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Workshops & Conferences Energy Scales up at Theory Workshop 20 February 2015 TRIUMF’s Nuclear Theory Workshop is a four day long collection of lectures, talks and colloquiums centred around the latest results from top research institutions and universities around the world.
Workshops & Conferences E.W. Vogt Symposium: Remembering a Giant 20 February 2015 The legacy of Erich Vogt was celebrated by his many friends during a scientific symposium last week. Erich exemplified a true renaissance man with a broad education, unmatched motivation and exemplary people skills.
Awards & Honours NSERC Brockhouse Prize For CycloMed99 17 February 2015 For their outstanding teamwork in realizing a solution for safe and reliable medical isotope production for hospitals in Canada, the CycloMed99 team will be receiving a prestigious national award in Ottawa today.
Workshops & Conferences Testing Gravity Workshop 02 February 2015 Gravity – the most basic of all forces - is still surrounded by a great deal of mystery. A recent workshop hosted at SFU aimed to discover new ways of testing theories and ideas.
Experimental Result Viability of new muon g-2 technique proven 20 January 2015 With an experiment in the M15 beamline, a Japan-Canada team demonstrates viability of an alternate muon g-2 measurement technique.
Experimental Result Team Demonstrates Solution to Tc-99m Crisis 05 January 2015 A Canadian team demonstrates the workability of decentralized, non-reactor based production of Tc-99m that eliminates the threat of an isotope shortage, while providing a safe and secure supply chain for Canadian patients.
Awards & Honours Photos Contemplate the Humanity of Science 19 December 2014 Whether in the form of a researcher’s handwritten scribbles or through a photographer’s creativity, photographers brought a fresh look to research at work at TRIUMF 3rd Photowalk.
University Stories Western University Joins TRIUMF Consortium 16 December 2014 Western University joins as TRIUMF's 19th Canadian member university of the consortium that owns and operates the lab, reinforcing existing networks in nuclear medicine and materials science. Welcome!
Student Stories UBC Co-op Brings Business to Tc-99m 28 November 2014 Karen Young, a fourth year commerce student from UBC’s Sauder School of Business, is spending a semester at TRIUMF bridging business and science as she develops a financial model for medical isotope production.
Experimental Result Unravelling the Proton-Radius Puzzle 28 November 2014 A TRIUMF-led theory group is helping to shed light on the "proton-radius" puzzle, where a once "well known" physical property of matter has been called into question by a new experimental result.


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