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Current Events

First Experiments Performed With GRIFFIN

18 December 2014

A state-of-the-art instrument for detecting and measuring gamma radiation with high efficiency and precision, GRIFFIN, became operational this year and ran its first experiments.

Current Events

Forty Years of Beam!

17 December 2014

It was 40 years ago that the laboratory celebrated extraction of first beam from the 500 MeV cyclotron, the same cyclotron driving science at the lab today. The TRIUMF Alumni & Retirees Association visited to connect and learn of the present status of the lab but also to share memories of times past.

University Stories

Western University Joins TRIUMF Consortium

16 December 2014

Western University joins as TRIUMF's 19th Canadian member university of the consortium that owns and operates the lab, reinforcing existing networks in nuclear medicine and materials science. Welcome!

Current Events

Canada Launches ST&I Strategy

05 December 2014

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Minister of State (S&T) Ed Holder announced the release of an updated federal science, technology and innovation strategy, with a clear vision for Canadian excellence.

Student Stories

UBC Co-op Brings Business to Tc-99m

28 November 2014

Karen Young, a fourth year commerce student from UBC’s Sauder School of Business, is spending a semester at TRIUMF bridging business and science as she develops a financial model for medical isotope production.

Experimental Result

Unravelling the Proton-Radius Puzzle

28 November 2014

A TRIUMF-led theory group is helping to shed light on the "proton-radius" puzzle, where a once "well known" physical property of matter has been called into question by a new experimental result.

Awards & Honours

CAP High School Physics Teacher Award

24 November 2014

Stephanie Sajatovich of Halifax was selected as the 2014 Award for Excellence in Teaching High School Physics, winner for the Atlantic region, and chose to take her research experience at TRIUMF during the week of Oct 20-24.

Experimental Result

LHCb Experiment Confirms TRIUMF Prediction

20 November 2014

The LHCb experiment discovered two new baryons and verified TRIUMF’s Richard Woloshyn and York University’s Randy Lewis prediction about bottom baryons.

Current Events

The Magic (Numbers) of Alfredo Poves

20 November 2014

A brilliant researcher and captivating teacher, Alfredo Poves captured his seminar audience and made his research accessible. His sabbatical visit benefitted both our theory and nuclear physics departments.