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Awards & Honours TRIUMF's science competitiveness affirmed 27 June 2016 On Thursday June 23, 2016, TRIUMF research was the direct beneficiary of close to $2 million in funding through the NSERC 2016 competition for the discovery research programs. 
Current Events TRIUMF and Altera partner on advanced training 06 June 2016 This spring, TRIUMF partnered with Altera Corp., an Intel subsidiary, to offer three industry-leading training workshops designed to keep data acquisition experts at the forefront in their field.
From the Director TRIUMF welcomes new Associate Laboratory Director to lead its Accelerator Division 27 May 2016 TRIUMF is pleased to announce that Dr. Oliver Kester will become Associate Laboratory Director for its Accelerator Division (ALD-Accelerator Division), effective September, 2016.
Headlines Canada and Japan usher in a new era of partnership in physics research 16 May 2016 On Sunday, May 15, The Honourable Kirsty Duncan, Canada’s Minister of Science, welcomed a new era of world-class scientific partnership between Canada and Japan as she unveiled the new TRIUMF branch office located at Japan’s KEK. 
Awards & Honours Akira Konaka Awarded the 2016 CAP-TRIUMF Vogt Medal 21 April 2016 The 2016 CAP-TRIUMF Vogt Medal for Contributions to Subatomic Physics is awarded to Dr. Akira Konaka, TRIUMF Research Scientist, for his outstanding contributions to the T2K long-baseline neutrino experiment, including his leadership in establishing the collaboration.
Current Events Sun Run Team Accelerates to Big Win 21 April 2016 The TRIUMF running team challenged themselves in Canada’s biggest road race, the Vancouver Sun Run 10K, and earned a 1st place finish in the High Tech Category of 102 teams, and a 2nd place finish overall of 1156 teams.
Current Events Art Olin’s Home Base 11 April 2016 Recently retired and now a researcher emeritus, Art Olin shares stories from his impressive career at TRIUMF and tells us what it is that keeps him coming back to his "home base".
Workshops & Conferences A New Beginning for Ab Initio 01 April 2016 TRIUMF's theory department offers a broad range of expertise in nuclear structure and reaction techniques, making them ideal candidates to host the Ab Initio Nuclear Structure and Reaction Theory workshop, a global dialogue hosted by TRIUMF.
Current Events New Tricks for Teaching Physics 18 March 2016 Physics can be daunting for the first-time student, observer or enthusiast. Luckily, people like Dr. Wenjun Li are dedicated to making physics understandable, interesting, engaging and relevant.
Current Events Proving Einstein right – again 11 March 2016 100 years after Einstein predicted them in his theory of General Relativity, LIGO scientists have confirmed the existence of gravitational waves. The discovery came in time to cap off the (Einstein Centenary) Saturday Morning Lecture series.


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