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Beam delivery update: No beam; recovery still in progress 30 August 2015 It’s taking longer to restore operation than we initially thought it might. The plan is restart the Linde tomorrow (Monday) morning in the hope of resuming cyclotron operation later in the day.
Beam delivery update: Power outage; recovery underway 29 August 2015 The lab lost power just before noon today. Power was restored just before 14:00 and clean-up is still underway.
Beam delivery update: BL1A and 2C4 operational; BL2A off overnight 27 August 2015 The cyclotron is running normally and delivering ~110 µA to BL1A and ~98 µA to BL2C4. BL2A has been defined off; it’s scheduled to resume operation Saturday morning.
Beam delivery update: Maintenance complete; operation resuming 25 August 2015 The cyclotron is presently delivering ~110 µA to BL1A, 9.8 µA to BL2A, and ~22 µA to BL2C4. The BL2C4 current is limited due to the resistivity of the STF water package following a resin change today and will be stepped up to ~98 µA as that improves.
Beam delivery update: ISIS backplate change tomorrow 24 August 2015 The cyclotron is presently delivering ~110 µA to BL1A and ~98 µA to BL2C4. BL2A is off to conserve the amount of integrated charge on the present UCx target and the ISAC mass separator room is open for TRILIS work. This is expected to continue overnight.
Current Events Proton Therapy Celebrates 20th Anniversary 21 August 2015 TRIUMF's proton therapy centre is a one of a kind facility in Canada used for treating a rare type of eye cancer. Today, we celebrate its 20th anniversary.
August 21 ARIEL Snapshot 21 August 2015  The ARIEL Target Hall crane project is finished!
Student Stories TRIUMF’s First Ever Erich Vogt Fellow 20 August 2015 Jonathan Zhang was awarded the Erich Vogt First Year Student Research Experience fellowship, which gives outstanding first year students hands-on experience on a summer research project here at TRIUMF.
Experimental Result Setting the trap for Ultra-Cold Neutrons 19 August 2015 The team behind TRIUMF’s Ultra-Cold Neutron project reflects on their progress during this recent shutdown period and assesses their final steps towards realizing a first production of ultra-cold neutrons by early 2017.
Current Events High School Fellow Reflects 19 August 2015 Weiwei Meng was a recipient of the 2015 TRIUMF High School Fellowship program.  Her six-week work experience was with the AAPS-associated company, CRM Geotomography.


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