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From the Director Loss of a Truly Honourable Member of the Legislature 21 January 2009 Stan Hagen was a great friend of TRIUMF and of science in British Columbia. He had a vision of the importance of what is now called a "knowledge economy" long before it was popular. He was an individual who wanted the best for British Columbia, and he had a major impact on the founding of several of its great institutions, including Science World and the University of Northern British Columbia, not to mention his role in the great success of TRIUMF.
Current Events Lia Merminga's Arrival at TRIUMF Heralded by Vancouver Newspapers 27 June 2008 As described in an article advertised on the front page of the Vancouver Courier, Lia Merminga has enjoyed her first 10 days at TRIUMF.
Current Events LHC Ventures into the New Energy Frontier 04 June 2015 CERN’s Large Hadron Collider started delivering physics data for the first time after a 27-month shutdown for upgrades yesterday morning. TRIUMF has been integral to Canada's involvement in the ATLAS experiment.
Current Events LHC to run at 8 TeV in 2012 13 February 2012 The LHC will run with a beam energy of 4 TeV this year, 0.5 TeV higher than in 2010 and 2011.
Current Events LHC reached 10^33 /cm^2/s on Victoria Day! 24 May 2011 Another important milestone, LHC is now running at the canonical rate of 1033 /cm2/s !
Current Events LHC Physics Theory Workshop held at TRIUMF 01 May 2009 The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the world's largest particle accelerator and will be the highest energy collider ever built.  Anticipating the exciting turn-on of the LHC this fall, the Theory Groups at TRIUMF and Carleton University organized a three day workshop to discuss the physics that could be discovered in the first year of LHC operation.   The workshop took place April 27-30 at TRIUMF.
Current Events LHC Colliding Beams After Decade of Preparation 24 November 2009 In three days, the world's largest particle accelerator, CERN's Large Hadron Collider, passed two major milestones, successful restart and circulation & collision of two beams.
Current Events LHC (world) lumi record 21 April 2011  LHC sets new world record for instantaneous luminosity!
Current Events Lecture to shine light on Dark Matter searches 17 June 2015 Science World and TRIUMF welcome SNOLAB's Dr. Chris Jillings to the Unveiling the Universe lecture series on Tuesday July 7. His talk, “The Search for Dark Matter or How to Know the Universe from a Hole in the Ground,” will shine a light on the worldwide search for dark matter.
Awards & Honours Leading Physicist Inducted into the Canadian Science and Engineering Hall of Fame 09 May 2008 Physicist Richard E. Taylor recently joined 41 other outstanding Canadians in the Canadian Science and Engineering Hall of Fame, a program of the Canadian Science and Technology Museum


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