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Experimental Result

E-Linac Moves into the E-Hall

11 April 2014

All hands are on deck this spring as the Accelerator Division concentrates their efforts on the installation and assembly of the electron linear accelerator, the state-of-the-art equipment at the heart of ARIEL, TRIUMF's new facility for the production of rare isotopes.

Experimental Result

CMMS Users Publish New Result in PRL

07 April 2014

Using the μSR facilities at TRIUMF’s Centre for Molecular and Materials Science and J‑PARC, a team of researchers from KEK and the National Institute for Materials Science in Japan have discovered novel magnetism in an iridium compound.

Student Stories

Saudi Arabian Scientist Studies at TRIUMF

19 March 2014

Mohammed Abusalem, a radiochemist from King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre in Saudi Arabia, is spending a work term with TRIUMF's Nuclear Medicine Division.

Experimental Result

T2K Publishes Electron Neutrino Appearance

13 February 2014

A new electron neutrino appearance result from the T2K collaboration was published this week, bringing researchers one step closer to answering one of the greatest puzzles of particle physics: why is there more matter than antimatter in our universe?

Experimental Result

Laser Group Develops New Technique

05 December 2013

The laser spectroscopy group had its latest paper accepted into PRL. Francium isotopes are explored and a new experimental technique developed, paving the way for this recent success.

Experimental Result

A Medical Isotope First at ISAC

21 October 2013

For the first time ever, Astatine-209 was successfully recovered from TRIUMF's ISAC facility for use in nuclear medicine, a breakthrough in theranostic isotope research. 

Experimental Result

Determination of the Proton's Weak Charge

17 September 2013

TRIUMF and other Canadian collaborators have participated in the first measurement of the proton's weak charge; results will be published in Physical Review Letters.

Student Stories

Inspiring Young Aboriginal Scientists

24 July 2013

Taylor is completing a 4-week placement at TRIUMF as part of the annual Emerging Aboriginal Scholars Camp.

Experimental Result

With Canadians, T2K Sees Neutrinos Appear

19 July 2013

At today's meeting of the European Physical Society, TRIUMF's Michael Wilking announced a new breakthrough in understanding neutrinos, nature's most elusive particles.

Experimental Result

Understanding the Inner Workings of Novae

11 July 2013

TRIUMF’s DRAGON Group has made the first successful observation of the fusion of radioactive 18F with hydrogen, producing19Ne. In time, this will give astrophysicists another way to observe the inner workings of novae.