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Experimental Result

Postdoc Publishes Theory Breakthrough

15 September 2014

Scientists from TRIUMF and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory published a paper in the prestigious Physical Review Letters outlining a technique which for the first time enables researchers to analyze systems of three nuclear clusters in relative motion.

Experimental Result

ARIEL: Switching on the (RF) Power

12 September 2014

With the mass efforts building in the Electron Hall this year, many components of the e-linac are in position and ready for operation. Klystron One and Klystron Two, the high-power continuous wave klystrons, are ready to power the cryomodules of the e-linac.

Current Events

Alfredo Poves: From Jules Verne to TRIUMF

04 September 2014

Get to know Alfredo Poves during his sabbatical at TRIUMF. Alfredo joins us until the end of October and is here to inspire collaboration and continue research on nuclear structure. He has a keen interest in the very exotic decay of nuclei emitting two electrons and no neutrinos.

Current Events

Minister Holder Visits TRIUMF

03 September 2014

On August 25, the Honourable Ed Holder visited TRIUMF to met with members of the leadership team, including Director Jonathan Bagger, as well as researchers, engineers, and technicians during a tour of ARIEL. From STEM education to "Made in Canada" technolgy, the Minister had a peek into TRIUMF's full program.

Awards & Honours

Theory PhD Student Wins Poster Session

02 September 2014

Mirko Miorelli, a PhD student at UBC and member of the Theory Group at TRIUMF, won the poster competition at the 2014 Gordon Research Conference on Photonuclear Reactions: from Quarks to Nuclei for his poster "Electric Dipole Polarizability from Coupled-Cluster Theory." Congratulations, Mirko!

From the Director

Dr. Karl Erdman

15 August 2014

Dr. Karl Erdman, one of the lab's founding physicists who played a major role in its construction and development in the early years, passed away last week. His booming voice and laughter will be sorely missed by all that knew him.  

Workshops & Conferences

TRIUMF Hosts Nuclear Structure 2014

15 August 2014

The 15th international conference on Nuclear Structure (NS2014) has been held from July 20-25 in the Life Science Building on the UBC campus. 174 attendees from 22 countries and 80 different institutions discussed the latest experimental and theoretical research, with emphasis on the properties of nuclei at the extremes of isospin, excitation energy, mass, and angular momentum.

Student Stories

High School Fellowship Winners at TRIUMF

15 August 2014

After six weeks of hands-on research placements at TRIUMF, three distinguished high school fellows are now preparing to enter their first year of university with a unique experience straight from the laboratory.

Workshops & Conferences

Japan and Canada Foster Global Cooperation

13 August 2014

The 5th Open Meeting for the Hyper-Kamiokande Project was held in Vancouver at TRIUMF and UBC. Nearly 100 scientists from across Canada, Japan, Italy, US, UK, Brazil and other partner countries participated in the meeting to encourage global collaboration for the Hyper-K project. 

Current Events

Antimatter Lecture Debunks Science Fiction

01 August 2014

Antimatter is used in pop culture as a means of space propulsion (Star Trek) or destruction (Angels and Demons). In the recent Unveiling the Universe lecture, Makoto Fujiwara pointed out that antimatter is “not science fiction, it is science fact" and presented the work that trapped, studied, and understood antimatter.