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Current Events

ATLAS Prepares for LHC Restart

06 February 2015

The LHC has been offline; but it's not all relaxing on a beach and sipping mai tais for the world's most powerful particle accelerator and the thousands of physicists, engineers and students that operate it.

Current Events

Koreans Collaborate with SRF experts

21 January 2015

With 500 SRF cavities needed for their new accelerator complex (RISP), researchers from Korea brought the first of two prototype SRF cavities to TRIUMF for testing.

Current Events

TRIUMF signs MOU with UBC Orbit

16 January 2015

UBC Orbit team utilizes TRIUMF’s expertise as they construct a space-ready satellite for the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge.  

Current Events

The Honourable Mike Lake visits TRIUMF

15 January 2015

On January 13, 2015, TRIUMF played host to the Honourable Mike Lake, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Industry, and Member of Parliament from Edmonton.

Current Events

First Experiments Performed With GRIFFIN

18 December 2014

A state-of-the-art instrument for detecting and measuring gamma radiation with high efficiency and precision, GRIFFIN, became operational this year and ran its first experiments.

Current Events

Forty Years of Beam!

17 December 2014

It was 40 years ago that the laboratory celebrated extraction of first beam from the 500 MeV cyclotron, the same cyclotron driving science at the lab today. The TRIUMF Alumni & Retirees Association visited to connect and learn of the present status of the lab but also to share memories of times past.

Current Events

Canada Launches ST&I Strategy

05 December 2014

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Minister of State (S&T) Ed Holder announced the release of an updated federal science, technology and innovation strategy, with a clear vision for Canadian excellence.

Current Events

The Magic (Numbers) of Alfredo Poves

20 November 2014

A brilliant researcher and captivating teacher, Alfredo Poves captured his seminar audience and made his research accessible. His sabbatical visit benefitted both our theory and nuclear physics departments. 

Current Events

B.C. Celebrates a Milestone for ARIEL

07 November 2014

Today, TRIUMF celebrated an important milestone for ARIEL – Canada’s Advanced Rare Isotope Laboratory. This event marked the completion of ARIEL-I, the first stage of this new facility, and was attended by distinguished guests.

Current Events

Social Media Connects Science Fans

23 October 2014

Our sweepstakes winner, Helen Warn, and nine friends toured TRIUMF in an exclusive, in-depth tour and enjoyed a pizza lunch with scientists.  

Current Events

Canada's Big Science Leaders Converge

17 October 2014

Leaders from four of Canada’s big science facilities joined together at Canadian Science Policy Conference in Halifax today to discuss how large research infrastructure provides significant societal and economic benefit to Canada.

Current Events

Award Recognizes Italian-Canadian Ties

15 October 2014

In a private ceremony yesterday, Dr. Emanuele Fiore, Scientific Attaché of the Embassy of Italy, was presented with TRIUMF’s inaugural Patron of Science award. The award recognizes selfless and meritorious contributions of an individual outside the organization.

Current Events

E-Linac Produces First Beam

07 October 2014

TRIUMF’s newly constructed e-linac produced its first particle beam at an initial energy of 23 MeV. The cutting-edge accelerator technology was designed and built in cooperation with institutions and industry across the country.

Current Events

ARIEL E-linac Meets Mega-Volt Milestones!

30 September 2014

The campaign to demonstrate 10 MV/m accelerating gradient in the SRF cavities of the e-linac injector and accelerator cryomodules achieved two critically important milestones, each meeting or exceeding design specification!

Current Events

ARIEL: Beam Line Installed in Tunnel

24 September 2014

With astonishing speed, the E-Linac beam line was installed in the ARIEL tunnel. A key synergy between three offices on site, the Design Office, the Machine Shop, and the Beam Lines Group, resulted in a precise, accurate, and speedy installation.

Current Events

Ambassador Rafael Barak Visits TRIUMF

22 September 2014

His Excellency Rafael Barak, Israel’s Ambassador to Canada, visited TRIUMF to foster cooperation and derive benefit from the rich history of peaceful collaboration between Israel and TRIUMF.

Current Events

ARIEL: All Cables Connected for E-linac!

16 September 2014

August 29th marked the final push for cable pulling efforts for ARIEL’s e-linac. Over 1,400 cables have been gathered, pulled, and connected from the e-hall roof and are ready to power and control the accelerator!

Current Events

Alfredo Poves: From Jules Verne to TRIUMF

04 September 2014

Get to know Alfredo Poves during his sabbatical at TRIUMF. Alfredo joins us until the end of October and is here to inspire collaboration and continue research on nuclear structure. He has a keen interest in the very exotic decay of nuclei emitting two electrons and no neutrinos.

Current Events

Minister Holder Visits TRIUMF

03 September 2014

On August 25, the Honourable Ed Holder visited TRIUMF to met with members of the leadership team, including Director Jonathan Bagger, as well as researchers, engineers, and technicians during a tour of ARIEL. From STEM education to "Made in Canada" technolgy, the Minister had a peek into TRIUMF's full program.

From the Director

Dr. Karl Erdman

15 August 2014

Dr. Karl Erdman, one of the lab's founding physicists who played a major role in its construction and development in the early years, passed away last week. His booming voice and laughter will be sorely missed by all that knew him.  

Current Events

Antimatter Lecture Debunks Science Fiction

01 August 2014

Antimatter is used in pop culture as a means of space propulsion (Star Trek) or destruction (Angels and Demons). In the recent Unveiling the Universe lecture, Makoto Fujiwara pointed out that antimatter is “not science fiction, it is science fact" and presented the work that trapped, studied, and understood antimatter.

From the Director

Dr. Alan Astbury

25 July 2014

Dr. Alan Astbury, Professor Emeritus of Physics at the University of Victoria, died on July 21 following a brief illness.  Alan, a leading figure in Canadian science, served as Director of TRIUMF from 1994-2001. 

Funding Announcements

Dark Matter (Detector) Crossing Borders

22 July 2014

The Super Cryogenic Dark Matter Search is an international experiment on the hunt for dark matter, currently based in Minnesota and with plans to advance the project by building a more sensitive detector at Canada’s SNOLAB.

Current Events

SNOLAB Director Nigel Smith Reappointed

21 July 2014

The SNOLAB Institute Board of Directors announced the re-appointment of Dr. Nigel Smith to a second term as Director of SNOLAB, following a very successful inaugural term that resulted in the first scientific results coming from SNOLAB experiments. 

Current Events

Mini-Symposium For Grad & Postdocs

09 July 2014

The Society of Graduate Students and Postdocs organized a mini-symposium on June 13, 2014, to support eight students and postdocs in the preparation of their talks for the 2014 CAP Congress. Over 30 graduate students and postdocs gathered to hear their peers share their work.

Current Events

700 Cables Pulled Propels E-linac Installation

03 July 2014

1400 cables are needed to bring the e-linac to life this September. Over 60 volunteers from the Science and Accelerator Divisions marked the 700th cable pulled at ARIEL’s Electron Hall. Only 700 more cables to go as we leap toward the Sept 30th goal of beam delivery to the tuning dump!

Current Events

Plug Into Our Digital Community

25 June 2014

Be in the know and stay connected with TRIUMF! TRIUMF is offering a “Be our Scientist of the Summer” sweepstakes through Facebook. One fan (and nine friends) of TRIUMF will get an exclusive tour, Q&A with research scientists and a pizza party.

Current Events

Success! First test beam in ARIEL’s E-linac

24 June 2014

ARIEL hits another milestone! On May 23, ARIEL received its Operating License from the CNSC, allowing the e-linac to generate beam. To test the e-linac’s components, including the SRF cavity, the first electron beam was produced on June 1.

Current Events

Physicists Wow Theatre Guests

04 June 2014

Returning to Vancouver for the second year, "Particle Fever" has been a surprising hit amongst documentary theatregoers worldwide. At a recent viewing, a panel of particle physicists were available for questions after the film.

Funding Announcements

Federal Support for Isotopes & IAMI

30 May 2014

The Honourable Michelle Rempel, Minister of State for Western Economic Diversification, announced funding of $5.5 million to support TRIUMF in procuring a new TR-24 cyclotron and developing the Institute for Accelerator-based Medical Isotopes.

Current Events

Scientists Shake Up the Richmond Library

26 May 2014

As part of a new initiative to stimulate interest in science, the Richmond Public Library has created a S&T lecture series with the inaugural talks presented by TRIUMF scientists.

Current Events

Direction-Setting for U.S. Particle Physics

23 May 2014

The U.S. particle-physics community released a trend-setting report this week that outlines a compelling future vision. TRIUMF's Lia Merminga was one of the authors.

Current Events

Rocky Kolb Explores Our Universe’s Origins

23 May 2014

Astrophysicist Rocky Kolb’s lecture, "The Quantum and the Cosmos," traces the significance of the smallest particles to the biggest mysteries in the universe. TRIUMF and Science World hosted this lecture as part of the Unveiling the Universe series.

Funding Announcements


16 May 2014

Led by TRIUMF and UBC, and with funding from NSERC, the Isotopes for Science and Medicine program will enrich training experiences for young Canadian researchers in the production, preparation, and innovative application of isotopes.

Funding Announcements

NSERC Engage Grant with Local Start-Up

12 May 2014

TRIUMF’s Nuclear Medicine group has been awarded an NSERC Engage grant to support a new collaboration with B.C.-based biotechnology start-up ImStar in the development of a promising new therapeutic drug for Lou Gehrig's disease.

Current Events

Swiss Delegation Visits TRIUMF

22 April 2014

On April 01, Dr. Urs Obrist, Science, Research, and Education Officer of the Embassy of Switzerland, visited TRIUMF, meeting scientists with collaborations in Switzerland and experienced the lab in action during a tour.

Current Events

Art and Science Collide at Spring Exhibit

11 April 2014

A new exhibition will be on display at Science World this spring, providing visitors of all ages an opportunity to contemplate science from an artistic perspective. It showcases artists’ fascination with scientific topics ranging from the cosmos to particle behavior.

Current Events

Consulate of France Supports Local S&T

09 April 2014

Dr. Mathieu Leporini, Science and Technology attaché of the French Consulate in Vancouver, visited TRIUMF to support the lab in leveraging knowledge and resources across France and Canada to work towards common scientific goals.

Current Events

There’s Something About TED

08 April 2014

As part of the TED conference in Vancouver last month, a group of 25 delegates were treated to an exclusive tour of the cyclotron vault and GMP labs. They discovered how a TRIUMF-led collaboration is working on a Made-in-Canada solution to address the threat of a global medical isotope shortage.

Current Events

Ultra-Cold Beer Comes to TRIUMF

01 April 2014

Arrival of neighbouring BierCraft restaurant triggers innovation, as designs are drawn for expansion to UCN facility. 

Current Events

TRIUMF Scientists Join CAP Lecture Tour

31 March 2014

Two TRIUMF scientists shared their passion for physics with Canadian undergraduates as part of this year's Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP) Lecture Tour.

From the Director

Johns Hopkins Scientist to Lead TRIUMF

18 March 2014

After a seven month, highly competitive, international search for TRIUMF’s next director, the laboratory’s Board of Management announced today that Dr. Jonathan Bagger, Krieger-Eisenhower Professor and Vice Provost at the Johns Hopkins University, will join TRIUMF this summer as the laboratory’s next director. 

Current Events

Scottish Experts Visit TRIUMF

11 March 2014

Last month, a group of radioisotope and accelerator scientists from Scotland visited TRIUMF, investigating possible avenues for collaboration in medical isotope production and the advancement of accelerator technology.

Current Events

TRIUMF Taken By Storm

05 March 2014

Last week, TRIUMF was briefly buried under a rare, late-season snowfall. It was up to TRIUMF's Plant Group to clear the snow before temperatures warmed up again and turned the snow into dangerous ice.

From the Director

Erich W. Vogt (1929-2014)

19 February 2014

A pioneer and founder of TRIUMF and an inspiration in physics and life to many, Erich W. Vogt passed away peacefully this morning at Vancouver General Hospital.

Current Events

UCN Project Takes Big Step Forward

13 February 2014

During this annual shutdown period, the Ultra-Cold Neutron (UCN) project kicks off construction of their state-of-the-art experimental area, "excavating" the shielding blocks in the southwestern Meson Hall for the first time since 1978.

Current Events

BC Ministers Take a Close Look

12 February 2014

The Honourable Amrik Virk, Minister of Advanced Education, and the Honourable Andrew Wilkinson, Minister of Technology, Innovation, and Citizens’ Services, visited TRIUMF last week and learned about the progress underway at ARIEL.

Funding Announcements

Federal Budget 2014 and TRIUMF

11 February 2014

TRIUMF welcomes the Federal Government's commitment to science and technology in Budget 2014. We look forward to working together on an enhanced program of operating support as well as new opportunities.

Current Events

TRIUMF Scientist is an Open Book

06 February 2014

TRIUMF scientist Dr. Tom Ruth shared the excitement of a research career with students during the Human Library event at John Oliver Secondary School.

Current Events

Minister of State (S&T) Rickford Visits

10 January 2014

On January 8, 2014, the Honourable Greg Rickford, Minister of State for Science and Technology toured TRIUMF to see examples of basic research, technology, and applications to industry and health care.

From the Director

Colin Gay to Head UBC Dept

21 December 2013

UBC's Professor Colin Gay has been named as chair of the Department of Physics and Astronomy for a 5.5 year term; Colin chairs TRIUMF's PPAC committee.

Funding Announcements

CISCO Systems Invests In PIF&NIF

21 December 2013

A team of researchers from Cisco Systems, Inc. visited TRIUMF to conduct tests at the newly upgraded beam line of the proton and neutron irradiation facility. Cisco made investments with coordination through AAPS Inc. 

Current Events

Roney Appointed as IPP Director

06 December 2013

TRIUMF congratulates Dr. Michael Roney from the University of Victoria, a leader of the BaBar collaboration, on his appointment as director of the Institute of Particle Physics.

Current Events

Schaffer's Lecture Unveils the Universe

03 December 2013

As part of the “Unveiling the Universe” lecture series, Dr. Paul Schaffer delivered a captivating talk on the science behind medical isotope production, how those isotopes are used today, and how they could be used in the future.

Current Events

Five-Year Review of TRIUMF

20 November 2013

On November 13-15, the International Peer Review Committee visited TRIUMF to assess its performance, progress, and plans for the future.

Current Events

TRIUMF Undergrads Awarded at CUPC

12 November 2013

Chelsea, Ben and Sebastien received top honours at the annual Canadian Undergraduate Physics Conference, hosted by McMaster University this October. 

Current Events

Proton Therapy Treats 175th Patient

01 November 2013

Treating ocular melanoma since '95, the PT Facility at TRIUMF is one of just 42 facilities worldwide capable of supplying  proton beams, the technical know-how, and coordination with local institutions to provide the best possible treatment for this rare disease.

Current Events

Enhanced KEK-TRIUMF Partnership

14 October 2013

Last week, TRIUMF welcomed a delegation of senior scientists from the Japanese KEK laboratory as part of the the fourth joint Symposium on Accelerator-based Science.  A new five-year partnership agreement was signed.

From the Director

Five-Year Plan 2015–2020 Revealed

11 October 2013

Now available online, Five-Year Plan 2015–2020 represents a defining document for TRIUMF. Not only does it recap the performance of the five years—2008–2012—it also presents an implementation plan for the second half of the decadal vision laid out in Five-Year Plan 2010–2015.

Current Events

Laval HERACLES Experiment Triumphs

08 October 2013

After many trials and tribulations, the HERACLES experiment led by Laval University's René Roy has collected data for measurements of the symmetry term of nuclear potential. 

Current Events

Open House attracted 1,200 Happy Visitors

01 October 2013

Nearly 1,200 visitors braved torrential rain to experience demonstrations and explanations of the world-class research occurring right here at TRIUMF. 

Current Events

Top Honours to Mt. Allison/TRIUMF Student

20 September 2013

Amy MacLean’s work in green chemistry as a TRIUMF summer student recently received recognition at the annual CSC Conference.


TRIUMF Welcomes Fellowship Students

26 August 2013

Keiler, Benjamin, and Lloyd spent six weeks at the laboratory with teams from the Nuclear Medicine division, TRIUMF's High Voltage EDM Lab, and the μSR experiment as part of a competitive fellowship for recent high school graduates. 

Funding Announcements

8pi Celebrated at TRIUMF

14 August 2013

Science Week’s 8pi Symposium celebrated the end of an era for the spectrometer, which will soon be replaced by GRIFFIN in ISAC-I.

Current Events

TRIUMF and India’s VECC Join on Isotopes

08 August 2013

The Memorandum of Understanding will combine key resources and labour between the two facilities for the advancement of research into rare isotopes for science and medicine. 

Student Stories

Inspiring Young Aboriginal Scientists

24 July 2013

Taylor is completing a 4-week placement at TRIUMF as part of the annual Emerging Aboriginal Scholars Camp.

Awards & Honours

TRIUMF Student Awarded CERN Fellowship

18 July 2013

Former TRIUMF collaborator Chloé Malbrunot was recognized as a senior research fellow with CERN’s ASACUSA collaboration that is studying anti-hydrogen.

Current Events

Dr. Hitoshi Murayama at Science World

03 July 2013

Join Dr. Hitoshi Murayama of the Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe (IPMU) as he discusses the mysteries of the universe during the free public lecture at Science World. 

Awards & Honours

2013 Physics Teaching Awards Announced

02 July 2013

In partnership with the Canadian Association of Physicists, the Institute of Particle Physics, and others, TRIUMF is proud to announce the winners of this year's 2013 CAP Award for Excellence in Teaching High School/CEGEP Physics.

From the Director

Nigel Lockyer to be Next Fermilab Director

20 June 2013

TRIUMF's Director, Nigel Lockyer has been selected to become the next director of Fermliab in the U.S. He will be stepping into this new role in the autumn. 

From the Director


18 June 2013

TRIUMF was recently invited to join the Technology Education and Careers Council for the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of British Columbia professional association.

Current Events

New Milestone for Tc-99m Production

09 June 2013

With Canadian-developed tools and technology, a national team led by TRIUMF has reached a crucial milestone at the BC Cancer Agency in developing and deploying alternatives for supplying the key medical isotope Tc-99m.

Current Events

Tom Ruth Appointed to UN IAEA Board

06 June 2013

Dr. Tom Ruth has been appointed for a two-year term to serve as a healthcare expert to the international agency whose mission is to promote safe, secure and peaceful use of nuclear technologies.

Current Events

CERN Council Renews Strategy for Physics

30 May 2013

The CERN Council formally adopted an update to the European strategy for particle physics, noting that cross-border collaboration in science pays dividends for Europe in terms of knowledge, innovation, education and training.

Current Events

ARIEL Construction Reaches Milestone

23 May 2013

The careful disassembly of the tower crane represents the completion of a year's worth of work, from the site excavation to the establishment of ARIEL's concrete structure. The end of construction is near!

Current Events

Science Cheers for Europe Day

23 May 2013

On Europe Day – a widely celebrated day in Europe- key speakers were invited to a symposium held at UBC campus to discuss Canadian and European cultural and economic ties through the lens of science and history. 

Current Events

TRIUMF Forges European Connections

14 May 2013

The international editorial board of Nuclear Physics News met at TRIUMF for their biannual editorial board meeting to map out topics for future issues, tour TRIUMF and better understand its rare-isotope beam programs. 

Current Events

McGill Formally Joins TRIUMF Family

10 May 2013

At its recent meeting, TRIUMF's Board of Management approved McGill University as an associate member of the consortium of universities that owns and operates Canada's national laboratory for particle and nuclear physics.

Current Events


07 May 2013

Rare-isotope beam physics is a rapidly growing field around the world. Senior management from France's GANIL laboratory visited TRIUMF last month to discuss enhanced collaboration and partnership opportunites.

From the Director

AAPS, Inc. Announces New CEO

03 May 2013

At a recent meeting of its Board of Directors, AAPS, Inc. appointed Jim Hanlon as its new CEO and President.  Jim will continue as TRIUMF's Head of the Business and Administration Division.

Current Events

Just 20 Years Ago Web Declared Free To All

30 April 2013

The World Wide Web has undisputedly changed how people interact, share, and explore in more ways than we could have imagined just a few decades ago. Today marks the 20th anniversary of that declaration. 

Current Events

Andy White Winner in Global Photowalk

18 April 2013

Congratulations to Andy White of North Vancouver for his 2nd place winning photograph of TIGRESS, taken at the 2012 Global Particle Physics Photowalk at TRIUMF. 

Awards & Honours

Aaron Gallant Awarded for Excellence

12 April 2013

For his outstanding research in nuclear structures, Aaron Gallant was awarded the 2013 Dr. Carl H. Wescott Memorial Fellowship.

Current Events

Vancouver Canucks to Call TRIUMF Home

01 April 2013

Welcome, Canucks! We're thrilled to announce the good news. Read the full story here. 

Current Events

ARIEL Receives Power-full Component

20 March 2013

TRIUMF's ARIEL project received the first 300 kW klystron today that will power the first phase of the e-linac.

Current Events

Mike Adam Elected to Board of SRS

19 March 2013

Dr. Michael J. Adam has recently been elected to the Board of Directors of the Society of Radiopharmaceutical Sciences. 

Funding Announcements

TRIUMF Team Receives Isotopes Investment

28 February 2013

Today, Natural Resources Canada announced funding decisions for the next wave of development and deployment of TRIUMF technology for production of the key medical isotope Tc-99m using existing cyclotrons.

Current Events

TRIUMF Hosts Global Physics Summit

25 February 2013

On Feb 21-22, 2013, TRIUMF hosted an international summit for particle physics.  Directors of the world's leading laboratories assembled to discuss progress and plans as well as to look at opportunities for collaboration and partnership.

Current Events

Choose the Next "Big Science" Image

12 February 2013

Last September, hundreds of photographers streamed into particle physics laboratories around the world to produce photographs of the laboratories, in all their beauty and complexity. It's time to vote for the winners! 

From the Director

BC Deputy Minister Visits TRIUMF

29 January 2013

BC Deputy Minister for Innovation and Technology Cairine MacDonald visited TRIUMF on Tuesday morning and learned about the broad research and innovation program.

Current Events

Free Public Lecture about LHC Construction

23 January 2013

Dr. Lyn Evans, project leader for building the LHC, will be speaking at a free public lecture on February 20 in Vancouver. He will talk about some of the design features and technical challenges that make the LHC such an awe-inspiring scientific instrument.

Funding Announcements

Simon Fraser Leads Data Centre Upgrade

16 January 2013

CFI announced its support for a technology upgrade of the ATLAS Canada Tier-1 Data Centre, a particle-physics data storage and analysis facility at TRIUMF led by SFU's Michel Vetterli.

Funding Announcements

Saint Mary's Univ to Lead Isotope Effort

15 January 2013

CFI today announced its support for an advanced isotope project led by Saint Mary's professor and regular TRIUMF visiting scientist Ritu Kanungo. The project, CANREB, will be based at TRIUMF.

Current Events

Bombardier VP Joins TRIUMF Board

14 January 2013

Bombadier, Inc.'s Sylvain Lévesque has accepted appointment to the TRIUMF Board of Management as a representative of Canada's private-sector.

From the Director

Canada's First Astronaut Visits TRIUMF

08 January 2013

Canada's first astronaut, Marc Garneau, M.P., returned to TRIUMF to talk with scientists and witness the progress in advancing isotopes for science and medicine. 

Current Events

You Could Fill a Lot of Balloons!

07 January 2013

TRIUMF's ARIEL project took delivery of a 77,000 pound oversize helium-storage tank this weekend and test-fitted its position using powerful cranes at daybreak on Monday.

Current Events

Engineering the Future

29 December 2012

TRIUMF's engineering talent is recognized by professional peers; Aurelia Laxdal achieves P.Eng. credential and joins almost 20 other Professional Engineers at TRIUMF.

Current Events

TIME Person-of-the-Year: Runner-Up

19 December 2012

Particle physics enters the mainstream with ATLAS spokesperson Fabiola Gianotti grabbing Runner-Up for TIME Magazine's 2012 Person of the Year. Congrats to Fabiola, the ATLAS team, and ATLAS-Canada!

From the Director

A Visit to Higgs-Hunting Headquarters

18 December 2012

Senior visitors from Canada paid CERN a visit in late November to learn more about present and future Canadian involvement in the quest for understanding the basic ingredients of our universe and how they interact.

Current Events

Nobel Laureate Visits TRIUMF

17 December 2012

Dr. Wineland visited TRIUMF in October as part of a trip to Vancouver where he met with collaborators and colleagues.

Current Events

Global Photowalk 2012 Winners

06 December 2012

Three spectacular photos from TRIUMF have been selected as the local winners in the Global Photowalk.

Current Events

German Ambassador Visits TRIUMF

05 December 2012

His Excellency Werner Wnendt, Abassador of Germany to Canada, visited TRIUMF this past Tuesday to learn about the laboratory's global connections and look for opportunities to expand international partnerships.

Current Events


29 November 2012

CFI paid a visit to TRIUMF on Wednesday to get a personal look at some of the projects they've supported as well as to learn how TRIUMF manages its portfolio of research, training, and innovation.

Current Events

Isotopes Go International in India

12 November 2012

TRIUMF's India partner VECC held an international conference last week on rare-isotope science, showcasing a counterpart to Canada's ARIEL called ANURIB.

Current Events

Future Science Leaders make an Impact

23 October 2012

As part of the Future Science Leaders program with Science World, TRIUMF had the opportunity to host two very talented young students. 

Current Events

Past TRIUMF Student at TEDxKidsBC

19 October 2012

Tomorrow, Nick Zacchia, a past TRIUMF co-op student, will be giving the opening talk for this year's TEDxKidsBC event, titled "Tips for Building Your Next Particle Accelerator."

Current Events

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Physics Lab

05 October 2012

TRIUMF outdid itself in community involvement this September.  In two community festivals the fantastic people at TRIUMF have engaged these communities with who we are and what we do.

Current Events

U.K. Launches Physics Journalism Award

04 October 2012

The U.K. has created a new high-value prize (including an all-expenses paid trip to Japan) for journalists, based on the year's best reported story on physics. 

Current Events

Canada is Physics Powerhouse

27 September 2012

Canada's top six fields of research include physics and astronomy, driven in part by particle & nuclear physics, according to a new report.

Current Events

TRIUMF Physicists Top 45 Over 45

24 September 2012

Zoomer Magazine released its third annual list of Canada's Top 45 Over 45: TRIUMF's Lockyer & UVic's McPherson share spot #17!

Current Events

12th Annual Student Symposium

17 August 2012

The winners of the 12th annual Summer Student Symposium have been announced.

Current Events

Minister Fast Visits TRIUMF

01 August 2012

On July 27, Honourable Ed Fast, Minister of International Trade and MP for Abbotsford, BC, together with Vancouver MP, Wai Young, came to visit TRIUMF.

Current Events

How the Higgs Did We Get Here?

10 July 2012

Canada's contribution to and participation in the Higgs breakthrough shouldn't be taken for granted. Governments, scientists, and the public had to work together.

Current Events

A Literal Breakthrough for ARIEL

07 July 2012

Another milestone in ARIEL construction was reached this past Friday: the refurbished Electron Hall was linked directly to the ARIEL beam tunnel.  Workers broke through the six-foot concrete wall separating the two.

Current Events

Oliver Stelzer-Chilton Elected to IPP Council

06 July 2012

TRIUMF Research Scientist, Oliver Stelzer-Chilton, was recently elected as a council member of the Insitute of Particle Physics.

Current Events

Tom Ruth Retires

28 June 2012

Tom Ruth, who launched the nuclear-medicine program at TRIUMF nearly three decades ago, fully retired from TRIUMF in late June.


CERN's Director-General Kicks off PLHC

06 June 2012

CERN's Director-General, Rolf Heuer, kicked off the Physics at the Large Hadron Collider conference on Sunday, June 3rd with a free public lecture that filled the OMNIMAX theatre at the Telus World of Science.

Current Events

TRIUMF Hosts Spring InterActions Meeting

17 May 2012

TRIUMF recently hosted the annual spring meeting of the InterActions collaboration, an international group of particle physics communicators.


2012 TRIUMF Fellowship Recipients Selected

16 May 2012

TRIUMF recently named the three graduating high school students that have been awarded the 2012 TRIUMF High School Fellowship.


AAPS Achieves Project Milestone

08 May 2012

AAPS, Inc. has achieved milestone in the muon-geotomography project with the successful design & construction of the first full-scale prototype detector.

From the Director

Adieu to Jean-Michel Poutissou

12 April 2012

Jean-Michel Poutissou, and his wife Renee, fully retired from TRIUMF at the beginning of April. Over the years, they have contributed to nearly every success of the lab. 

Current Events

Makoto Fujiwara Wins John Dawson Award

04 April 2012

TRIUMF scientist, Makoto Fujiwara, has won the 2011 John Dawson Award for his work on the ALPHA project at CERN.

Current Events

Science World Hosts Emily Carr/TRIUMF Art

04 April 2012

Starting this weekend, a collection of art created by Emily Carr University students through TRIUMF's Artists in Residence program will be displayed at Science World. 

Current Events

TRIUMF to Change its Name

01 April 2012

In an unexpected turn of events related to the release of the Government of Canada's Budget 2012 this past Thursday evening, TRIUMF will be changing its name.

From the Director

Measuring Research

28 March 2012

Measuring the quality of research--or the researcher--has long been a challenge.  The Globe & Mail has recently featured an effort to rank Canada's talent, and TRIUMF-associated stars do well.

Current Events

Meet One of Canada's Smartest People

17 March 2012

Laura Suen, a TRIUMF Research Assistant, placed second in the CBC's "Canada's Smartest Person" challenge.

Current Events

Students From Singapore Visit TRIUMF

08 March 2012

High school students and their teacher, former TRIUMF scientist, Joe Vaz, visited TRIUMF earlier in the year to see physics in action.

From the Director

Canadian PET Survey by TRIUMF/AAPS

27 February 2012

TRIUMF and AAPS released a joint report today that examines the deployment of PET-based imaging technology for the clinical care of cancer across Canada, province by province.

Current Events

TRIUMF Receives an Excellent Visitor

17 February 2012

His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada, visited TRIUMF on Thursday afternoon.  It was a special moment; thanks to everyone at TRIUMF for making it perfect!

Current Events

See the Invisible with TRIUMF/UBC at AAAS

13 February 2012

Learn about TRIUMF at the free public event, Family Science Days, on February 18 and 19 at the Vancouver Convention Centre!

Awards & Honours

SFU/TRIUMF Physicist Selected for ATLAS Leadership Role

23 January 2012

SFU/TRIUMF physicist Mike Vetterli has been selected to head up the influential ATLAS publications committee; he will be deputy in 2012 and chair in 2013.

Current Events

Anticipation Builds for AAAS Meeting

19 January 2012

At a news conference held at the Vancouver Aquarium and MC'd by TRIUMF's Tim Meyer, enthusiasm and anticipation kicked off for the upcoming AAAS conference (Feb 16-20 in Vancouver) that will attract upwards of 8,000 top scientists.

Current Events

Happy New Year!

01 January 2012

Good-bye to 2011 and welcome to a brand new year on the calendar: 2012.  A year destined for greatness in scientific accomplishments, technological prowess, and making a difference all around the world.

Current Events

Air Liquide Brings World-Class Technology

22 December 2011

TRIUMF and Air Liquide Advanced Technologies have just signed a multi-million dollar agreement for the detailed engineering, construction, and installation of cyrogenic systems for ARIEL.

Current Events

Of Transformations and Translations...

21 December 2011

Working with students from Emily Carr, TRIUMF's Artists in Residence piloted a project that started with a physics lecture, went through four artistic transformations, and then returned to inspire physicists.

Workshops & Conferences

ATLAS Workshop Focuses on Results

20 December 2011

Particle physicists from across North America met at TRIUMF last week to discuss the latest results from the ATLAS project at CERN's LHC. In addition to tantalizing hints of the Higgs, the workshop looked at more exotic possibilities.

Awards & Honours

Canadian Physics Wins 3 of Top 10 Breakthroughs of the Year

16 December 2011

Canadian physicists captured three of the top spots in Physics World's annual ranking of the top 10 breakthroughs of the year.  The T2K neutrino experiment in Japan directly involves TRIUMF and won 7th.

Awards & Honours

Tim Meyer Recognized as Top 40 Under 40

14 December 2011

TRIUMF’s own Tim Meyer, Head of Strategic Planning and Communications, has been recognized as one of the Top 40 Under 40 by Business in Vancouver.

Workshops & Conferences

Third KEK-TRIUMF Symposium

07 December 2011

The third KEK-TRIUMF Accelerator-Science Symposium held in Japan focused on opportunities for moving from collaboration to partnership.

Workshops & Conferences

TRIUMF in the Global Isotopes Conversation

06 December 2011

In three separate conferences this fortnight, key TRIUMF personnel are engaged in providing advice and guidance on the global medical-isotope supply chain.

From the Director

Technical Artistry at TRIUMF

05 December 2011

TRIUMF's Machine Shop is staffed by an extraordinary team of gifted artisans who can turn a technical concept into a hard piece of reality using state-of-the-art precision machines.

From the Director

Nigel Lockyer Reappointed as Director

23 November 2011

TRIUMF's Board of Management have announced that Nigel Lockyer will continue as the lab's director for a second success-filled term.

Workshops & Conferences

Computer Innovators Meet At HEPiX

07 November 2011

TRIUMF was proud to play host to the world's leading physics-based computer experts as the HEPiX conference took place downtown.

Current Events

Work begins on the ARIEL research tunnel

31 October 2011

The ARIEL Groundbreaking ceremony today marks the official beginning of a new research tunnel being built at TRIUMF to further work in areas such as medical isotopes.

From the Director

TRIUMF Visits CIAE in Beijing, China

24 October 2011

TRIUMF's leadership team paid a visit to China's Institute for Atomic Energy and signed a new framework for collaboration that includes isotope production, acceleration, and research.

Awards & Honours

An Award-Worthy Look at Electronic Glitches

17 October 2011

One engineer's research at TRIUMF on the effect of muons on electronic systems has earned him the award for Top Student Paper!

Current Events

AAPS' Year of Successes

14 October 2011

AAPS, the independent commercialization partner of TRIUMF, has released its 2010-2011 Annual Report.

From the Director

Knowledge Economy is Growing

14 October 2011

A small energy company using NRC IRAP funds is recognized as an innovation leader.  TRIUMF comments on this success as an indicator of Canada's growing knowledge economy.

Workshops & Conferences

More (Research) with Less (Energy)

13 October 2011

A conference in Europe examines energy efficiency, conservation, and management at large accelerator laboratories.  TRIUMF and UBC participate to discuss an option for using TRIUMF's cooling water as a heat source for UBC campus.

Awards & Honours

2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

12 October 2011

The 2011 recipient of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was recognized for his work on quasicrystals, a phenomenon long thought to be erroneous.

From the Director

Comment on Recent Discussion of Fusion

04 October 2011

With regard to recent CBC news coverage of magnetized-target fusion technology, TRIUMF makes several observations about its institutional perspective.

Awards & Honours

2011 Nobel Prize in Physics

04 October 2011

The 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded for observations of distant supernovae. TRIUMF's nuclear astrophysics program contributes to the same core technology.

Current Events

TRIUMF Hosts Cosmological Collaborators

04 October 2011

Last week, TRIUMF hosted a meeting of Vancouver's cosmology enthusiasts for an afternoon of collaboration.

Current Events

Global Particle Physics: Beacons of Discovery

03 October 2011

Scientific leaders release a global vision for the future of particle physics illsutrating the worldwide commitment to revealing the hidden nature of space and time.

Current Events

The End of an Era for Fermilab

30 September 2011

To mark the closing of the Tevatron at FermiLab, TRIUMF researchers reflect on the impact the project has had on our understanding of physics.

Current Events

Industry Canada Visits TRIUMF & AAPS

22 September 2011

Senior staff from Industry Canada paid TRIUMF a friendly visit on Wednesday and learned about the lab's international and industrial partnerships.

Current Events

Which is Faster: Neutrinos or News?

22 September 2011

The Italian OPERA experiment is reporting that neutrinos can break the cosmic speed limit, the speed of light.  But science advances by skepticism, inquiry, and questioning everything—even new results.

Current Events

TRIUMF Joins the Fiesta!

16 September 2011

TRIUMF joined in the fiesta last Saturday at the 5th annual Barn Raising on UBC Campus.

Current Events

International Investment Team Visits TRIUMF

14 September 2011

Investors from China visited TRIUMF, interested in the leading accelerator technology and the production and application of medical isotopes of our lab.

Current Events

AAPS & Partners Launch IKOMED, Inc.

22 August 2011

AAPS and several Vancouver partners have launched IKOMED Technologies, Inc., to develop and deploy new technology for reducing radiation exposure during medical fluoroscopy procedures.

Current Events

TRIUMF's Shining Armour

08 August 2011

Apart from helping keep TRIUMF safe, the Manager of the QA & Training division, Phil Jones, is working to develop guidelines for nuclear facilities across Canada.

Current Events

What I've learned at TRIUMF

05 August 2011

At the 11th Annual Summer Student Symposium, 23 undergraduate students shared what they have learned during their summer at TRIUMF.

Awards & Honours

UBC's Simon Viel is 2011 Vanier Scholar

03 August 2011

This year, Simon Viel is one of Canada's Vanier Scholarship winners for his research with the ATLAS detector.

Current Events

Summer BBQ: Of Hot Dogs & Isotopes

29 July 2011

The TRIUMF summer BBQ had beautiful weather, some "egg-cellent" events, and an inaugural elevator ride!

Current Events

TRIUMF Aids in Increasing Tc-99m Supply

22 July 2011

TRIUMF's Tom Ruth and Tom Morley are hoping to help increase the production of Tc-99m through accelerator-based technologies.

Workshops & Conferences

TRIUMF User Community Gathers

14 July 2011

Last week, physicists and scientists convened to discuss past and current events at the TRIUMF User's Group's Annual General Meeting.

Workshops & Conferences

ARIEL Finds its Footing

13 July 2011

TRIUMF hosts the 1st International ARIEL Science Workshop to discuss implementation & research perspectives.

Current Events

Afternoon Tea with a Lecture on the Side

30 June 2011

This week, Tapestry Village residents attended a lecture by Dr. Colin Morton on "Radiation and Medical Isotopes".

From the Director

Jolly Good: UK Consulate Visits TRIUMF

27 June 2011

UK science attaché Dr. Paolo Marcazzan visited TRIUMF last week and learned about the strong partnerships between Canadian and UK researchers.

Workshops & Conferences

Workshop on Coulomb Excitation Techniques

24 June 2011

Just over 20 partcipants came together to learn and practice techniques in Coulomb excitation with radioactive beams.

Awards & Honours

TRIUMF Welcomes Infusion of Young Minds

17 June 2011

Three recipients of the TRIUMF Fellowship are set to arrive at the lab early July. They will work with the ATLAS, DRAGON, and Nuclear Medicine teams.

Current Events

Go Canucks Go!

15 June 2011

Come on Kesler - we're rooting for 1 goal for each of our member universities tonight - 17!  Go Canucks Go!

Awards & Honours

Professor Wins Funds for Trapping Atoms

31 May 2011

Dr. Dan Melconian of Texas A&M University received the Early Career Research Award. He was a past graduate student at TRIUMF.

Awards & Honours

CAP Awards Vogel for Teaching Excellence

12 May 2011

Peter Vogel at Notre Dame Regional Secondary School in Vancouver has been recognized for his excellence in teaching high school physics.

Current Events

Endeavouring to Search for All Matter

05 May 2011

Take-off may have been delayed, but the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer is ready for launch on board the final mission for U.S. Space Shuttle Endeavour.

Awards & Honours

UBC's Doug Bryman Shares Panofsky Prize

03 May 2011

Together with two other senior researchers from the U.S., UBC's Doug Bryman was awarded the 2011 W.K.H. Panofsky Prize in experimental particle physics for finding a needle in a haystack.

Awards & Honours

Prof. Bruce Gaulin Wins Brockhouse Medal

21 April 2011

Working with exotic ground states, Bruce has been recognized for his contributions in relation to new materials with magnetic properties.

Current Events

Good Chemistry -- SFU Dept Visits TRIUMF

20 April 2011

At the end of March, visitors from the SFU chemistry department toured TRIUMF's main cyclotron and target hall to see how and where the isotopes they use for research are developed and produced.

Current Events

Say Hello to TRIUMF's New CFO

20 April 2011

Henry Chen officially became TRIUMF's new Chief Financial Officer on April 1, 2011; he brings enthusiasm, excellence, and energy to the job.

From the Director

University of Winnipeg Joins TRIUMF

18 April 2011

TRIUMF welcomes the University of Winnipeg as a new associate member of the university consortium that owns and operates the laboratory.

Current Events

ARPICO is 'On the Neutron Trail'

15 April 2011

The Society of Italian Researchers and Professionals in Western Canada held their inaugural event featuring Olivia Fermi, beginning their mission to build connections across Canada and with Italy.

Awards & Honours

1st CAP-TRIUMF Medal Goes to David Sinclair

14 April 2011

Carleton University physics professor and TRIUMF senior scientist David Sinclair will receive the inaugural CAP-TRIUMF Vogt Medal for Contributions to Subatomic Physics.

Awards & Honours

Tom Ruth Wins the Michael J. Welch Award

11 April 2011

On March 31st, Dr. Thomas J. Ruth. was recognized of his contribution to the field of radiopharmaceutical sciences.

Current Events

TRIUMF Measures Local Radioactivity, No Health Risks Found

08 April 2011

A TRIUMF team made precision measurements of low-level radioactivity concentrations in local  milk, rainwater, and bottled water.  Results confirmed that there are no health risks.

Current Events

One Step Closer to Electron Acceleration

07 April 2011

To accelerate electrons through the e-linac, an electron "gun" is used to generate and initially steer the electrons. The TRIUMF team has achieved success at 100 keV and 10 mA, a key milestone on the way to ARIEL.

Current Events

ARIEL Construction Begins

30 March 2011

On March 28, 2011, a ceremonial groundbreaking took place to commemorate the start of formal construction of the new Stores Building.

Current Events

Twitter, Facebook, Blogs! OhMy!

18 March 2011

TRIUMF’s new endeavour – Social media – has recently taken off. In this past month, jumped feet first into this vast online world.

Workshops & Conferences

Be a Physicist for the Day

17 March 2011

Students from lower mainland BC will be particpating in CERN's Masterclass on March 18, where they will analyze real data from CERN.

Current Events

Resources for Understanding Fukushima Crisis (updated)

13 March 2011

While TRIUMF does not have a nuclear reactor, the laboratory has identified some useful online resources for following the Fukushima crisis.

From the Director

To our Japanese Friends, Families, & Collaborators

11 March 2011

All of us here at TRIUMF are saddened by the tragedy in Japan very early this morning.  We offer our deepest sympathies, condolences, and support to everyone affected.

Awards & Honours

Vanessa Simon Recognized at 2011 WNPPC

07 March 2011

Vanessa Simon, a Ph.D. Student working at TRIUMF, was awarded 3rd prize for Best Student Presentation at the 2011 WNPPC Conference in Alberta.

Workshops & Conferences

Expanding Partnerships with India

07 March 2011

A team from TRIUMF visited Kolkata, India, last week for a collaboration meeting with the VECC lab and to attend the Frontiers of Science Symposium.

Current Events

Minister Goodyear Visits TRIUMF

24 February 2011

The Honourable Gary Goodyear, Federal Minister of State for Science and Technology, visited TRIUMF and AAPS on Friday, February 11, 2011.

From the Director

New Leadership for TRIUMF's Science Division

22 February 2011

On February 1, 2011, Reiner Krücken joined TRIUMF's senior leadership team as the new Head of the Science Division.  Completing his success-laden career at TRIUMF, Gordon Ball is embarking on an active retirement phase that features time for research. 

Current Events

TRIUMF Gets a New Injection Beam Line

16 February 2011

TRIUMF now has a bright, shiny, and new main injection line. The line is used to transport hydrogen ions from the ion source to the centre of the cyclotron. Watch the stop-motion video of the last section being lowered.

Awards & Honours

PAVAC Wins Innovation Award

16 February 2011

PAVAC, a Richmond-based company that works closely with TRIUMF on accelerator technology, is the winner of the 2010 Richmond Chamber of Commerce, Innovation Award.

Current Events

Four Labs Address Canada’s Isotope Situation

24 January 2011

Today the Government of Canada announced a $6 million investment to develop an alternative medical-isotope production technology proposed by four Canadian labs.

Awards & Honours

TRIUMF Student Earns UBC Arts Co-op of the Year

19 January 2011

Each year, the UBC Arts Co-op Program recognizes an undergrad co-op student for outstanding achievement. This year the award recognized Meghan Magee for her work term at TRIUMF.

Current Events

TRIUMF's Improvements Noted by CNSC

17 January 2011

During the last visit to TRIUMF, the CNSC, Canada's Nuclear Safety regulatory body, congratulated TRIUMF on the tremendous progress the lab has made since appearing before the commission in 2007.

Awards & Honours

Rick Baartman Recognized by APS

10 January 2011

Rick Baartman, a TRIUMF employee, was recognized by the American Physical Society (APS) Physics for his hard work in editing manuscripts for publication.

Current Events

My Adventure of TRIUMF

06 January 2011

Local photgrapher, David Rasmussen, recently wrote a story about his experience in the Particle Physics Photowalk this past summer. As a New Year's present, he has shared his story with TRIUMF.

From the Director


06 January 2011

At its recent Board of Management meeting, TRIUMF approved the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) as an associate member of the consortium that owns and operates Canada's national laboratory for particle and nuclear physics.

Awards & Honours

5 New Commercialization & Research Centres

04 January 2011

Five new Centres of Excellence for Commercialization and Research (CECR) have been established and are sharing a total of $61.1 million from the federal government over 5 years.

Current Events

Happy New Year!

31 December 2010

Happy New Year!  2010 was a special year for TRIUMF... and the precursor to a fantastic 2011.  Congratulations to everyone in the TRIUMF community and a special thanks to our supporters and champions.

Current Events

Student Art Exhibit by Emily Carr University @ TRIUMF

23 December 2010

If you stopped by the ISAC-II main floor at TRIUMF any time from December 3rd through 17th, 2010, you would have certainly noticed a very special display.

Current Events

TARA enters Second Year, Holds AGM

22 December 2010

On December 16th, 2010, the TRIUMF Alumni and Retirees Association (TARA) held its second Annual General Meeting. The group has existed for almost two years, and has 99 members. Will you be the one to break one hundred?

Awards & Honours

Succession Planning wins SRA Symposium award

21 December 2010

TRIUMF's team of Succession Planners won the Society of Research Administrators 'Best North American Poster' award at the annual meeting, for their poster on TRIUMF's approach to succession planning.

Awards & Honours

Antihydrogen -- Top Science Story for 2010

20 December 2010

The Physics World 2010 Break through of the Year goes to two international teams of physicists at CERN who have created new ways of controlling atoms of antihydrogen.  Canada is a major player in the ALPHA team.

Awards & Honours

Cyclotron Celebrated as an Engineering Milestone

16 December 2010

A special ceremony on Thursday, December 16, 2010, celebrated the recognition of first beams from TRIUMF’s main cyclotron in 1974 as an engineering milestone for Canada.

Current Events

ACSI and TRIUMF Announce Partnership

16 December 2010

TRIUMF and ACSI—a leading designer, manufacturer, and installer of cyclotrons—have partnered to advance and promote cyclotron and accelerator technologies for providing healthcare for Canadians.

Current Events

Selkirk College TRIUMFs in Physics Research

07 December 2010

Selkirk College in Castlegar, BC, has joined forces with TRIUMF as the first college in Canada to work with TRIUMF through a Memorandum of Understanding.

Current Events

Japan/Canada Scientific Symposium at TRIUMF

04 November 2010

On October 25, 2010, TRIUMF hosted the second Japan/ Canada scientific symposium. It focused on potential synergies between the KEK laboratory in Japan and TRIUMF in Canada.

Workshops & Conferences

BC Science Teachers' Pro-D Day at TRIUMF

01 November 2010

On Friday, October 22, 2010, 60 British Columbia high school math and science teachers visited TRIUMF for the district-wide Professional Development Day.

Current Events

Scientific Attaché of Italy visits TRIUMF

21 October 2010

On Septem-ber 29th, 2010, the Scientific Attaché from Italy, Dr. Emanuele Fiore, made a visit to TRIUMF, Canada’s national laboratory for particle and nuclear physics.

Current Events

TRIUMF & DESY take top prizes in Global Photowalk

14 October 2010

A sunburst image of a particle detector at Germany’s DESY laboratory and a black-and-white photograph of a nuclear-physics experiment at TRIUMF in Canada have won the top prizes in the first-ever Global Particle Physics Photowalk.

Current Events

Canada Must Seek Innovation, Says Coalition

13 October 2010

Canada's private and public sectors should move quickly to implement reforms that would strengthen the country’s innovation capacity a coalition of business leaders said today.

From the Director

Former TRIUMF Board Chair Steps in to Lead U Waterloo

04 October 2010

Effective October 1, Waterloo provost and former TRIUMF Board Chair Feridun Hamdullahpur became president of the university on an interim basis.

Current Events

Austrian Delegation Visits TRIUMF

29 September 2010

On September 17, 2010, a group of Austrian policy makers, business leaders, and university administrators visited TRIUMF and AAPS, Inc., to better understand science, technology, and innovation in Canada.

Workshops & Conferences

25th World Conference of the INTDS at TRIUMF

23 September 2010

The International Nuclear Target Develop- ment Society held its 25th world conference from September 12th -17th at TRIUMF, in Vancouver, Canada.

Workshops & Conferences

Saturday Morning Lecture Series: Frontiers of Modern Physics

22 September 2010

TRIUMF, UBC and SFU are once again proud to present the 2010-2011 installment of the popular Saturday Morning Lecture Series.  This year’s theme is  “Frontiers of Modern Physics”. 

Current Events

BC Cancer Agency producing own isotopes

21 September 2010

As of September 6, 2010, after years of working alongside TRIUMF experts, the British Columbia Cancer Agency is undertaking the task of producing medical isotopes on its own.

Current Events

TRIUMF Sponsors BODY WORLDS & The Brain

17 September 2010

TRIUMF and our partners, the UBC Brain Research Centre, and MDS Nordion, are proud to showcase nuclear-medicine research through support and involvement in Science World's newest exhibition—BODY WORLDS & The Brain.

Current Events

Consul General of Japan Visits TRIUMF

03 September 2010

On Sept. 2, 2010, the Consul General of Japan for Vancouver visited TRIUMF. Mr Hideki Ito met with leading researchers from Japan and Canada and learned about the history of strong partnerships with TRIUMF.

Awards & Honours

Dr. Lapi Wins Recognition for AAPS Isotope-Separator Project

26 August 2010

On August 4, the TeraChem* 2010 Committee announced the winners of the Marino Nicolini Prize. One of the winners is Dr. Suzanne Lapi (Suzy), who submitted a paper based on the MoRe isotope-separation project.

Current Events

TRIUMF Nuclear Medicine Gets a Boost

24 August 2010

A federal investment of ~$1M to support innovative medical and pharmaceutical research at TRIUMF was announced today by the Honourable Lynne Yelich, Minister of State for Western Economic Diversification Canada.

Current Events

The Rabbit Line Gets a Replacement

24 August 2010

On your way to work last week, you might have noticed a large pile of moved earth, a gaping manhole, and a set of skilled engineers working out front across from the TRIUMF sign...

Awards & Honours

IEEE Recognizes TRIUMF's Main Cyclotron

09 August 2010

IEEE has recognized the extraction of the first high-energy proton beams from the TRIUMF main cyclotron on December 15, 1974 as an historic engineering milestone.

Awards & Honours

TRIUMF To Play Role in U.S.-Funded Research Network

03 August 2010

A $2 million award from the U.S. National Science Foundation for an international consortium aimed at probing novel superconductors will heavily involve TRIUMF.

Current Events

A New Perspective on Research

30 July 2010

And the jury has spoken! TRIUMF's first ever science photo walk is now being exhibited in the ISAC-II Atrium. The photographs will be displayed until August 10th, 2010.

Workshops & Conferences

Public Lecture: Catching Electrons With Light?

12 July 2010

Join Dr. Paul Corkum on UBC campus this week as he shares his studies and exploration of intense laser pulses to study and control matter.

Current Events

Global Particle-Physics Photowalk & Competition

08 July 2010

Picture this: For the first time, amateur photo-graphers around the world will  collide with the past, present, and future of particle physics.

Workshops & Conferences

Up to 800 Nuclear Physicists to Gather at UBC

29 June 2010

TRIUMF hosts the 24th International Nuclear Physics Conference, bringing together the world’s best talents in nuclear science to explore the most compelling questions of modern research.

Current Events

$30.7M Supports World Class Isotope Research

22 June 2010

A $30.7-million provincial investment in TRIUMF is expected to help lead the way in alleviating future medical isotope shortages, while keeping B.C. and Canada at the forefront of particle and nuclear physics, Premier Gordon Campbell announced today.

Current Events

Scientists and Innovators in our Schools

09 June 2010

Scientists in Schools brings science to reality in classrooms and encourages students to consider a career in science.

Current Events

Physicists and Medics Identify Strategy

04 June 2010

Following a workshop hosted by the CERN European particle physics laboratory in February, doctors and physicists published a strategy for harnessing physics for health.

Current Events

“Party at the Point” UBC Alumni Weekend 2010

26 May 2010

On May 28- 30, UBC is inviting alumni, friends, and family to join the festivities to celebrate Alumni Weekend — including a tour of the physics powerhouse on south campus, TRIUMF.

Current Events

Go Physics! Engaging Local Students at TRIUMF

24 May 2010

Thirty young, bright students have been invited to TRIUMF to take part in Go Physics! This is a one day camp initiated by Perimeter Institute to engage students in hands‐on labs and challenges in thinking like a physicist.

Awards & Honours

CERC Chair at UBC Builds on Molecular Imaging

17 May 2010

Dr. Mathew Farrer is the UBC inaugural Canada Excellence Research Chair in neurogenetics and translational neuroscience---areas of research driven forward by TRIUMF's supply of innovative imaging agents using medical isotopes.

Workshops & Conferences

Nuclear-Energy Experts Assemble in Vancouver

06 May 2010

About forty members of the Generation-IV Interational Forum Policy Group (hailing from thirteen different countries) visited TRIUMF on Tuesday for a tour before meeting to discuss the future of nuclear power.

Awards & Honours

CAP Award for Excellence in Teaching Physics

19 April 2010

Phil Freeman, teacher at Richmond Secondary School, is awarded the first ever CAP High School Physics Teacher Award for the BC region for his contributions to physics education. Congratulations!

Current Events

International Workshop on Ion Trapping and Stopping

14 April 2010

TRIUMF and Stanford University organized the 10th international workshop which explored techniques and topics related to Stopping and Manipulation of Ions.

Current Events

Canada Commits to Medical Isotopes

14 April 2010

The Government of Canada released its "Response to the Report of the Expert Review Panel on Medical-Isotope Production."  TRIUMF is positioned to play a major role with cyclotrons and linear accelerators.

Awards & Honours

Queen's University Art McDonald Wins Killam Prize

13 April 2010

Dr. Art McDonald was among five recipients of the 2010 Killam Prize, one of Canada's most prestigious awards for outstanding career achievements.  TRIUMF works with Dr. McDonald on the SNO project.

Current Events

Accelerator Units Propel Rare Isotope Future with Made in Canada Solution

31 March 2010

Three cryomodules have just been completed on schedule and on budget, allowing TRIUMF researchers to open up a whole new realm of nuclear structure experiments!

Current Events

AKCSE Competition Bridges Cultures and Generations

26 March 2010

The Association of Korean-Canadian Scientists and Engineers held its first annual research competition at UBC last Friday. Researcher Dr. Ewart Blackmore was invited as an expert judge.

Awards & Honours

Yamazaki Awarded Bunka Korosha Prize

24 March 2010

Toshimitsu Yamazaki was awarded with the Bunka Korosha Award, a great Japanese honour, for his service in the advancement of physics.

Current Events

Artists Seek Inspiration at TRIUMF

16 March 2010

Students from SFU's Spatial Presentation: Installation Art class visit TRIUMF this week in the latest Artist in Residence initiative, capturing inspiration from the top of the world's largest cyclotron!

Current Events

Italian Ambassador and Consul-General Visit TRIUMF

13 March 2010

TRIUMF was honoured by the visit of the Ambassador of Italy, His Excellency Andrea Meloni and the Consul General of Italy in Vancouver, Mr. Francesco de Conno.

From the Director

Proposed Implementation for TRIUMF Five-Year Plan

05 March 2010

TRIUMF's director Nigel S. Lockyer writes to the community about how he envisions the implementation of the Five-Year Plan 2010-2015 with the core operating funds secured through this week's Federal Budget announcement.

Current Events

TRIUMF Continues to Play Role in Canada's Future

04 March 2010

The Government of Canada announced its renewed support for TRIUMF as part of knowledge economy, committing $222 million over the next 5 years as part of TRIUMF's Five-Year Plan 2010-2015.

Awards & Honours

Tao Kong Awarded for Excellence in Research

03 March 2010

Tao Kong, Ph.D. candidate at UBC, was awarded the Dr. Carl W. Wescott Memorial Fellowship for 2009/2010 for his research at TRIUMF.

Current Events

TRIUMF Talent Supports Athletes at the Games

03 March 2010

Just a few steps from the TRIUMF laboratory, over at the UBC Thunderbird Arena, Ewart Blackmore was a Field of Play supervisor for the Olympics.

Current Events

47th WNPPC Connects Physics Community

23 February 2010

The Winter Nuclear and Particle Physics Conference (WNPPC) met February 12 to 14 at the Banff Centre, with a special focus on providing a forum for junior researchers.

Current Events

Commemorating the Life of Ian Thorson

11 February 2010

Ian Thorson (February 22 1934- January 26 2010) will be deeply missed by his family and friends. His expertise in radiation shielding and safety contributed greatly to TRIUMF.

Awards & Honours

U.S. Invests in Canadian Science at TRIUMF

08 February 2010

The U.S. Department of Energy announced funding for projects, acknowledging enthusiasm of U.S. scientists to collaborate with Canadian counterparts.

Current Events

Elaine Campbell to Bear the Olympic Torch

04 February 2010

TRIUMF's Elaine Campbell prepares to take part in history through her exciting role as an Olympic torchbearer when the flame arrives in Delta, BC.

Current Events

Vancouver Java Users Connect at TRIUMF

04 February 2010

TRIUMF's Brian Leathem hosted a meeting for VanJUG at TRIUMF this month, inviting Arun Gupta from Sun Microsystems to speak on recent developments.

Current Events

Ultra Cold Neutrons Collaboration Meeting

01 February 2010

Scientists from Canada and Japan gathered at TRIUMF to discuss plans for the proposed Ultra Cold Neutrons (UCN) facility in the TRIUMF Meson Hall.

Awards & Honours

DNP Thesis Prize Awarded to Rob MacDonald

27 January 2010

Rob MacDonald of the University of Alberta receives the 2008-09 Division of Nuclear Physics Thesis Prize for his work with TWIST at TRIUMF.

Awards & Honours

IPA Awards Ritesh Kshetri Nuclear Physics Prize

15 January 2010

TRIUMF researcher Ritesh Kshetri attended the International Symposium on Nuclear Physics in India where he was awarded the C.V.K. Baba Prize from the Indian Physics Association.

Awards & Honours

Chris Oram and Wife Cycle from Bangkok to Paris

13 January 2010

TRIUMF scientist, Dr. Chris Oram spent 325 days last year cycling with his wife from Bangkok, Thailand to Paris, France, crossing 22 countries through Asia and Europe.

Current Events

Post-Secondary Education Caucus Tours TRIUMF

23 December 2009

Last week, members of the PSE Caucus toured TRIUMF to learn more about the lab and the research and training opportunities it provides Canadian graduate and undergraduate students.

Current Events

2009: A Triple Crown Year for TRIUMF

21 December 2009

The TRIUMF community gathered together on December 14 to celebrate three major milestones: 40 years of success, 35 years of the Cyclotron, and 10 years of rare-isotope beams.

Current Events

Dr. Vogt Delivers His Last Physics Lecture

17 December 2009

After 45 years of teaching first year Physics at the UBC, Dr. Erich Vogt delivered his final lecture to his last class of Physics 107 students. Many of his colleagues and past students were also in attendance.

Current Events

Glen Stinson (1939-2009): Nuclear Physics Pioneer

15 December 2009

On December 11, 2009 Glen Stinson of Edmonton died peacefully at the age of 69 years. He was instrumental in the early years of TRIUMF and will be missed.

Current Events

Inaugural TRIUMF "Alumni" Gathering

15 December 2009

Past employees and associates of TRIUMF gathered this past Sunday for the inauguration of the TRIUMF Alumni and Retirees Association.  People trekked through falling snow to recollect --- and reflect.

Current Events

Promoting Accelerator Science Across Canada

08 December 2009

Last month, Dr. Lia Merminga was invited to participate in a series of colloquia at York University and U of T where she presented on the state of accelerator science in Canada.

Awards & Honours

Three TRIUMF Researchers Receive Top U.S. Honours

30 November 2009

Two of TRIUMF's accelerator physicists, Robert E. Laxdal and Richard A. Baartman, and a leading nuclear-physics collaborator from the University of Manitoba, Shelley Page, have been elected to Fellowship in the American Physical Society.

Current Events

Pioneer of TRIUMF Passes Away

25 November 2009

It is with great sadness that we note the passing of Dr. Edward Auld, an original member of the TRIUMF Design Study team and designer of the TRIUMF cyclotron magnet.

Current Events

LHC Colliding Beams After Decade of Preparation

24 November 2009

In three days, the world's largest particle accelerator, CERN's Large Hadron Collider, passed two major milestones, successful restart and circulation & collision of two beams.

Current Events

Saturday Morning Lectures Attract Record Crowds

20 November 2009

On Saturday, November 14, over 135 students and community members came out to listen to this month's presentations at the TRIUMF, UBC, SFU Saturday Morning Lecture Series.

Current Events

In Memory of Dr. Donald Rix, Friend of TRIUMF

18 November 2009

The TRIUMF and AAPS Inc. commun- ities remember Dr. Donald Rix, founding member of the AAPS Board of Directors and long-time friend of TRIUMF, who passed away on November 6 at the age 78.

Current Events

Canadians Comment on Medical-Isotope Shortage

18 November 2009

Health care workers, patients and experts have their say on video about the ongoing medical-isotope shortage and its impact on Canadians and the world.

Student Stories

New Accelerator Physics Course for Grad Students

17 November 2009

Physics graduate students will soon have the opportunity to partake in a new course on proton and ion accelerators offered at UBC and UVic in collaboration with TRIUMF.

Current Events

TRIUMF Hosts Cisco Systems for Testing Period

16 November 2009

For over a week, Cisco Systems engineers and software specialists occupied the TRIUMF Proton Irradiation Facility (PIF) to carry out tests of router systems and related networking equipment.

Awards & Honours

Dr. Gingras Awarded the '09 CAP Brockhouse Medal

10 November 2009

Dr. Michel Gingras, who spent some of his formative years at TRIUMF as a research associate in the Theory Group, has been awarded the 2009 Canadian Association of Physicists Brockhouse Medal.

Awards & Honours

New Award for Outstanding Canadian Physics Teachers

06 November 2009

The Canadian Association of Physicists recently announced a new Award for Excellence in Teaching High School and CEGEP Physics in collaboration with TRIUMF, Perimeter Institute, Merlan Scientific, Nelson Education, and Vernier.

Current Events

RIKEN Leaders visit TRIUMF

01 November 2009

Two members of the senior management team of Japan's RIKEN laboratory visited TRIUMF on Thursday, October 29, 2009, to share operating models and discuss opportunities for partnership.

Awards & Honours

Student Award Created in Memory of Lutz Moritz

30 October 2009

This summer the Accelerator Section of the Health Physics Society established an award in memory of Lutz Moritz recognizing his support for the section and his contributions to the field of accelerator health physics.

Current Events

UBC Science Journalism Class Visits TRIUMF

27 October 2009

Nine students from the UBC Graduate School of Journalism visited TRIUMF last week for a tour of the facility and an exercise in science journalism - finding and developing a worthy science news pitch.

Awards & Honours

Inaugural Competition for Otto Häusser Fellowship

26 October 2009

TRIUMF is pleased to announce the establishment of the Otto Häusser Postdoctoral Fellowship, a two year appointment with the aim of recognizing the achievements of outstanding recent Ph.D. recipients.

Current Events

Bringing You to the Frontiers of Modern Physics

21 October 2009

The 2009/2010 Saturday Morning Lecture Series kicked- off its first event this past weekend. The morning featured a lecture on short-term climate variability & prediction and a science and technology career panel.

Awards & Honours

Former VECC Director Awarded Prestigious Chair

16 October 2009

Eminent nuclear physicist Bikash Sinha has been awarded the prestigious Dr. Homi J. Bhabha Chair Professorship at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research.

Current Events

TRIUMF Celebrates National Science & Tech. Week

14 October 2009

Celebrate National Science & Technology Week 2009 with TRIUMF! Join us for the kick-off to the 2009/2010 Saturday Morning Lecture Series and a "Science in the Movies Night" featuring The Atom Smashers.

Awards & Honours

D-Pace: a Canadian Innovation Leader

08 October 2009

Last month, D-Pace was recognized as a Canadian Innovation Leader for its role in linking scientific research to commercialization, jobs, and economic growth within the commercial accelerator industry.

Awards & Honours

Canadian-born Physicist Shares Nobel Prize

06 October 2009

Canadian physicist Willard S. Boyle recieved a phone call early this morning with news that would change his life forever:  his 1969 co-invention was being recognized by the Nobel Prize committee with a share of this year's Physics Prize.

Current Events

TRIUMF Submits Plans for Medical Isotope Alternatives

17 September 2009

This week, TRIUMF submitted two proposals on medical isotope alternatives to the CIHR in a bid to obtain operating grants for the development of alternative radio-pharmaceuticals for medical imaging.

Current Events

TRIUMF Fascinates with Physics at Barn Raising

15 September 2009

TRIUMF volunteers wowed the weekend crowds at the UNA's Annual Barn Raising with engaging science displays and hands-on games that demonstrated the work done at the laboratory.

Current Events

In the Neighbourhood: Stories along the Trail

14 September 2009

This Sunday, the parking lot at TRIUMF will be busier than usual as avid outdoor enthusiasts will be gathering here for the start of a unique community event in Pacific Spirit Regional Park: Stories along the Trail.

Current Events

TRIUMF Internship Attracts Young Shad Valley Students

04 September 2009

Vickie Loosemore and Teddy Leung spent the month of August as interns at TRIUMF where they had the opportunity to explore the world of nuclear physics and work closely on the ISAC laser-ion sources.

Workshops & Conferences


03 September 2009

Earlier this week, the LHC Optical Private Network met at TRIUMF to discuss the operation, monitoring, and performance of the 10G network between CERN and the Tier 1 Data Centres.


Current Events

Performance Highlight: New Record Set

26 August 2009

Week 33 set the record for cyclotron and beam delivery performance at TRIUMF. In total, the time off was only 2.45 hours, leaving beam on in Beam Line 1A for a record 165.55 hours.

Current Events

TRIUMF Welcomes Top Nuclear Chemist

24 August 2009

Dr. Paul Schaffer, newly appointed Deputy Head of the growing Nuclear Medicine Division, brings to TRIUMF a wealth of expertise in nuclear medicine imaging and therapy and radiochemistry.

Awards & Honours

Students Shine at TRIUMF Summer Symposium

14 August 2009

This year, 16 bright young summer students took part in the 9th Annual TRIUMF Summer Student Symposium where each gave presentations on the research they conducted at the lab this summer.

Current Events

TRIUMF Celebrates its 40th Anniversary

11 August 2009

On Saturday, August 8, the TRIUMF site was buzzing with curiosity, energy, and enthusiasm, as 1300 people visited the laboratory for its 40th Anniversary Open House celebration.

Current Events

Exploring LHC Collider Physics at TSI 2009

31 July 2009

More than 40 students from around the world gathered at TRIUMF from July 20 - 31 for the 21st Annual TRIUMF Summer Institute where they engaged with world-class experts on LHC Collider physics.

From the Director

Guest Column: CERN's Director General

31 July 2009

It's 40 years since four Canadian universities pooled their resources to create a facility that no single university could provide, and I've been privileged to play a small part in the activity of TRIUMF...

Experimental Result

Supernanogan Ion Source Delivers First Beams

24 July 2009

After months of testing, the newest addition to the OLIS family, the Supernanogan ECR ion source, has now successfully sent beam to three scheduled experiments in the TRIUMF ISAC facility.

Current Events

Fellowship Experience Draws Students Back to Lab

16 July 2009

TRIUMF's commitment to training the next generation of leaders through its research, education, and outreach program is paying off for two young physics students this summer.

Current Events

TRIUMF from a Student's Eye-View

14 July 2009

As a pilot for TRIUMF's emerging Aboriginal youth research initiative, 17-year old Dylon Martin will spend 6 weeks immersing himself in the workings of the lab & sharing his weekly reflections on the web.

Current Events

Inaugural Japan/Canada Accelerator Symposium

10 July 2009

TRIUMF participated in the inaugural Canada- Japan Symposium on Accelerator- Based Science, hosted by the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo on July 7, 2009.

Current Events

TRIUMF Family Grows

02 July 2009

On Canada Day, TRIUMF celebrated a triumph with the addition of three leading research universities as full members to the consortium which owns and operates the laboratory for the benefit of all of Canada. The University of Guelph, Queen's University, and York University all became full members.

Awards & Honours

TRIUMF Theorist Awarded NSERC DAS

30 June 2009

Dr. Achim Schwenk was recently awarded one of this year's 100 NSERC Discovery Accelerator Supplements (DAS) - he received the only DAS granted in the field of particle and nuclear physics in all of Canada.

Current Events

Pollanate UBC Farm

15 June 2009

The parking lot at TRIUMF was unusally full for a Saturday as visitors and supporters of the neighbouring UBC Farm came out for a book signing and presentation by award-winning author Michael Pollan.

Awards & Honours

TRIUMF 5-Year Plan Wins National Editing Award

08 June 2009

Vancouver editor Melva McLean has been honoured by the Editors' Association of Canada/ Association canadienne des réviseurs for her pivotal role in producing an 850-page report for TRIUMF.

Awards & Honours

Award Winning Students Arrive at TRIUMF

05 June 2009

The five promising Canadian students who received TRIUMF's 2009 Summer Research Awards have arrived at the laboratory for a unique and exciting research experience.

Awards & Honours

Anna Grassellino Takes First Prize at PAC09

04 June 2009

Anna's prize-winning poster, "Medium Field Q-slope Studies in Superconducting Cavities" showcased new results on the surface properties and behaviour of SRF cavities.

Current Events

Japanese Approve Funding for UCN Project at TRIUMF

03 June 2009

The proposed UCN source at TRIUMF, which recently received funding approval from JSPS, would provide the highest density of UCN in the world

Current Events

Federal Gov't Takes Forward Steps on Medical Isotopes

29 May 2009

Canada's Minister of Natural Resources and Minister of Health announced the Government's plan to establish an Expert Review Panel for Long-Term Isotope Supply Solutions.  TRIUMF supports these steps and looks forward to contributing to the process.

Awards & Honours

TRIUMF Welcomes 2009 Fellowship Students

27 May 2009

TRIUMF welcomes Anffany Chen and Jeremy Johnson to TRIUMF this summer to participate in the High School Fellowship six-week research experience.

From the Director

In the News

22 May 2009

It's often gratifying to know that what we do and what we work toward is followed and appreciated by the broader community.  A number of media sources have covered TRIUMF recently.

Workshops & Conferences

A Triumph for TRIUMF and Accelerator Science

19 May 2009

The 23rd Particle Accelerator Conference (PAC09), hosted by TRIUMF, came to a close on Friday, May 8th, after a highly successful week of speakers, poster sessions, exhibits, and more.

Workshops & Conferences

Annual Meeting: NW Section of APS

15 May 2009

The Annual Meeting of the NW section of APS will be taking place at UBC from May 14 to 16. TRIUMF will be a venue for various meetings and a poster session Friday afternoon.

Workshops & Conferences

TRIUMF Gets Schooled in Nuclear Structure

08 May 2009

"We are at the end of the beginning. Now begins the middle," said Professor John Wood about the future of nuclear structure physics and his work at TRIUMF. 

Current Events

Revealing the Physics Behind Angels & Demons

06 May 2009

On May 15, 2009, Sony Pictures will release Angels & Demons, a major motion picture based on Dan Brown's best-selling novel.

Current Events

LHC Physics Theory Workshop held at TRIUMF

01 May 2009

Participants of the LHC Physics Workshop at TRIUMFThe Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the world's largest particle accelerator and will be the highest energy collider ever built.  Anticipating the exciting turn-on of the LHC this fall, the Theory Groups at TRIUMF and Carleton University organized a three day workshop to discuss the physics that could be discovered in the first year of LHC operation.   The workshop took place April 27-30 at TRIUMF.

Awards & Honours

UBC Graduate Student at TRIUMF Lands Prestigious Vanier Scholarship

30 April 2009

Stephan Ettenauer, a UBC graduate student working with TRIUMF researcher and adjunct professor Jens Dilling, is among the elite hundred or so graduate students across Canada that have been selected to receive the prestigious Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship, an award valued at $50,000 per year for up three years.

Current Events

Joyce Murray, Federal M.P. for Vancouver Quadra, Visits TRIUMF

30 April 2009

Joyce Murray, the twice-elected Member of Parliament for Vancouver Quadra, paid TRIUMF a visit on April 14, 2009.  Murray was greeted by Director Nigel Lockyer and then met several TRIUMF scientists for a discussion of TRIUMF's recent accomplishments and vision for the future.  Murray is the Liberal Caucus Intergovernmental Affairs Liaison for B.C., and the Vice-Chair of the Standing Parliamentary Committee on Health.

Current Events

Canada’s First Astronaut Visits TRIUMF

30 April 2009

On Friday, April 17th, TRIUMF welcomed the Honourable Marc Garneau, a Canadian astronaut, engineer and politician. Currently serving as a Member of Parliament for Westmount-Ville-Marie, he serves as science critic for Parliament. The MP visited TRIUMF as part of a larger tour he is conducting of large science centres in Canada (he arrived in Vancouver straight from Saskstaoon and its Canadian Light Source).

Current Events

TRIUMF Undergoes Evaluation by the CNSC

21 April 2009

The issuance and standing of TRIUMF's operating license is determined by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC). As a natural part of this process TRIUMF undergoes inspections of many of its activities. For instance, CNSC regularly sends a team of specialists to TRIUMF to inspect the laboratory's Quality Management System and evaluate its effectiveness. The inspection process takes about a week and completes with a debriefing and written report.

Awards & Honours

TRIUMF Collaborator François Bénard Named to BC Leadership Chair in Functional Cancer Imaging

08 April 2009

In a special event at the British Columbia Cancer Agency Research Centre on Tuesday, provincial and scientific leaders gathered to announce the naming of François Bénard as the province's Leadership Chair in Functional Cancer Imaging.

Current Events

Quantum Diaries Features Two TRIUMF Physicists

02 April 2009

"When you first hear an amazing song, you experience it totally and freely and let the sounds sink into your 'soul'..."  and so goes the latest blog post from nuclear physicist Chris Ruiz in the global web project known as Quantum Diaries.  One of a team of ten nuclear and particle physicists around the world, Ruiz is sharing his life in physics, music, and family with the world in a new online site just launched today.

Current Events

TRIUMF Theorist’s Frugal Take on Science Attracts Worldwide Attention

27 March 2009

thumb"Science is the construction of parsimonious, internally consistent models that reliably predict future observations" says Byron K. Jennings, TRIUMF's Deputy Division Head of Science. 

Current Events

University of Manitoba Joins TRIUMF

24 March 2009

On Friday, March 20, the University of Manitoba became a full member of TRIUMF, Canada's National Laboratory for Particle and Nuclear Physics. "The University of Manitoba is excited to be joining this facility," said Dr. Digvir Jayas, Acting Vice-President (Research) at the University of Manitoba.

Current Events

Chinese Delegation of Hospital Executives visits TRIUMF

20 March 2009

On Monday, March 16, Mr. Guo Jianping, Vice President of Zhejiang Academy of Medical Sciences visited TRIUMF, leading  a delegation of five medical executives from China's Zhejiang province,  The delegation was hosted by Dr. Jianming Lu, a TRIUMF scientist and president of the fledging JML Biopharmaceuticals company.

Current Events

John Yap, MLA of Richmond-Steveston Pays TRIUMF a Visit

20 March 2009

MLA of Richmond-Steveston, John Yap visited TRIUMF March 16, 2009. He was welcomed by Director of TRIUMF, Nigel Lockyer, and several TRIUMF researchers.  Lockyer gave a brief presentation on some of the work done at the lab and outlined it's proposal for moving forward.

Current Events

Who Chose the Colors for the Cyclotron?

11 March 2009

A few weeks ago, I set out on a quest to solve some of the great mysteries of TRIUMF: deciphering who chose the color palette for the cyclotron and how to turn this into a Headline News story. What started out as a simple task with a single lead resulted in conversations with people who had worked at TRIUMF 30 years ago, and were willing to offer very interesting and personal stories.

Current Events

Josef Hormes, Director of CLS meets the TRIUMF Community

09 March 2009

Josef Hormes, Director of Canadian Light Source, Inc. (CLS), visited TRIUMF on March 4, 2009, to learn more about TRIUMF's programs and discuss areas for closer collaboration between the two laboratories.

Current Events

VPR From Univ. of Guelph Learns More about TRIUMF

06 March 2009

Last Friday, February 27, TRIUMF welcomed the Vice President of Research from the University of Guelph, Kevin R. Hall. Eager to learn about the work done in the lab, he raised thoughtful questions throughout his visit. Hall was introduced to the vision for the future in TRIUMF's Five Year Plan and some of the lab's ongoing experiments.

Current Events

Erich Vogt Gives Stellar Talk about Astrophysics

27 February 2009

Last Wednesday, Erich Vogt, one of the founders and former director of TRIUMF gave an exceptional talk at the Fairmont Lounge in St.John's College at UBC. Titled "The Evolution of Stars and the Creation of Elements" Vogt explored the great developments of astrophysics in the 20th century and explained the innovative field TRIUMF is entering with a new 100 Million dollar radioactive beam..

Awards & Honours

TRIUMF Collaborators Receive Gen-IV Energy Technologies Program Grant

26 February 2009

Imagine receiving $100,000 for three consecutive years to work on an idea that you've proposed. For Paul Percival, Khashayar Ghandi and Craig Stuart that dream has become a reality.  In July 2008, NSERC announced a new grant program with Natural Resources Canada and AECL Ltd. under the Generation IV Energy Technologies Program...

Current Events

New Faces on the WWW

12 February 2009

The Institute of Particle Physics (IPP) and TRIUMF are releasing new web sites this week.  These sites aim to reach a broader audience of stakeholders, better serve members of the Canadian subatomic physics community and inform the general public about ongoing projects and experiments...

Awards & Honours

2008/2009 Carl Westcott Fellowship Awarded to Daniel Roberge

12 February 2009

Last month on January 20, 2009, TRIUMF’s Daniel Roberge received a $10,000 cheque. No, he did not win the lottery; it was the annually awarded Dr. Carl H. Westcott Memorial Fellowship, granted to one outstanding graduate student at TRIUMF each year.

Current Events

TRIUMF Scientist Muses on Medical Isotopes in Nature Magazine Essay

12 February 2009

Physicians and patients around the world are increasingly anxious about the shortage of nuclear isotopes used for medical imaging in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, brain disease and cardiac problems. The Union of Concerned Scientists issued a call to improve supplies earlier this month...

Awards & Honours

Winner of the 2007-2008 DNP Thesis Prize

06 February 2009

Geoffrey Grinyer was announced winner of the 2007-08 Thesis Prize Competition by the Division of Nuclear Physics (DNP) of the Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP).

Workshops & Conferences

TRIUMF Hosts the 2009 ARW

04 February 2009

Participants from 15 countries (Canada inclusive) attended the Accelerator Reliability Workshop (ARW) hosted by TRIUMF January 26 – 30.

Current Events

U.S. National Academies Report on Eliminating Highly Enriched Uranium

23 January 2009

The majority of medical radioisotopes used in the United States are produced using highly enriched uranium (HEU) reactors in Canada and Europe. Not surprisingly, this has led to serious tensions regarding the state of nuclear security and non-proliferation in the US.

From the Director

Loss of a Truly Honourable Member of the Legislature

21 January 2009

Stan Hagen was a great friend of TRIUMF and of science in British Columbia. He had a vision of the importance of what is now called a "knowledge economy" long before it was popular. He was an individual who wanted the best for British Columbia, and he had a major impact on the founding of several of its great institutions, including Science World and the University of Northern British Columbia, not to mention his role in the great success of TRIUMF.

Current Events

Minister of State for Science and Technology Pays TRIUMF a Visit

16 January 2009

The Honourable Gary Goodyear, Minister of State for Science and Technology, visited TRIUMF on Friday morning, January 16. After announcing a $3.5 million investment for 31 research projects at UBC from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), Gary made TRIUMF his next stop.

Current Events

Bruce Ralston, MLA from Surrey-Whalley Visits TRIUMF

13 January 2009

Last Friday, January 9, 2009 Bruce Ralston, a Member of Legislative Assembly from Surrey-Whalley was a guest at TRIUMF's facilities. He visited to learn more about TRIUMF and its contribution to British Columbia.

Current Events

TRIUMF Welcomes SNOLAB's New Director

12 January 2009

SNOLAB announced today the appointment of Nigel Smith as the new Director of the SNOLAB International Underground Science Facility, effective June 1, 2009.

Current Events

Full Complement of Multi-Charged Stable Ion Beams Now Available to ISAC

17 December 2008

On December 2, 2008, a team of scientists, engineers, and technicians, led by Dr. Keerthi Jayamanna, first accelerated a multi-charge stable ion beam of Ar7+ from the OLIS (“Off Line Ion Source”) facility through the ISAC acceleration system.

Current Events

TRIUMF Employees Have Themselves a Merry Little Christmas Party

15 December 2008

Over 200 TRIUMF staff members and guests put in an appearance at the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre on the evening of Saturday, December 6, for the annual TRIUMF Christmas party. The 2008 Christmas party marked an excellent occasion to celebrate the year as it comes to an end at TRIUMF.

Current Events

TRIUMF Accelerator Scientists to Teach New Graduate Course at UBC

11 December 2008

Beginning this January, a new course will be taught at the University of British Columbia (UBC). The course, “Accelerator Physics and Engineering: I. Electrons,” is part of a recent initiative to establish a graduate student program in accelerator physics.

Current Events

Fermilab’s Richard Stanek Delivers Project Management Seminars at TRIUMF

10 December 2008

Richard Stanek, the International Linear Collider (ILC) and superconducting radio frequency (SRF) Resource Manager at Fermilab, visited TRIUMF from December 2-4 to offer talks on project management for interested members of TRIUMF.

Current Events

Physics Meets Poetry at UBC

05 December 2008

As part of their Contemporary Canadian Readings series, Play Chthonics at the University of British Columbia hosted a poetry reading featuring Susan Holbrook and Mari-Lou Rowley, the latter a familiar face to UBC science faculty. The readings, delivered to an audience of diverse disciplines, took place at UBC’s Green College on Wednesday, December 3. Rowley is a former editor of and current contributor to SYNERGY, UBC Science's biannual journal.

Current Events

TRIUMF says “Bienvenue!” to France’s ambassador to Canada

04 December 2008

On the afternoon of Friday, November 28, TRIUMF welcomed François Delattre, France’s ambassador to Canada, as part of his tour of British Columbia. The ambassador, as well as several members of the Vancouver Consulate General, met with the French employees at TRIUMF including Jean-Michel Poutissou, Associate Director and Head of the Science Division, and Director Nigel Lockyer.

Current Events

Increasing Community Interest in TRIUMF

28 November 2008

Local publication Vancouver Magazine has featured TRIUMF and Director Nigel Lockyer in its December issue, “Vancouver Power 50”. The article, titled, “The Time Machine”, summarizes the highlights of TRIUMF’s work over the past few months and combines them with a biography of Dr. Lockyer.

Current Events

Return of the Saturday Morning Physics Lecture

25 November 2008

Beginning at 10 a.m. this Saturday, November 29, TRIUMF is holding the second installment of its Saturday Morning Physics Lecture Series 2008-2009. The series, which is a joint creation of TRIUMF and UBC's Department of Physics and Astronomy, aims to make quantum physics and chemistry accessible to high school students.

Awards & Honours

Founders of TRIUMF among British Columbia's Most Influential People

25 November 2008

The Vancouver Sun announced on November 19 its plans to determine by popular vote the 150 most influential citizens in the history of British Columbia. The "British Columbia’s Best" contest was initiated in honour of the 150th anniversary of British Columbia. We are proud to announce that several individuals with a strong connection to TRIUMF made the list, including Erich Vogt and John Warren.

Awards & Honours

The 2008 Nishina Memorial Prize

17 November 2008

A former member of TRIUMF has won the 2008 Nishina Memorial Prize, Japan’s most prestigious annual physics award. Ryu Hayano will receive the award on December 5, celebrating a remarkable career that he began as one of the first PhD students at TRIUMF in the 1970s.

Current Events

Report Explores Alternatives to Nuclear Reactors for Medical Isotopes

11 November 2008

The Task Force on Alternatives for Medical-Isotope Production today released its final report in prepublication form at URL Task Force was convened by TRIUMF, the University of British Columbia, and Advanced Applied Physics Solution, Inc., with support from Natural Resources Canada.

Workshops & Conferences

InterAction Collaboration Meets at TRIUMF

05 November 2008

Many of the international members of the InterAction collaboration met at TRIUMF on October 30 and 31. InterAction is a collaboration among the communications experts at different physics laboratories, and the meeting reviewed lab communications and coordination strategies with different perspectives from around the world.

Current Events

TRIUMF and MDS Nordion Celebrate 30 Years Together

03 November 2008

TRIUMF and MDS Nordion observed an important milestone in their partnership last week when the two organizations celebrated their 30th anniversary. Representatives from government, business, medicine, and academics gathered at TRIUMF on October 28 to recognize the important contributions that the TRIUMF-Nordion partnership has made to Canadian medical science and international health.

Current Events

Record Attendance for Saturday Morning Physics Lectures

31 October 2008

On Saturday, October 25, Patrick Bruskiewich and Chris Waltham delivered lectures to a packed auditorium in which every seat was occupied by the 115 students and community members in attendance. The turnout signals an excellent beginning for the 2008-2009 Saturday Morning Lecture Series put on jointly by TRIUMF and the University of British Columbia.

Workshops & Conferences

Professional Development Day for Teachers Is “Out of This World”

29 October 2008

As a joint project with the BC Association of Physics Teachers (BCAPT) and BC Science Teachers' Association (BCScTA), TRIUMF hosted “Out of This World Science” for the 4th Professional Development Day for Teachers. Secondary school science teachers spent October 24 participating in hands-on activities and listening to speakers in sessions that make physics relevant and accessible as a high school subject.

Current Events

Optical Transition Radiation Detector for the T2K Experiment Complete

28 October 2008

The Optical Transition Radiation (OTR) detector for the T2K experiment is the most downstream monitor in the proton beam line at J-PARC. It was developed over the past two years by a collaboration from York University, the University of Toronto, and TRIUMF, and was successfully deployed in September and October this year.

Current Events

T2K Tracker Test at TRIUMF

24 October 2008

In October, the T2K (Tokai to Kamioka) neutrino experiment began tests of the T2K near detector's tracker in TRIUMF's M11 beamline. These tests mark a major milestone for T2K, which will begin taking data in Japan in 2009.

Workshops & Conferences

Task Force on Alternatives for Medical-Isotope Production

23 October 2008

With the demand for medical isotopes such as molybdenum-99 on the rise, TRIUMF is exploring the feasibility of using an accelerator-based solution to provide an alternative to the traditional methods used to create them.

Current Events

Bringing Science to Students with the LHC Inauguration and Career Panel

22 October 2008

With National Science and Technology Week in full swing across Canada, and the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) inauguration ceremony occurring at CERN, TRIUMF held its own celebratory event on October 21. The day was called Science on the World Stage in recognition of the international scope of the LHC as well as the global impact of science itself. The event was aimed primarily at high school students.

Workshops & Conferences

TRIUMF Hosts the 2008 International Linear Accelerator Conference

17 October 2008

From September 29 to October 3, TRIUMF hosted the 24th bi-yearly International Linear Accelerator Conference (LINAC08), which took place this year in Victoria, BC. The invitation-only conference regularly brings together over 250 attendees from around the world to discuss accelerator technology.

Current Events

National Science and Technology Week at TRIUMF

09 October 2008

October 17-26 is National Science and Technology Week 2008! Across Canada, events are being held to celebrate, teach, and promote science.

Awards & Honours

Three Physicists Share the 2008 Nobel Prize in Physics

08 October 2008

The Nobel Prize in Physics for 2008 was awarded on October 7 to three scientists working on two separate projects. Congratulations to Yoichiro Nambu, Makoto Kobayashi, and Toshihide Maskawa.

Current Events

2008-09 Saturday Morning Lecture Series:

03 October 2008

TRIUMF and UBC's Department of Physics and Astronomy are proud to present the 2008-09 Saturday morning lecture series on Quantum Physics and Chemistry.

Current Events

Celebrating the LHC Grid at TRIUMF

03 October 2008

gridgridToday, October 3, TRIUMF hosted one of several Grid Fest celebrations occurring simultaneously around the world.

Current Events

TRIUMF Sponsors "The Atom Smashers" at the Vancouver International Film Festival

26 September 2008

In a world fascinated by particle accelerators, one movie is being sponsored by TRIUMF at the Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF).

Awards & Honours

Gerald Oakham Honoured as One of Ottawa's Top 50 People

12 September 2008

Gerald Oakham, a TRIUMF research scientist, was recently selected as one of the “Top 50 People in the Capital,” an annual feature produced by Ottawa Life magazine.

Current Events

First Beam in the LHC - Accelerating Science

10 September 2008

The first beam in the Large Hadron Collider at CERN was successfully steered around the full 27 kilometres of the world’s most powerful particle accelerator at 10h28 this morning.

Current Events

TRIUMF Is Raising Interest at the Old Barn

08 September 2008

“This is so cool!” “That’s incredible!” “Look, Mom, I made Argon-40!” These and many similar expressions of enthusiasm could be heard throughout the afternoon of Saturday, September 6, 2008, at TRIUMF’s booth during the University Neighbourhoods Association’s “Barn Raising” block party.

Current Events

Helping Out with the Feast of Fields

05 September 2008

The TRIUMF parking lot will fill with cars this Sunday, September 7, providing assistance to the UBC Farm as it welcomes a sold-out crowd of diners to the Feast of Fields fundraiser.

Current Events

Community Lecture: “If I can’t see it, does it matter?”

22 August 2008

On the evening of August 21, 2008, Marcello Pavan, TRIUMF scientist, carried a large cardboard box of green and red plastic balls into the Old Barn Community Centre. “Don’t give the surprise away,” he told me as I taped the small balls together to model the nucleus of a large atom.

From the Director

A Big Book: TRIUMF Five-Year Plan is Published

22 August 2008

The principal support for TRIUMF's operations is through a contribution via National Research Council Canada (NRC).

Workshops & Conferences

Another Great Year! The TRIUMF Summer Institute: 20 Years and Counting

21 August 2008

Graduate students and young researchers gathered to engage in learning about current topics in nuclear physics and nuclear astrophysics at the 20th annual TRIUMF Summer Institute (TSI).

Awards & Honours

TRIUMF Summer Student Wins Expenses-Paid Trip for Superior Speech

13 August 2008

On the morning of Friday, August 8, 2008, a couple of nervous TRIUMF summer students woke up with sweaty palms and butterflies in their stomachs.

Current Events

Momentous Partnership Signed by TRIUMF and Indian Laboratory, VECC

08 August 2008

“This is a great moment for our two countries, Canada and India,” said Nigel Lockyer, Director of TRIUMF.

Current Events

Check Out TRIUMF’s Science Programs on Video!

08 August 2008

If you like action, computer animation, and clever dialogue, a local cinema’s box-office has films to satisfy.

Workshops & Conferences

The Search for Strange Quarks: Collaboration Meeting for the G-Zero Experiment

25 July 2008

Highlighted in a feature article in “The Economist” magazine, the G-zero experiment is breaking new ground in physics.

Current Events

Two BC Ministers Visit

24 July 2008

The BC Health Minister, George Abbott, and the BC Minister of Technology, Trade and Economic Development, Ida Chong, visited TRIUMF on July 23, 2008.

Workshops & Conferences

Qweak Experiment Collaboration Meeting

23 July 2008

In about one year, the Qweak experiment will be mounted at Jefferson Laboratory. To ensure preparations are on track and running smoothly, the Qweak Collaboration will hold a Collaboration Meeting at TRIUMF on July 28-30, 2008.

Current Events

TRIUMF Ships T2K Experiment Parts to Japan

22 July 2008

Six hundred thousand dollars worth of equipment from TRIUMF was recently shipped on a vessel from Vancouver and bound for Tokai, Japan.

Workshops & Conferences

Associate Director Visits Japan for Neutrino Science Symposium

11 July 2008

The Canadian Embassy in Japan recently hosted the Neutrino Science Symposium that showcased Canadian and Japanese neutrino research.

Workshops & Conferences

TRIUMF Looks to Help Developing Countries at IAEA Meeting

11 July 2008

Representatives from developing countries such as South Africa, Brazil, and Poland with those from the UK, Canada, USA, and Switzerland gathered at TRIUMF from June 23-27, 2008 to exchange ideas and assess needs for the development of peaceful nuclear technology.

Awards & Honours

Paul Schmor Leaves TRIUMF to Discover Nepal

09 July 2008


“I failed to be a hippie,” Paul Schmor stated at his retirement party on July 8, 2008. “Now, I have a goal to fulfill since I went straight from school to work.” After 35 years at TRIUMF as Head of the Accelerator Division, Paul plans to use this time to trek through the Himalaya Mountains.

Current Events

Science In Your Backyard! A TRIUMF/UNA Community Lecture

27 June 2008

Nearly 50 people packed into a meeting room on the evening of June 26 at the Old Barn Community Centre on the UBC campus. They came to find out what really happens at TRIUMF.

Current Events

Lia Merminga's Arrival at TRIUMF Heralded by Vancouver Newspapers

27 June 2008

As described in an article advertised on the front page of the Vancouver Courier, Lia Merminga has enjoyed her first 10 days at TRIUMF.

From the Director

Lab Business Magazine Features TRIUMF

26 June 2008

Lab Business magazine featured TRIUMF on the cover of its Spring 2008 issue this year.

Workshops & Conferences

Building Partnerships at the TRIUMF-GSI/FAIR Workshop

19 June 2008

In April, physicists from the GSI (Gesellschaft fuer Schwerionenforschung) laboratory in Darmstadt, Germany, met with TRIUMF researchers at a three-day workshop to discuss nuclear structure, astrophysics, detector development, theory, and isotope production.

Workshops & Conferences

The Last ATLAS Workshop of the Americas Before the LHC Begins

16 June 2008

Can you imagine a stack of data DVDs almost one kilometer high? This is how much data the ATLAS project will collect each year. To gear up for the data deluge, scientists are gathering in North America for the last time to prepare for the first data to come from ATLAS later this year.

Current Events

"Blackberry" Inventor Invests in Theoretical Physics (again)

09 June 2008

The Canadian who invented the Blackberry has a soft spot for physics. Mike Lazaridis, who made a fortune developing the BlackBerry handheld device, is donating another $50 million to the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics located in North Waterloo, Ontario.

Awards & Honours

TRIUMF's Maxime Brodeur Wins Carl Westcott Fellowship

06 June 2008

What would you do with $10,000? After receiving the Carl Westcott Fellowship for his exceptional work on TRIUMF’s Ion Trap for Atomic and Nuclear Science (TITAN) project, Maxime Brodeur is still thinking about what he will do with his award.

Current Events

TRIUMF Five-Year Plan Nears Completion

04 June 2008

The principal support for TRIUMF's operations is through a contribution via National Research Council Canada (NRC). NRC funding is awarded in five-year increments to the laboratory which dictates the schedule for preparing the Five-Year Plan (5YP).

Current Events

Parliamentary Science Committee Visits TRIUMF

02 June 2008

As Members of Parliament walked through the halls of TRIUMF on May 29, 2008, they marveled at the sophisticated scientific equipment and the enthusiasm of the researchers they met.

Current Events

Professor Erich Vogt Honoured at UBC Symposium

20 May 2008

As former TRIUMF director, esteemed professor, national leader, and accomplished nuclear theorist, Erich Vogt has lead a long and memorable career. On May 4, friends and colleagues such as Nobel laureates Walter Kohn, Richard E. Taylor, and Carlo Rubbia gathered at UBC to celebrate Vogt’s many legacies.

Current Events

Canadian Magnets Installed in LHC at CERN

15 May 2008

As the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is completed at CERN, the end of the winter season marked another milestone of assembly when the 154 "warm" magnets were installed. Delivering the magnets half-way around the world, TRIUMF oversaw the contribution of 52 (48 plus 4 spares) units to the project.

Awards & Honours

Leading Physicist Inducted into the Canadian Science and Engineering Hall of Fame

09 May 2008

Physicist Richard E. Taylor recently joined 41 other outstanding Canadians in the Canadian Science and Engineering Hall of Fame, a program of the Canadian Science and Technology Museum

Current Events

The NRC International Peer Review Committee Meets at TRIUMF

26 April 2008

The International Peer Review (IPR) took place this week at TRIUMF between September 24 and 26.

Awards & Honours

BCIC/TRIUMF High School Fellowships Recognize Future Scientists

25 April 2008

Congratulations to Sen Mei, from Penticton Secondary School, and Darien Niamir, from Collingwood High School in West Vancouver, for being selected as the recipients of this year’s BC Innovation Council (BCIC) / TRIUMF High School Fellowship award.

Current Events

TRIUMF Welcomes Visiting Chinese Delegation

25 April 2008

TRIUMF’s Technology Transfer Office organized a successful visit from a Chinese business investment group to British Columbia this April.

Workshops & Conferences

Halo Workshop Highlights Impact of TRIUMF Science

17 April 2008

More than 50 experts from around the world gathered at TRIUMF on March 27-28, 2008, to assess current progress in--and future directions for--research in understanding halo nuclei.

Current Events

TRIUMF Welcomes York University as a New Associate Member

17 April 2008

At a vote held during the TRIUMF Board of Management meeting on Friday, September 12, 2008, York University was admitted unanimously as the newest Associate Member of the TRIUMF Joint Venture.

Current Events

Sloan Fellow photographs TRIUMF

10 April 2008

Recently TRIUMF played host to professional photographer, and a Sloan-Foundation grant recipient, Stanley Greenberg of Brooklyn, New York.

Awards & Honours

TRIUMF Experiment Leaders are Awarded Canadian Association of Physicists Medals

09 April 2008

On Friday, April 4, 2008, the Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP) announced the recipients of the 2008 medals. Two leaders of the experimental program at TRIUMF were honoured by their peers with these prestigious awards: Jess Brewer and Carl Svensson.

Current Events

Fear not! Science Fiction Remains...Science Fiction

07 April 2008

Not to worry! The hypothesis proposed by Walter Wagner and Luis Sancho that the Earth will be gobbled up by black holes is impossible.

Current Events

Keeping the Mind as Sharp as the Blade...Hockey Blade, that is

04 April 2008

Over forty years ago, a group of UBC Business School and Grad Studies students formed an elite club to follow their passion. To this day, the group still meets every Monday and Wednesday and, in true Canadian fashion, plays hockey!

Workshops & Conferences

Antihydrogen Team Meets at TRIUMF

03 April 2008

Some 30 scientists of the world-wide ALPHA Antihydrogen Collaboration will meet at TRIUMF from April 4 to April 7, 2008, in conjunction with a review of TRIUMF/Canadian involvement in the overseas project.

Workshops & Conferences

Honouring Erich Vogt

01 April 2008

A celebration will be held Sunday, May 4, 2008, to honour a man of many talents -- Professor Erich Vogt. One of Canada’s Who’s Who, Professor Vogt is perhaps best known as a founder and one of the prime proponents of TRIUMF and in serving as its director from 1981 until 1994.

Current Events

TRIUMF "Gets Connected" Online

28 March 2008

Working with MSN, tech guru Dave Chalk and creative sidekick Bradley Shende regularly produce multimedia content for their "Connected Life" series.

Awards & Honours

Leader of TRIUMF Experiment Recognized with Prestigious NSERC Award

21 March 2008

Carl E. Svensson, an associate professor of physics at the University of Guelph and a leader of a pivotal new experiment at TRIUMF, has been awarded the prestigious NSERC E.W.R. Steacie Memorial Fellowship.

Awards & Honours

TRIUMF and UBC Honoured at CECR Celebrations

17 March 2008

In a series of events this past week, TRIUMF and the University of British Columbia (UBC) were honoured multiple times for their success in the national competition for the Centres of Excellence for Commercialization and Research (CECR) Program.

Current Events

Input to PPAC Now Public

06 March 2008

As part of the TRIUMF planning process, the Policy and Planning Advisory Committee (PPAC) will be discussing a list of potential future activities for TRIUMF’s 2010-2015 Five-Year Plan (5YP).

Current Events

MLA Richard Lee Recognizes TRIUMF

05 March 2008

Burnaby-North MLA Richard Lee made a floor speech in the BC Legislative Assembly on Thursday, February 21, 2008.

Current Events

ATLAS Completes World’s Largest Jigsaw Puzzle

29 February 2008

Thanks to the contribution by TRIUMF, Canada's national laboratory for particle and nuclear physics located in Vancouver, BC, Canadians can celebrate their role in placing the final piece of equipment in a mammoth machine begun over nine years ago: The ATLAS detector at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

Awards & Honours

TRIUMF Supports Division of Nuclear Physics Thesis Competition

18 February 2008

By unanimous agreement among the judges, the recipient of the 2007 Division of Nuclear Physics Thesis Prize is Dr. Simon Turbide.

Current Events

Nobel Laureate Gives Saturday Morning Lecture

18 February 2008

UBC Professor Carl Wieman, 2001 Nobel Laureate in Physics, held his audience in rapt attention during the February 8th Saturday Morning Lecture.

Current Events

TRIUMF Partners with “Virtual Researcher on Call”

18 February 2008

TRIUMF, Canada’s National Laboratory for Particle and Nuclear Physics, is pleased to announce a partnership with Virtual Researcher On Call (VROC).

Current Events

TRIUMF Policy and Planning Advisory Committee Formed

18 February 2008

TRIUMF is owned and operated as a joint venture by a consortium of seven Canadian universities together with six associate members. To assist TRIUMF in identifying the most promising directions for pursuit, the Board of Management has created a Policy and Planning Advisory Committee (PPAC).

Awards & Honours

TRIUMF Selected by Government of Canada as Centre of Excellence for Commercialization and Research

14 February 2008

The Honourable Jim Prentice, Minister of Industry, today announced $163 million to establish 11 new Centres of Excellence for Commercialization and Research (CECRs).

Current Events

UBC Science Journalism Students Visit TRIUMF

24 January 2008

Eight students from the Science Journalism program at the UBC School of Journalism visited TRIUMF on January 21, 2008.

Current Events

An Open Letter to the Broader TRIUMF Community

21 January 2008

Since the 1990s, TRIUMF has secured its operating funds through a 5-year contribution agreement with National Research Council Canada. The present cycle ends in 2010 and efforts to develop the plan for the 2010-2015 are well underway.

Current Events

TRIUMF Featured on

16 January 2008

The global, perhaps even stellar, significance of TRIUMF’s nuclear astrophysics program was featured on’s Cosmic Log on January 4, 2008, in an article by renowned science journalist Alan Boyle.

Current Events

Two of TRIUMF’s Own Deliver Saturday Morning Lectures

16 January 2008

On the morning of Saturday, January 12, 2008, 56 high school students and a dozen adults gathered in the TRIUMF auditorium to peer into the future of particle physics and to consider the nature of science in general.

Current Events

Scientists and Engineers Encourage Urban Growth

14 January 2008

“It is not just the prevalence of university graduates in a city that has a defining impact on the growth in employment, but their mix as well,” says the new StatsCan cities and growth report: Scientists and Engineers and Urban Growth (January 8, 2008).

Current Events

TRIUMF Statement on Chalk River Developments

13 December 2007

Canadian expertise in nuclear science and technology is in high demand when it comes to producing radioisotopes for medical purposes. As the recent events in Chalk River have shown, the world depends upon Canada for these capabilities.

Awards & Honours

TRIUMF and D-Pace Honoured with NSERC Synergy Award

05 November 2007

On October 29, 2007, in Ottawa, Dr. Suzanne Fortier, President of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), honoured seven partnerships involving some of Canada’s leading companies and university researchers with the NSERC Synergy Awards for Innovation.

Workshops & Conferences

Workshop Focuses on National Collaboration in Radiotracer R&D

02 November 2007

On October 27, 2007, TRIUMF hosted a Workshop on Radiotracer Development to establish the groundwork for a national collaborative on radiotracer research and development.

Workshops & Conferences

TRIUMF Hosts Workshop on TeV-Scale Neutrino Physics

23 October 2007

he TeV-nu workshop, an inspiration of TRIUMF's John Ng, brought together phenomenologists with neutrino specialists -- both underground and long-baseline, collider enthusiasts, and partisans of low-energy electroweak precision measurements

Current Events

Canadian Supercomputer Ready to Probe Fundamental Structure of Matter

22 October 2007

TRIUMF and IBM announced that Canada's contribution to a worldwide network of supercomputers is ready to process data from the world's largest particle accelerator.

Current Events

TRIUMF Welcomes Expert on Traps and Masses

03 October 2007

In August 2007, TRIUMF welcomed David Lunney who is here on a sabbatical leave. Having worked exclusively at ISOLDE, David was curious to experience a different ISOL facility and chose TRIUMF for its quality and long-term potential.

Current Events

TRIUMF Makes Second Round of National Funding Competition

01 October 2007

TRIUMF's Technology Transfer Division is pleased to announce that Advanced Applied Physics Solutions, Inc. has been chosen as one of the 25 finalists for the 2008 Centres for Excellence for Commercialization and Research (CECR) Competition.

Workshops & Conferences

Workshop on Ultra Cold Neutrons Attracts International Experts

21 September 2007

Many years after the last neutrons from the TRIUMF 4C neutron beam passed down the collimator, scientists are considering bringing back neutrons to the Proton Hall, albeit some fifteen orders of magnitude lower in energy.

Workshops & Conferences

CHEP Conference Attracts Close to 500 Delegates

12 September 2007

The CHEP Conference provided an international forum for delegates to exchange information on their computing experiences and to review recent, ongoing, and future activities for their community.

Current Events

The Feast of Fields

11 September 2007

This past Sunday, September 9th, the TRIUMF parking lot was more heavily used than is normal for a weekend due to the sold-out Feast of Fields event held a short distance down the road.

Current Events

Dr. Marco Schippers Strengthens Collaboration Between TRIUMF and PSI

04 September 2007

TRIUMF and PSI (Paul Scherrer Institute) — the Swiss research institute for natural and engineering sciences — share a long history of collaboration for the design, construction and exploitation of their large high intensity cyclotrons.

Workshops & Conferences

TRIUMF Hosts Symposium on High Energy Spin Physics

22 August 2007

For the 4 days of July 29 through August 2, 2007, TRIUMF hosted the Sixth Circum-Pan-Pacific Symposium on High Energy Spin Physics (PACSPIN).

Current Events

UBC’s President Toope Visits TRIUMF

21 August 2007

President Toope, a lawyer by profession, is interested in the sciences and in strengthening the ties between TRIUMF and UBC.

Awards & Honours

Two BC High-School Students Selected to Receive TRIUMF High-School Fellowships

14 August 2007

British Columbia - Two British Columbia grade 12 students have been selected to participate in the TRIUMF High School Fellowship program for science excellence.

Current Events

T2K Collaboration Meets at TRIUMF

10 August 2007

The T2K (Tokai-to-Kamioka) experiment will further explore the oscillation properties of neutrinos by using a high energy particle accelerator now under construction at Tokai, on the east coast of Japan, to produce an intense, nearly monoenergetic beam of man-made neutrinos.

Current Events

Town Hall Meeting Discusses Future Opportunities

08 August 2007

The TRIUMF Users’ recent town hall meeting (August 1st to the 3rd) discussed major new initiatives for the 2010-2015 period.

Awards & Honours

TRIUMF Celebrates Mark Stenning's Contributions

06 August 2007

On Thursday, July 29th, TRIUMF staff gathered in the courtyard to celebrate Mark Stenning’s contributions to TRIUMF over the past 29 years.

Current Events

Minister of Advanced Education Visits TRIUMF

06 August 2007

The Hon. Murray Coell, Minister of Advanced Education, and Brent Sauder, Assistant Deputy Minister-Research, Technology and Innovation Division, visited TRIUMF on Monday, July 23rd.

Workshops & Conferences

Third Annual CAM Conference Attracts over 100 Students CAM2007 CAM2007 Participants in Montreal

01 August 2007

The 3rd annual Canada-America-Mexico Graduate Student Physics Conference (CAM2007) was held from August 8 to 11 at McGill University in Montreal.

Workshops & Conferences

TRIUMF’s 7th Annual Summer Student Symposium

01 August 2007

TRIUMF’s 7th Annual Summer Student Symposium took place on July 31, 2007. The judging panel was very impressed with the professional quality of all 17 presentations.

Current Events

TRIUMF/ATLAS Tier 1 Featured in Local Newspaper

30 July 2007

Le Grand Collisionneur de Hadron, mis sur pied par le Conseil Européenne pour la Recherche Nucléaire, doit éclairer les scientifiques sur l’origine de notre univers. Et c’est la Colombie-Britannique qui accueille l’un des centres d’analyses de données issues de ce nouvel appareil.

Workshops & Conferences

TRIUMF Hosts Qweak Collaboration Meeting

27 July 2007

Some 34 members of the Qweak collaboration from all over North America, including Canadian members from TRIUMF, the University of Northern British Columbia, the University of Manitoba and the University of Winnipeg, met at TRIUMF from July 23rd to the 25th.

Current Events

ATLAS Canada Elects Rob McPherson as New Spokesperson

26 July 2007

The ATLAS Canada collaboration has elected Professor Robert A. McPherson (University of Victoria) as their new spokesperson.

Workshops & Conferences

TRIUMF Hosts Qweak Collaboration Meeting

26 July 2007

Some 34 members of the Qweak collaboration from all over North America, including Canadian members from TRIUMF, the University of Northern British Columbia, the University of Manitoba and the University of Winnipeg, met at TRIUMF from July 23rd to the 25th.

Current Events

L‘Université de Montréal Joins the TRIUMF Joint Venture

18 May 2007

At the December 1, 2006 meeting of the TRIUMF Board of Management the Board voted unanimously to admit L'Université de Montréal as a Full Member of the TRIUMF Joint Venture.

Current Events

New TRIUMF Director profiled in his Alma Mater newspaper

12 April 2007

Nigel Lockyer (BSc '75) enjoyed his summer job at Ontario's ministry of industry and tourism when he was a student in York's Faculty of Science and Engineering - in fact, he was targeted by his bosses for a career as a senior provincial bureaucrat and considered pursuing an MBA after he graduated.

Current Events

Next Director of TRIUMF Announced

04 December 2006

Following the December 1st meeting of the TRIUMF Board of Management, Dr. Feridun Hamdullahpur, Board Chair, made the following announcement:

Awards & Honours

TRIUMF and Sudbury Neutrino Observatory Celebrate Receipt of John C. Polanyi Prize

15 November 2006

The winners of the inaugural $250,000 NSERC John C. Polanyi Award are the Canadian scientists of the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO) collaboration, who are being honoured for their groundbreaking research on neutrinos which solved a 30-year-old scientific puzzle.

Awards & Honours

Erich Vogt Receives Order of British Columbia

20 July 2006

Congratulations to Dr. Erich Vogt on receiving the Order of British Columbia at a ceremony at Government House on June 22, 2006.

Current Events

Major Milestone in Eye Cancer Treatment

07 November 2005

A major milestone in eye cancer treatment was reached recently at TRIUMF. In the week of the 10th anniversary of treating its very first eye cancer patient, the TRIUMF cancer therapy facility treated its 100th patient on August 29.

Awards & Honours

High School Fellowship Winner Spends Summer at TRIUMF

30 September 2004

Reka Moldovan of Kelowna, B.C., was this year's winner of TRIUMF's High School Fellowship.

Workshops & Conferences

TRIUMF Hosts Conference on Nuclei in the Cosmos

14 June 2004

Explosions lighting up the entire universe, stars ripping themselves apart, and hydrogen bombs which make the military green with envy: all that has created life. More than 250 scientists will be assembling in Vancouver to discuss their latest results about stars and the creation of the elements at Nuclei in the Cosmos VIII.

Current Events


10 November 2003

TRIUMF is very pleased to have joined the InterActions Collaboration. InterActions' members represent the world's particle physics laboratories in a joint effort to support global particle physics communication, to provide centralized, consistent dissemination of particle physics information via the WWW, and to promote education and public outreach.

Workshops & Conferences

The Summer Nuclear Institute at TRIUMF

02 September 2003

Discovering the mixing matrices for quarks (CKM) and leptons (MNS) is currently an active topic of research both experimentally and theoretically.

Current Events


29 August 2003

When ISAC-II comes on line in 2005, it will be supplying beam to, among others, the TRIUMF ISAC Gamma-Ray Escape-Suppressed Spectrometer (TIGRESS).

Current Events

The New ISAC-II Building

01 June 2003

After a year of construction, parking problems and excited anticipation, TRIUMF has taken possession of the new ISAC-II building.

Current Events

TRIUMF Science Education Outreach

01 June 2003

TRIUMF is building on its successful undergraduate and graduate student programs by launching TOP, the TRIUMF Outreach Project.

Current Events

New Ion Source Coming Online

01 June 2003

The TRIUMF Resonant Ionization Laser Ion Source (TRILIS) is targeted to be operational in the ISAC radioactive beam facility by the fall of 2004.