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Experimental Result IRIS Observes Long-Sought Li-11 Resonance 09 June 2015 Exploiting the world-leading intensity of ISAC’s Lithium-11 beams, the IRIS experiment observes soft dipole resonance and publishes first results in Physical Review Letters.
Student Stories From High School Fellow to PhD Student 28 April 2015 In just five years, Anffany Chen went from being a TRIUMF high school fellow to a UBC PhD candidate studying condensed matter theory. Her rapid journey from science enthusiast to emerging physics scholar is an inspiration to students everywhere.
Experimental Result Baartman scores touchdown in magnet design 23 April 2015 Rick Baartman has changed the shapes of magnets used to focus particle beams.
Experimental Result Fleming Spies a New Bond 08 April 2015 Don Fleming and coworkers apply muon science to reveal new type of chemical bond.
Experimental Result Viability of new muon g-2 technique proven 20 January 2015 With an experiment in the M15 beamline, a Japan-Canada team demonstrates viability of an alternate muon g-2 measurement technique.
Experimental Result Team Demonstrates Solution to Tc-99m Crisis 05 January 2015 A Canadian team demonstrates the workability of decentralized, non-reactor based production of Tc-99m that eliminates the threat of an isotope shortage, while providing a safe and secure supply chain for Canadian patients.
Student Stories UBC Co-op Brings Business to Tc-99m 28 November 2014 Karen Young, a fourth year commerce student from UBC’s Sauder School of Business, is spending a semester at TRIUMF bridging business and science as she develops a financial model for medical isotope production.
Experimental Result Unravelling the Proton-Radius Puzzle 28 November 2014 A TRIUMF-led theory group is helping to shed light on the "proton-radius" puzzle, where a once "well known" physical property of matter has been called into question by a new experimental result.
Experimental Result LHCb Experiment Confirms TRIUMF Prediction 20 November 2014 The LHCb experiment discovered two new baryons and verified TRIUMF’s Richard Woloshyn and York University’s Randy Lewis prediction about bottom baryons.
Experimental Result New ATLAS Measurement of the Higgs Boson 08 October 2014 The ATLAS collaboration has released the final measurement of the Higgs boson coupling to W bosons using data from the first run of the Large Hadron Collider. The newly optimized analysis studies the Higgs boson in two production modes.


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