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Awards & Honours

ARIEL Wins Engineering Excellence Award

24 July 2014

Congratulations to the ARIEL team, as well our engineering consultants Stantec Consulting Ltd., Applied Engineering Solutions Ltd. and Bush, Bohlman & Partners Ltd, recipients of the 2013 ACEC-BC’s Engineering Excellence Award of Merit.

Funding Announcements

Dark Matter (Detector) Crossing Borders

22 July 2014

The Super Cryogenic Dark Matter Search is an international experiment on the hunt for dark matter, currently based in Minnesota and with plans to advance the project by building a more sensitive detector at Canada’s SNOLAB.

Current Events

SNOLAB Director Nigel Smith Reappointed

21 July 2014

The SNOLAB Institute Board of Directors announced the re-appointment of Dr. Nigel Smith to a second term as Director of SNOLAB, following a very successful inaugural term that resulted in the first scientific results coming from SNOLAB experiments. 

Experimental Result

DRAGON Probes Mass Limit in Novae

10 July 2014

Recently, the DRAGON facility ran the highest mass radiative-capture experiment ever performed with a radioactive beam, and in so doing, probed the upper mass limit for nucleosynthesis in novae. 

Current Events

Mini-Symposium For Grad & Postdocs

09 July 2014

The Society of Graduate Students and Postdocs organized a mini-symposium on June 13, 2014, to support eight students and postdocs in the preparation of their talks for the 2014 CAP Congress. Over 30 graduate students and postdocs gathered to hear their peers share their work.

Awards & Honours

ISAC & ARIEL Reference Book Released

09 July 2014

Scientists involved with radioactive-beam experiments at TRIUMF have a new reference guidebook that will prove to be an invaluable resource. ISAC and ARIEL: The TRIUMF Radioactive Beam Facilities and the Scientific Program contains information about each step of the beam's path and the future of ARIEL.

Experimental Result

Accelerators: Potato Chips to Power Plants

07 July 2014

From the low energy electrons in CRT monitors to the tremendous near-light speed protons of the LHC, particle accelerators are everywhere. Accelerators are more commonplace than you might expect, with applications ranging from manufacturing to energy production to agriculture. 

Current Events

700 Cables Pulled Propels E-linac Installation

03 July 2014

1400 cables are needed to bring the e-linac to life this September. Over 60 volunteers from the Science and Accelerator Divisions marked the 700th cable pulled at ARIEL’s Electron Hall. Only 700 more cables to go as we leap toward the Sept 30th goal of beam delivery to the tuning dump!

Current Events

Plug Into Our Digital Community

25 June 2014

Be in the know and stay connected with TRIUMF! TRIUMF is offering a “Be our Scientist of the Summer” sweepstakes through Facebook. One fan (and nine friends) of TRIUMF will get an exclusive tour, Q&A with research scientists and a pizza party.

Current Events

Success! First test beam in ARIEL’s E-linac

24 June 2014

ARIEL hits another milestone! On May 23, ARIEL received its Operating License from the CNSC, allowing the e-linac to generate beam. To test the e-linac’s components, including the SRF