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Workshops & Conferences

TRIUMF and ECUAD find “Common Ground”

30 August 2013

The public dialogue “Common Ground” was the launch of the Conversations Project at Emily Carr, in collaboration with TRIUMF and the Artists in Residence program.


TRIUMF Welcomes Fellowship Students

26 August 2013

Keiler, Benjamin, and Lloyd spent six weeks at the laboratory with teams from the Nuclear Medicine division, TRIUMF's High Voltage EDM Lab, and the μSR experiment as part of a competitive fellowship for recent high school graduates. 

Funding Announcements

8pi Celebrated at TRIUMF

14 August 2013

Science Week’s 8pi Symposium celebrated the end of an era for the spectrometer, which will soon be replaced by GRIFFIN in ISAC-I.

Current Events

TRIUMF and India’s VECC Join on Isotopes

08 August 2013

The Memorandum of Understanding will combine key resources and labour between the two facilities for the advancement of research into rare isotopes for science and medicine. 

Student Stories

Inspiring Young Aboriginal Scientists

24 July 2013

Taylor is completing a 4-week placement at TRIUMF as part of the annual Emerging Aboriginal Scholars Camp.

Workshops & Conferences

TRISEP Challenges Future Physics Leaders

24 July 2013

This year's TRISEP (Tri-Institute Summer School on Elementary Particles), attracted graduate students from around the globe. Read a first-hand account from one of the students, Claire David. 

Experimental Result

With Canadians, T2K Sees Neutrinos Appear

19 July 2013

At today's meeting of the European Physical Society, TRIUMF's Michael Wilking announced a new breakthrough in understanding neutrinos, nature's most elusive particles.

Awards & Honours

TRIUMF Student Awarded CERN Fellowship

18 July 2013

Former TRIUMF collaborator Chloé Malbrunot was recognized as a senior research fellow with CERN’s ASACUSA collaboration that is studying anti-hydrogen.

Awards & Honours

Japan & Canada Compete for Top Researcher

11 July 2013

U.S. researcher Mark Hartz is the envy of Japan's Kavli Institute for Physics and Mathematics of the Universe and Canada's TRIUMF lab.  For the next five years, he will work on T2K neutrinos and choose which country will be his long-term home. 

Experimental Result

Understanding the Inner Workings of Novae

11 July 2013

TRIUMF’s DRAGON Group has made the first successful observation of the fusion of radioactive 18F with hydrogen, producing19Ne. In time, this will give astrophysicists another way to observe the inner workings of novae.