMF's Science Week will be held at TRIUMF from July 10 - 14, 2017. It will consist of a series of workshops from Monday through Thursday, followed by the TRIUMF Users Group (TUG) Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Friday. These workshops will include topical presentations and provide you with the opportunity to present your ideas for scientific directions and/or infrastructures that could shape TRIUMF’s 2020-2025 Five-Year Plan. 

Register here for the Science Week events.

Registration deadline is July 6, 2017.

The registration cost for participating in Science Week is a flat rate of $40 regardless of how many events you attend. Workshop and AGM coffee breaks as well as the Science Week BBQ are catered; you are responsible for your lunches.

A list of currently registered participants can be found here.



General Schedule

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July 10
July 11
July 12
July 13
July 14


ARIEL/ISAC Nuclear Physics

Molecular & 
Material Science

Life Sciences

Particle Physics,
Nuclear Physics
and Beyond



ARIEL/ISAC Nuclear Physics

Molecular &
Material Science


Particle Physics,
Nuclear Physics
and Beyond




Science Week BBQ

Workshop Conveners


Nuclear Physics

Molecular &

Materials Science

Life Sciences



Particle & Nuclear Physics (extern)

Iris Dillmann

Adam Garnsworthy

Greg Hackman

Petr Navratil

Iain McKenzie

Rob Kiefl

Monika Stachura

Cornelia Hoehr

Valery Radchenko

Victor Verzilov

Alex Gottberg

Oliver Stelzer-Chilton

Mark Hartz

David Morrissey

Discovery, Accelerated

An introduction to TRIUMF Innovations

Come meet the TRIUMF Innovations team, learn about how we assess technologies, and hear the story of Dr. Michael Abrams' transition from researcher to successful entrepreneur. There will be a social mixer with appetizers and drinks following the session. As with all Science Week events, registration is mandatory to attend.

Particle Physics, Nuclear Physics, and Beyond

The workshop "Particle Physics, Nuclear Physics, and Beyond" will be held on July 13, 2017 as part of TRIUMF Science Week 2017. The workshop will cover on- and off-site particle physics activities, as well as nucleonic physics and nuclear physics outside of the scope of ARIEL and ISAC.

This edition of TRIUMF Science Week is being held in conjunction with the preparation of the TRIUMF Five-Year Plan (5YP) for 2020-2025. The 5YP will lay out the priorities of the lab over this period and will form the basis for the funding request to the Government of Canada. Community consultation is an important part of the preparation of the 5YP, and the 2017 TRIUMF Science Week will be a crucial component of this process.  More details on the 5YP can be found here:

The program for the workshop on Thursday, July 13 will include presentations on planned and proposed particle and (off-site) nuclear physics research activities connected to TRIUMF for 2020-2025 and beyond, as well as group discussions on current and future laboratory projects. A fraction of the program will also be dedicated to developing a longer-term vision for the TRIUMF research program in particle physics and beyond.


0900-0935         ALPHA
0935-1010         UCN
1010-1030         Coffee Break
1030-1105         T2K
1105-1135         Theory Overview
1135-1210         ATLAS
1210-1300         Lunch
1300-1320         Moeller
1320-1340         (g-2)
1340-1400         HALO
1400-1420         EXO
1420-1440         DM with Noble Gases
1440-1500         Coffee Break
1500-1520         DM with SuperCDMS
1520-1550         Gamma Facility and Detector Infrastructure
1550-1610         Infrastructure Discussion
1610-1630         DM at Accelerators
1630-1700         Future Plans



During Science Week, priority for booking rooms at TRIUMF House will be given to experimenters. Only a small amount of rooms will be available for general participants of Science Week. You can be placed on the waitlist and wait to see if rooms become available on short notice.

We recommend to book rooms in the on-campus alternatives. There are a variety of options from UBC Accommodations.

If you would like to stay somewhere off-campus, here are some B&B's in Kitsilano. However, summer is a busy time in Vancouver, so make sure to book early!


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