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Awards & Honours

CAP Award for Excellence in Teaching Physics

19 April 2010

Phil Freeman, teacher at Richmond Secondary School, is awarded the first ever CAP High School Physics Teacher Award for the BC region for his contributions to physics education. Congratulations!

Awards & Honours

CAP Awards Vogel for Teaching Excellence

12 May 2011

Peter Vogel at Notre Dame Regional Secondary School in Vancouver has been recognized for his excellence in teaching high school physics.

Current Events

Celebrating the LHC Grid at TRIUMF

03 October 2008

gridgridToday, October 3, TRIUMF hosted one of several Grid Fest celebrations occurring simultaneously around the world.

Awards & Honours

CERC Chair at UBC Builds on Molecular Imaging

17 May 2010

Dr. Mathew Farrer is the UBC inaugural Canada Excellence Research Chair in neurogenetics and translational neuroscience---areas of research driven forward by TRIUMF's supply of innovative imaging agents using medical isotopes.

Current Events

CERN Council Renews Strategy for Physics

30 May 2013

The CERN Council formally adopted an update to the European strategy for particle physics, noting that cross-border collaboration in science pays dividends for Europe in terms of knowledge, innovation, education and training.

Current Events


29 November 2012

CFI paid a visit to TRIUMF on Wednesday to get a personal look at some of the projects they've supported as well as to learn how TRIUMF manages its portfolio of research, training, and innovation.

Current Events

Check Out TRIUMF’s Science Programs on Video!

08 August 2008

If you like action, computer animation, and clever dialogue, a local cinema’s box-office has films to satisfy.

Workshops & Conferences

CHEP Conference Attracts Close to 500 Delegates

12 September 2007

The CHEP Conference provided an international forum for delegates to exchange information on their computing experiences and to review recent, ongoing, and future activities for their community.

Current Events

Chinese Delegation of Hospital Executives visits TRIUMF

20 March 2009

On Monday, March 16, Mr. Guo Jianping, Vice President of Zhejiang Academy of Medical Sciences visited TRIUMF, leading  a delegation of five medical executives from China's Zhejiang province,  The delegation was hosted by Dr. Jianming Lu, a TRIUMF scientist and president of the fledging JML Biopharmaceuticals company.

Current Events

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12 February 2013