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Experimental Result Now THAT's Popular 15 March 2012 Under the leadership of UBC professor Anna Celler, TRIUMF's nuclear-medicine team published an article in "Physics in Medicine and Biology" that has become one of the top-read articles.
Experimental Result Nature Physics Cover: Novel Acceleration 08 March 2012 TRIUMF accelerator physicists contribute to an advance that made the cover of March 2012 Nature Physics.  The breakthrough pertains to a novel acceleration technique.
Experimental Result Daya Bay Collab Measures Neutrinos 07 March 2012 The international Daya Bay Collaboration reports on an elusive neutrino property, confirming and enhancing early results from the Canada/Japan measurements from the T2K collaboration.
Experimental Result Canadian-led Research Zaps Antimatter 07 March 2012 The ALPHA Collaboration released new results today in Nature. They have successfully manipulated antihydrogen atoms with microwaves. 
Experimental Result Fermilab Narrows in on the Higgs 07 March 2012 Using different search techniques, physicists at Fermilab see hints of Higgs boson sighting consistent with those from LHC.
Experimental Result Faster-than-light Neutrinos Under Scrutiny 05 March 2012 The controversial results of the faster-than-light neutrino experiment performed at CERN may be due to GPS technical issues.
Experimental Result New Record in Weighing the W Boson 23 February 2012 Several TRIUMF researchers are involved in Fermilab's CDF experiment which today announced the world's most sensitive measurement of the mass of the W boson.
Experimental Result Tc-99m Made on Multiple Cyclotrons 20 February 2012 The TRIUMF-led team announced today at the AAAS meeting that they have successfully produced commercial quantities of the critical medical isotope technetium-99m on existing cyclotrons in two provinces.
Experimental Result Understanding Helium 05 February 2012 Recent measurements with TRIUMF's TITAN facility, combined with theoretical modeling from TRIUMF's theory group, push back the frontiers of understanding nuclei--starting with the helium family of isotopes.
Experimental Result Short Lived, but Highly Charged 16 January 2012 Results from the TITAN team's precision studies of the rubidium-74 nucleus were published in Physical Review Letters and selected as an Editor's Choice.  The team developed high charge states of the ions to achieve the record results.


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