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Anticipation Builds for AAAS Meeting

19 January 2012

At a news conference held at the Vancouver Aquarium and MC'd by TRIUMF's Tim Meyer, enthusiasm and anticipation kicked off for the upcoming AAAS conference (Feb 16-20 in Vancouver) that will attract upwards of 8,000 top scientists.

From the Director

AAPS, Inc. Announces New CEO

03 May 2013

At a recent meeting of its Board of Directors, AAPS, Inc. appointed Jim Hanlon as its new CEO and President.  Jim will continue as TRIUMF's Head of the Business and Administration Division.

Current Events

McGill Formally Joins TRIUMF Family

10 May 2013

At its recent meeting, TRIUMF's Board of Management approved McGill University as an associate member of the consortium of universities that owns and operates Canada's national laboratory for particle and nuclear physics.

Current Events

What I've learned at TRIUMF

05 August 2011

At the 11th Annual Summer Student Symposium, 23 undergraduate students shared what they have learned during their summer at TRIUMF.

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BC Deputy Minister Visits TRIUMF

29 January 2013

BC Deputy Minister for Innovation and Technology Cairine MacDonald visited TRIUMF on Tuesday morning and learned about the broad research and innovation program.

Current Events

Bombardier VP Joins TRIUMF Board

14 January 2013

Bombadier, Inc.'s Sylvain Lévesque has accepted appointment to the TRIUMF Board of Management as a representative of Canada's private-sector.

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How the Higgs Did We Get Here?

10 July 2012

Canada's contribution to and participation in the Higgs breakthrough shouldn't be taken for granted. Governments, scientists, and the public had to work together.

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Canada's First Astronaut Visits TRIUMF

08 January 2013

Canada's first astronaut, Marc Garneau, M.P., returned to TRIUMF to talk with scientists and witness the progress in advancing isotopes for science and medicine. 

Current Events

Federal Gov't Takes Forward Steps on Medical Isotopes

29 May 2009

Canada's Minister of Natural Resources and Minister of Health announced the Government's plan to establish an Expert Review Panel for Long-Term Isotope Supply Solutions.  TRIUMF supports these steps and looks forward to contributing to the process.

Current Events

Canada is Physics Powerhouse

27 September 2012

Canada's top six fields of research include physics and astronomy, driven in part by particle & nuclear physics, according to a new report.