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Awards & Honours PhD demonstrates the power of collaboration 19 May 2015 The winning entry in TRIUMF’s Life Sciences Peer Evaluation Committee (LSPEC) Student Poster Event is just the tip of the iceberg of PhD candidate Joseph Lau’s success.
Workshops & Conferences Tokyo Gathering Reaffirms Case for the ILC 29 April 2015 More than 300 members of the high-energy physics community, government officials, ambassadors, and press gathered in Tokyo at the ILC Symposium where the Linear Collider Collaboration issued a statement confirming the scientific justification for the International Linear Collider.
Current Events The Cyclotron Wakes Up! 28 April 2015 Spring is in the air. Daffodils are blooming, birds are singing and the world’s largest cyclotron is once again preparing to accelerate beams of protons to incredible speeds, breaking new ground in the study of rare isotopes. 
Current Events Dr. Jayas Appointed as Board Vice-Chair 27 April 2015 TRIUMF's Board of Management recently appointed Dr. Digvir S. Jayas, Vice-President (Research and International) and Distinguished Professor from the University of Manitoba, to serve as Vice-Chair of the Board.
Current Events Artist in Residence Exhibit at Science World 14 April 2015 A Visual Arts studio course taught by Ingrid Koenig at Emily Carr University was part of TRIUMF’s Artist in Residence program in Fall 2014. A gallery exhibit with response studies is now on show at Science World.
Current Events Minister of Natural Resources Visits Lab 07 April 2015 On March 30, TRIUMF welcomed the Honourable Greg Rickford, Minister of Natural Resources to receive updates on our research, particularly ongoing work in the cyclotron-based production of medical isotopes. 
Current Events Cosmetological Fujiwara Effect Proven 01 April 2015 Scientists from TRIUMF and the Wightman Institute for Theoretical Studies have confirmed the "Fujiwara Effect." This breakthrough will undoubtedly impact the face of physics.
Current Events Ten Minutes with Col. Hadfield 19 March 2015 As part of his first trip to our lab, Canadian astronaut Col. Chris Hadfield kindly indulged us in answering a few questions before meeting with laboratory staff and taking a tour of our facilities. Audio clips of the interview and photos from the tour available...
Current Events Astbury Symposium in April 11 March 2015 The Alan Astbury Memorial Symposium will be held at the University of Victoria on April 27-28. Topics include high-energy physics and the production of isotopes for nuclear physics and medicine.
Awards & Honours CAP Reveals 2015 Medalists 10 March 2015 The Canadian Association of Physicists awarded seven Canadian physicists for their various life-long contributions to the physics community.


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