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From the Director

AAPS, Inc. Announces New CEO

03 May 2013

At a recent meeting of its Board of Directors, AAPS, Inc. appointed Jim Hanlon as its new CEO and President.  Jim will continue as TRIUMF's Head of the Business and Administration Division.

Awards & Honours

Jens Dilling Receives Prestigious CAP Medal

02 May 2013

TRIUMF's Jens Dilling was honoured today with receipt of the prestigious 2013 CAP-TRIUMF Vogt Medal for Contributions to Subatomic Physics.  Congratulations!

Current Events

Just 20 Years Ago Web Declared Free To All

30 April 2013

The World Wide Web has undisputedly changed how people interact, share, and explore in more ways than we could have imagined just a few decades ago. Today marks the 20th anniversary of that declaration. 

Current Events

Andy White Winner in Global Photowalk

18 April 2013

Congratulations to Andy White of North Vancouver for his 2nd place winning photograph of TIGRESS, taken at the 2012 Global Particle Physics Photowalk at TRIUMF. 

Awards & Honours

Aaron Gallant Awarded for Excellence

12 April 2013

For his outstanding research in nuclear structures, Aaron Gallant was awarded the 2013 Dr. Carl H. Wescott Memorial Fellowship.

Workshops & Conferences

TRISEP To Answer "What's Next?"

12 April 2013

TRISEP, a new summer school, offers graduate students training on hottest topics in particle physics, led by three Canadian physics powerhouses TRIUMF, SNOLAB, and PI. 

Experimental Result

AMS Measures Antimatter Excess in Space

04 April 2013

Delving into one of today's greatest mysteries in physics, AMS announced the first results in its search for dark matter.

Experimental Result

Cyclotron Winter Shutdown

02 April 2013

It's that time of the year again when the once energetic paperclips lie limp atop of our Meson Hall's tables while TRIUMF’s cyclotron is turned off for major maintenance activities.

Current Events

Vancouver Canucks to Call TRIUMF Home

01 April 2013

Welcome, Canucks! We're thrilled to announce the good news. Read the full story here. 

Current Events

ARIEL Receives Power-full Component

20 March 2013

TRIUMF's ARIEL project received the first 300 kW klystron today that will power the first phase of the e-linac.