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Current Events "Blackberry" Inventor Invests in Theoretical Physics (again) 09 June 2008 The Canadian who invented the Blackberry has a soft spot for physics. Mike Lazaridis, who made a fortune developing the BlackBerry handheld device, is donating another $50 million to the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics located in North Waterloo, Ontario.
Current Events $30.7M Supports World Class Isotope Research 22 June 2010 A $30.7-million provincial investment in TRIUMF is expected to help lead the way in alleviating future medical isotope shortages, while keeping B.C. and Canada at the forefront of particle and nuclear physics, Premier Gordon Campbell announced today.
Current Events 12th Annual Student Symposium 17 August 2012 The winners of the 12th annual Summer Student Symposium have been announced.
Awards & Honours 152nd Nobel Symposium Invites Jens Dilling 11 October 2012 On June 13, Jens Dilling attended the 152nd Nobel Symposium in Gothenburg, Sweden. The Nobel Symposia is a program that brings together world experts to discuss breakthroughs and progress in areas of science.
Awards & Honours 1st CAP-TRIUMF Medal Goes to David Sinclair 14 April 2011 Carleton University physics professor and TRIUMF senior scientist David Sinclair will receive the inaugural CAP-TRIUMF Vogt Medal for Contributions to Subatomic Physics.
Current Events 2008-09 Saturday Morning Lecture Series: 03 October 2008 TRIUMF and UBC's Department of Physics and Astronomy are proud to present the 2008-09 Saturday morning lecture series on Quantum Physics and Chemistry.
Awards & Honours 2008/2009 Carl Westcott Fellowship Awarded to Daniel Roberge 12 February 2009 Last month on January 20, 2009, TRIUMF’s Daniel Roberge received a $10,000 cheque. No, he did not win the lottery; it was the annually awarded Dr. Carl H. Westcott Memorial Fellowship, granted to one outstanding graduate student at TRIUMF each year.
Current Events 2009: A Triple Crown Year for TRIUMF 21 December 2009 The TRIUMF community gathered together on December 14 to celebrate three major milestones: 40 years of success, 35 years of the Cyclotron, and 10 years of rare-isotope beams.
Awards & Honours 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry 12 October 2011 The 2011 recipient of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was recognized for his work on quasicrystals, a phenomenon long thought to be erroneous.
Awards & Honours 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics 04 October 2011 The 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded for observations of distant supernovae. TRIUMF's nuclear astrophysics program contributes to the same core technology.


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