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Awards & Honours NSERC Brockhouse Prize For CycloMed99 17 February 2015 For their outstanding teamwork in realizing a solution for safe and reliable medical isotope production for hospitals in Canada, the CycloMed99 team will be receiving a prestigious national award in Ottawa today.
Current Events ATLAS Prepares for LHC Restart 06 February 2015 The LHC has been offline; but it's not all relaxing on a beach and sipping mai tais for the world's most powerful particle accelerator and the thousands of physicists, engineers and students that operate it.
Workshops & Conferences Testing Gravity Workshop 02 February 2015 Gravity – the most basic of all forces - is still surrounded by a great deal of mystery. A recent workshop hosted at SFU aimed to discover new ways of testing theories and ideas.
Current Events Koreans Collaborate with SRF experts 21 January 2015 With 500 SRF cavities needed for their new accelerator complex (RISP), researchers from Korea brought the first of two prototype SRF cavities to TRIUMF for testing.
Current Events TRIUMF signs MOU with UBC Orbit 16 January 2015 UBC Orbit team utilizes TRIUMF’s expertise as they construct a space-ready satellite for the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge.  
Current Events The Honourable Mike Lake visits TRIUMF 15 January 2015 On January 13, 2015, TRIUMF played host to the Honourable Mike Lake, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Industry, and Member of Parliament from Edmonton.
Awards & Honours Photos Contemplate the Humanity of Science 19 December 2014 Whether in the form of a researcher’s handwritten scribbles or through a photographer’s creativity, photographers brought a fresh look to research at work at TRIUMF 3rd Photowalk.
Current Events First Experiments Performed With GRIFFIN 18 December 2014 A state-of-the-art instrument for detecting and measuring gamma radiation with high efficiency and precision, GRIFFIN, became operational this year and ran its first experiments.
Current Events Forty Years of Beam! 17 December 2014 It was 40 years ago that the laboratory celebrated extraction of first beam from the 500 MeV cyclotron, the same cyclotron driving science at the lab today. The TRIUMF Alumni & Retirees Association visited to connect and learn of the present status of the lab but also to share memories of times past.
Current Events Beam delivery update: Last update of 2014? 12 December 2014 The cyclotron is still delivering close to 100 µA to BL2C4 for isotope production and protons as needed to BL1B for PIF. BL2A remains off while the next experiment is being set up.


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