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Current Events TRIUMF Names ALD-Physical Sciences 23 August 2016 TRIUMF is pleased to announce that Dr. Jens Dilling will become Associate Laboratory Director for its Physical Sciences Division (ALD-Physical Sciences), effective September 1, 2016.
Headlines Verma and TRIUMF team up for new scholarship 17 August 2016 The new TRIUMF-SHAD Scholarship provides a SHAD student with an enriched learning opportunity as they experience what it's like to work in a multidisciplinary laboratory via a one-month internship.
Headlines TRIUMF High School Fellows Launch Careers 12 August 2016 TRIUMF High School Fellows explore their passion for science and engineering with six-week summer research experiences.
University Stories Symmetry is beauty: TRIUMF’s model detector 03 August 2016 The striking colour and symmetry of DESCANT has made this eye-catching detector a popular draw for photographers and visitors alike throughout the years.
Current Events 40 Years of FDG 19 July 2016 2016 marks 40 years of the use of 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) – a compound widely used in medicine for the safe and accurate diagnosis and evaluation of diseases impacting millions of patients.
Current Events M.K. Craddock Accelerator Science Symposium 12 July 2016 The M.K. Craddock Accelerator Science Symposium on July 18 will honour the late Mike Craddock, TRIUMF’s leading beam physicist for over forty years, who passed away November 11, 2015.
Experimental Result Beta-NMR finds new antiferromagnet behaviour 11 July 2016 Scientists working at the βNMR facility identify a new phenomenom in the near-surface behaviour of an antiferromagnet.
Awards & Honours TRIUMF's science competitiveness affirmed 27 June 2016 On Thursday June 23, 2016, TRIUMF research was the direct beneficiary of close to $2 million in funding through the NSERC 2016 competition for the discovery research programs. 
Current Events TRIUMF and Altera partner on advanced training 06 June 2016 This spring, TRIUMF partnered with Altera Corp., an Intel subsidiary, to offer three industry-leading training workshops designed to keep data acquisition experts at the forefront in their field.
From the Director TRIUMF welcomes new Associate Laboratory Director to lead its Accelerator Division 27 May 2016 TRIUMF is pleased to announce that Dr. Oliver Kester will become Associate Laboratory Director for its Accelerator Division (ALD-Accelerator Division), effective September, 2016.


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