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Student Stories High School Fellowship Winners at TRIUMF 15 August 2014 After six weeks of hands-on research placements at TRIUMF, three distinguished high school fellows are now preparing to enter their first year of university with a unique experience straight from the laboratory.
Student Stories Emerging Aboriginal Scholars at TRIUMF 31 July 2014 For four years, TRIUMF has been involved with the Emerging Aboriginal Scholars program. This year, TRIUMF hosted two high school students, Genevieve Capilano from North Vancouver and Liam Gamble from Prince Rupert. Read on for accounts of their experience at the lab.  
Experimental Result Success: ARIEL E-Linac Accelerates First Beam 28 July 2014 In the year since the ARIEL building was constructed, teams across the lab have intensified efforts towards the commissioning of ARIEL’s e-linac. On July 18, the e-linac completed the first acceleration of beam through the e-linac superconducting injector cryomodule to the 10 MeV beam dump. 
Experimental Result DRAGON Probes Mass Limit in Novae 10 July 2014 Recently, the DRAGON facility ran the highest mass radiative-capture experiment ever performed with a radioactive beam, and in so doing, probed the upper mass limit for nucleosynthesis in novae. 
Experimental Result Accelerators: Potato Chips to Power Plants 07 July 2014 From the low energy electrons in CRT monitors to the tremendous near-light speed protons of the LHC, particle accelerators are everywhere. Accelerators are more commonplace than you might expect, with applications ranging from manufacturing to energy production to agriculture. 
Experimental Result Are Neutrinos Their Own Twin? 23 June 2014 Is it possible that instead of having a distinct antimatter particle, neutrinos could be their own antimatter twin? Determining the nature of neutrinos is a key goal of modern particle physics. EXO-200 has recently announced a result that is helping scientists answer this fundamental question.
Experimental Result The SUSY Fever 10 June 2014 The ATLAS Collaboration has released three search analyses addressing the production of charginos and neutralinos, a strong component in supersymmetry. Supersymmetry is a promising extension of the Standard Model of elementary particles.
Experimental Result Canadian Team Addresses Tc-99m Crisis 09 June 2014 In demonstrating technology suitable and scalable for multiple brands of cyclotrons, this Canadian team has developed a comprehensive solution to produce Tc-99m in large quantities suitable for large population bases. 
Experimental Result ALPHA Charges Up Antimatter 03 June 2014 In a paper published today in the journal Nature Communications, the ALPHA collaboration reports on their latest measurement of a fundamental property of antihydrogen, the ephemeral antimatter twin to normal hydrogen.
Experimental Result E-Linac Moves into the E-Hall 11 April 2014 All hands are on deck this spring as the Accelerator Division concentrates their efforts on the installation and assembly of the electron linear accelerator, the state-of-the-art equipment at the heart of ARIEL, TRIUMF's new facility for the production of rare isotopes.


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