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Experimental Result Baartman scores touchdown in magnet design 23 April 2015 Rick Baartman has changed the shapes of magnets used to focus particle beams.
Experimental Result Fleming Spies a New Bond 08 April 2015 Don Fleming and coworkers apply muon science to reveal new type of chemical bond.
University Stories Alpha Therapy Research Targets Cancer 26 March 2015 Research on alpha emitters is still in its infancy, primarily due to their limited availability. Jason Crawford, a Ph.D. student at the University of Victoria, wants to see that change using infrastructure at TRIUMF. 
University Stories Frustrated Magnetism, Confused Physicists 13 March 2015 Dr. Michel Gingras has returned to TRIUMF to rejuvenate his research studies in condensed matter. With a cold look at spin ice, Michel explains frustrated magnetism...
Awards & Honours CAP Reveals 2015 Medalists 10 March 2015 The Canadian Association of Physicists awarded seven Canadian physicists for their various life-long contributions to the physics community.
Awards & Honours Tom Ruth Appointed to U.S. NAS Committee 03 March 2015 Internationally recognized expert on medical isotopes, TRIUMF's Dr. Tom Ruth is appointed Vice-Chair of a US National Academies of Sciences (NAS) committee. 
Workshops & Conferences Energy Scales up at Theory Workshop 20 February 2015 TRIUMF’s Nuclear Theory Workshop is a four day long collection of lectures, talks and colloquiums centred around the latest results from top research institutions and universities around the world.
Workshops & Conferences E.W. Vogt Symposium: Remembering a Giant 20 February 2015 The legacy of Erich Vogt was celebrated by his many friends during a scientific symposium last week. Erich exemplified a true renaissance man with a broad education, unmatched motivation and exemplary people skills.
Awards & Honours NSERC Brockhouse Prize For CycloMed99 17 February 2015 For their outstanding teamwork in realizing a solution for safe and reliable medical isotope production for hospitals in Canada, the CycloMed99 team will be receiving a prestigious national award in Ottawa today.
Workshops & Conferences Testing Gravity Workshop 02 February 2015 Gravity – the most basic of all forces - is still surrounded by a great deal of mystery. A recent workshop hosted at SFU aimed to discover new ways of testing theories and ideas.


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