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Current Events Further to last night's post… 14 October 2014 The main magnet is on, the RF has been tested, and inflector/deflector conditioning is underway. The present hope is to inject beam some time later today for full production tomorrow as originally scheduled.
Awards & Honours McPherson New ATLAS Deputy Spokesperson 14 October 2014 Robert McPherson of the University of Victoria Physics and Astronomy and Institute of Particle Physics has been selected as the Deputy Spokesperson of the ATLAS Experiment at the CERN Large Hadron Collider. The ATLAS Collaboration Board elected McPherson at its meeting in Geneva on October 10, 2014. 
Current Events Mini-shutdown update: Cyclotron startup delayed 13 October 2014 A power bump due to generator testing tripped off the vacuum pump on the space between the cyclotron tank seals on Friday, causing a partial vent of the tank. The vacuum is still recovering. It looks like Wednesday is the earliest at which beam might be injected as a result.
Current Events October 10 ARIEL Snapshot 10 October 2014 Beam dump water and electrical block installed, beam dump insert installed, waiting for alignment. ODM commissioning, re-assessing lock up watchman stations and procedures.
Current Events Mini-shutdown update 09 October 2014 We’re about half-way through the scheduled mini-shutdown. Injection and startup are scheduled for Tuesday with beam delivery to resume Wednesday.
Current Events E-Linac Produces First Beam 07 October 2014 TRIUMF’s newly constructed e-linac produced its first particle beam at an initial energy of 23 MeV. The cutting-edge accelerator technology was designed and built in cooperation with institutions and industry across the country.
Current Events October 3 ARIEL Snapshot 03 October 2014 e-Linac accelerates beam to 23 MeV!
Current Events Beam delivery update 01 October 2014 The cyclotron is delivering ~105 µA to BL1A, 50 µA to BL2A, and ~95 µA to BL2C4. This is expected to continue at least overnight and possibly through the weekend.
Current Events September 30 ARIEL Snapshot 30 September 2014 ARIEL e-linac accelerates electron beam to 20 MeV!
Current Events ARIEL E-linac Meets Mega-Volt Milestones! 30 September 2014 The campaign to demonstrate 10 MV/m accelerating gradient in the SRF cavities of the e-linac injector and accelerator cryomodules achieved two critically important milestones, each meeting or exceeding design specification!


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