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Funding Announcements TEST 22 October 2019 TEST
Current Events TEST2 04 October 2018 TEST2
Research Highlights International collaboration presents hint of CP violation by neutrinos 04 August 2017 The international T2K Collaboration has strengthened its previous hint that the symmetry between matter and antimatter may be violated for neutrino oscillation. 
Experimental Result Canadian-led investigation akin to antimatter forensics 03 August 2017 The ALPHA Collaboration has reported the first detailed observation of spectral lines from an antimatter atom, opening a new chapter in antimatter research.
Headlines Italian President Sergio Mattarella visits TRIUMF 10 July 2017 H.E. Sergio Matterella, President of Italy, and a delegation visited TRIUMF during a rare trip to Canada. 
Experimental Result TRIUMF joins forces with Saint Mary's University to characterize the nuclear force 30 June 2017  A research paper published in Physical Review Letters is offering new insight into unraveling the mysteries of the strong nuclear force
Awards & Honours ARTMS wins 2017 Technology Impact Award 23 June 2017 Last night, ARTMS Products Inc. took home the award for Most Promising Pre-Commercial Technology at the 2017 BC Tech Impact Awards
Current Events Novel radiochemistry technique opens door to new PET imaging agents 20 June 2017 A team of researchers led by SFU scientists Matthew Nodwell, Robert Britton and TRIUMF scientists Hua Yang and Paul Schaffer has demonstrated a new method for producing radiotracers.
Current Events 2017 FYSRE Award Winner Gaurav Tenkila Joins DRAGON Team 09 June 2017 TRIUMF is pleased to introduce UBC student Gaurav Tenkila, a 2017 FYSRE award winner and the most recent addition to the DRAGON team. 
Current Events TRIUMF Scientist to Become New ATLAS Physics Coordinator 08 June 2017 Pierre Savard, Professor of Physics at the University of Toronto and TRIUMF Scientist, has been appointed the next Physics Coordinator of the ATLAS experiment at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC). 


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