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Current Events

Social Media Connects Science Fans

23 October 2014

Our sweepstakes winner, Helen Warn, and nine friends toured TRIUMF in an exclusive, in-depth tour and enjoyed a pizza lunch with scientists.  

Current Events

Canada's Big Science Leaders Converge

17 October 2014

Leaders from four of Canada’s big science facilities joined together at Canadian Science Policy Conference in Halifax today to discuss how large research infrastructure provides significant societal and economic benefit to Canada.

Current Events

Award Recognizes Italian-Canadian Ties

15 October 2014

In a private ceremony yesterday, Dr. Emanuele Fiore, Scientific Attaché of the Embassy of Italy, was presented with TRIUMF’s inaugural Patron of Science award. The award recognizes selfless and meritorious contributions of an individual outside the organization.

Awards & Honours

McPherson New ATLAS Deputy Spokesperson

14 October 2014

Robert McPherson of the University of Victoria Physics and Astronomy and Institute of Particle Physics has been selected as the Deputy Spokesperson of the ATLAS Experiment at the CERN Large Hadron Collider. The ATLAS Collaboration Board elected McPherson at its meeting in Geneva on October 10, 2014. 

Experimental Result

New ATLAS Measurement of the Higgs Boson

08 October 2014

The ATLAS collaboration has released the final measurement of the Higgs boson coupling to W bosons using data from the first run of the Large Hadron Collider. The newly optimized analysis studies the Higgs boson in two production modes.

Current Events

E-Linac Produces First Beam

07 October 2014

TRIUMF’s newly constructed e-linac produced its first particle beam at an initial energy of 23 MeV. The cutting-edge accelerator technology was designed and built in cooperation with institutions and industry across the country.

Current Events

ARIEL E-linac Meets Mega-Volt Milestones!

30 September 2014

The campaign to demonstrate 10 MV/m accelerating gradient in the SRF cavities of the e-linac injector and accelerator cryomodules achieved two critically important milestones, each meeting or exceeding design specification!

Awards & Honours

Member University Lands Prestigious Chair

26 September 2014

The Honourable Ed Holder, Minister of State for Science and Technology, announced Dr. Gilles Gerbier as the new Canada Excellence Research Chair in particle astrophysics at Queen’s University, a TRIUMF member institution.

Current Events

ARIEL: Beam Line Installed in Tunnel

24 September 2014

With astonishing speed, the E-Linac beam line was installed in the ARIEL t