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Workshops & Conferences ATLAS Workshop Focuses on Results 20 December 2011 Particle physicists from across North America met at TRIUMF last week to discuss the latest results from the ATLAS project at CERN's LHC. In addition to tantalizing hints of the Higgs, the workshop looked at more exotic possibilities.
Current Events ATLAS' Peter Jenni going to Stockholm to receive prize for Higgs boson discovery 23 May 2013 The High Energy and Particle Physics Prize 2013ATLAS collaboration (CERN, CH)CMS collaboration (CERN, CH)For the discovery of a Higgs boson as predicted by the Brout-Englert-Higgs mechanismMichel Della Negra (CERN, now at Imperial College London, UK)Peter Jenni (CERN, now at Freiburg University, DE)Tejinder Virdee (Imperial College London, UK)For their pioneering and outstanding leadership rôles in the making of the ATLAS and CMS experiments.
Current Events August 1 ARIEL Snapshot 01 August 2014 Main linac cryomodule (EACA) is in the e-hall - waveguides and helium distribution lines assembly underway. Commissioning of second klystron HVPS on-going.
Current Events August 10 ARIEL Snapshot 10 August 2012 The analyzing leg of the VECC Test area with the deflector cavity, solenoid and diagnostic box is complete and ready for commissioning. Demonstrated nominal 100% transmission from the gun to the Faraday cup at the end of the straight-ahead line, emittance was measured at the end of the line.
Current Events August 12 ARIEL Snapshot 12 August 2011 The Class IB Licence amendment to allow moving the perimeter fence, removal of the Stores building and relocation of the Badge room for ARIEL site preparation was received Aug. 15th.
Current Events August 15 ARIEL Snapshot 15 August 2014 ICM hermetic unit inspected, cleaning in process. EACA leak-checked, aligned. Second HVPS being commissioned. Beamlines installation in tunnel has commenced. Emittance measurements were taken in ELBT. RF Deflector calibrated with beam.
Current Events August 16 ARIEL Snapshot 16 August 2013 The high voltage power supply for the 290 kW klystron has been received at TRIUMF.
Current Events August 2 ARIEL Snapshot 02 August 2013 Permanent Badge Room put into service and east exits from Main Office Bldg restored. The application for Operating Licence for VECC_ICM was submitted to CNSC. VFD for water cooling main system installed. Prototype stand design has been released for manufacturing.
Current Events August 22 ARIEL Snapshot 22 August 2014 Successful HPRF test to 150kW-rated load for second klystron and power supply. EACA on the beamline, connections on-going.
Current Events August 23 ARIEL Snapshot 23 August 2013 Installation of high voltage power supply for the 300 kW klystron (KPS1) on the e-hall roof is complete. The first ARIEL 9-cell cavity reached 10MV/m at Q=3e9 - will now be shipped to FNAL for degassing. Second  batch of quadrupoles have arrived. Cold Box & Klystron were placed in final position. Following promising FLUKA calculations of power deposition on the 100 kW beam dump, design now proceeds to thermal and stress analysis and detailed design.


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