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Workshops & Conferences Exploring Science Through Labyrhythyms 18 September 2015 During a recent seminar, David Harris dove into the motivation behind his ‘art meets science’ research program at TRIUMF and sampled his sound art creations.
Current Events Global Physics Photowalk 2015 at TRIUMF 09 September 2015 Back by popular demand, eight of the world’s leading particle physics laboratories are joining together to host the Global Physics Photowalk on September 25-26, 2015.
Current Events Proton Therapy Celebrates 20th Anniversary 21 August 2015 TRIUMF's proton therapy centre is a one of a kind facility in Canada used for treating a rare type of eye cancer. Today, we celebrate its 20th anniversary.
Current Events High School Fellow Reflects 19 August 2015 Weiwei Meng was a recipient of the 2015 TRIUMF High School Fellowship program.  Her six-week work experience was with the AAPS-associated company, CRM Geotomography.
Current Events TRIUMF Welcomes Fulbright Scholar 11 August 2015 Seth Aubin will travel from Willamsburg, Virginia to participate in the FrPNC experiment, an atomic parity violation experiment. This research will aid in furthering TRIUMF experiments that make use of short-lived isotopes.   
Awards & Honours Accelerators Attract Marie-Curie Fellow 22 July 2015 Marie-Curie International Outgoing fellow Tobi Junginger knew he needed to see the bigger picture to grasp the small details. The German native will call Vancouver home for two years while he conducts research on accelerators with the RF/SRF group.
Workshops & Conferences IsoSiM pushes for professional development 19 June 2015 The Isotopes for Science and Medicine (IsoSiM) program will continue to further their goal of training multidisciplinary scientists through their first ever summer school, hosted at TRIUMF from June 22 to June 30.
Current Events Lecture to shine light on Dark Matter searches 17 June 2015 Science World and TRIUMF welcome SNOLAB's Dr. Chris Jillings to the Unveiling the Universe lecture series on Tuesday July 7. His talk, “The Search for Dark Matter or How to Know the Universe from a Hole in the Ground,” will shine a light on the worldwide search for dark matter.
Current Events LHC Ventures into the New Energy Frontier 04 June 2015 CERN’s Large Hadron Collider started delivering physics data for the first time after a 27-month shutdown for upgrades yesterday morning. TRIUMF has been integral to Canada's involvement in the ATLAS experiment.
Current Events Grant Minor talks pop culture at Nerd Nite 25 May 2015 TRIUMF Remote Handling Group Leader and Nuclear Engineer Grant Minor turns to pop culture to answer the big questions of the universe for his talk at Nerd Nite Vancouver on May 26.


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