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A Unique Collision at TRIUMF

28 September 2012

An entirely different type of experiment is happening. It includes researchers, artists, and a random-number generator using birds. 

Current Events

A Literal Breakthrough for ARIEL

07 July 2012

Another milestone in ARIEL construction was reached this past Friday: the refurbished Electron Hall was linked directly to the ARIEL beam tunnel.  Workers broke through the six-foot concrete wall separating the two.

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Antimatter Lecture Debunks Science Fiction

01 August 2014

Antimatter is used in pop culture as a means of space propulsion (Star Trek) or destruction (Angels and Demons). In the recent Unveiling the Universe lecture, Makoto Fujiwara pointed out that antimatter is “not science fiction, it is science fact" and presented the work that trapped, studied, and understood antimatter.

Current Events

Success! First test beam in ARIEL’s E-linac

24 June 2014

ARIEL hits another milestone! On May 23, ARIEL received its Operating License from the CNSC, allowing the e-linac to generate beam. To test the e-linac’s components, including the SRF cavity, the first electron beam was produced on June 1.

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Ultra-Cold Beer Comes to TRIUMF

01 April 2014

Arrival of neighbouring BierCraft restaurant triggers innovation, as designs are drawn for expansion to UCN facility. 

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Scientists Shake Up the Richmond Library

26 May 2014

As part of a new initiative to stimulate interest in science, the Richmond Public Library has created a S&T lecture series with the inaugural talks presented by TRIUMF scientists.

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Future Science Leaders make an Impact

23 October 2012

As part of the Future Science Leaders program with Science World, TRIUMF had the opportunity to host two very talented young students. 

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There’s Something About TED

08 April 2014

As part of the TED conference in Vancouver last month, a group of 25 delegates were treated to an exclusive tour of the cyclotron vault and GMP labs. They discovered how a TRIUMF-led collaboration is working on a Made-in-Canada solution to address the threat of a global medical isotope shortage.

Current Events

Schaffer's Lecture Unveils the Universe

03 December 2013

As part of the “Unveiling the Universe” lecture series, Dr. Paul Schaffer delivered a captivating talk on the science behind medical isotope production, how those isotopes are used today, and how they could be used in the future.

Current Events

Rocky Kolb Explores Our Universe’s Origins

23 May 2014

Astrophysicist Rocky Kolb’s lecture, "The Quantum and the Cosmos," traces the significance of the smallest particles to the biggest mysteries in the universe. TRIUMF and Science World hosted this lecture as part of the Unveiling the Universe series.