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TRIUMF Conference Support

As part of its mission to support Canadian particle and nuclear sciences, TRIUMF has some capabilities for assisting with scientific conferences and workshops.  

In order for TRIUMF to be involved in planning, organizing, or hosting a conference, the TRIUMF director must be consulted after the proponents complete the form below.

For conferences and workshops to be held at TRIUMF or off-site, the local team would work with Local Organizing Committees (LOC) to assist with planning and executing workshops and conferences with greater emphasis on the LOC’s contributions. 

As required, TRIUMF will still negotiate selected contracts with hotels, conference centres, publishing journals, and so on. Jana Thomson (Conference Facilitator)  or Jim Hanlon (Chief Administrative Officer) would serve as the key points of contact.  As time allows, Dana Giasson continues to be a resource for creating and maintaining conference websites.   Jana Thomson with the assistance of Lorraine King contribute to abstract collection, conference registration, and the preparation and publication of conference proceedings.

With limited resources, it is imperative to prioritize activities and achieve optimal impact.  If you are proposing to use TRIUMF resources for a potential conference or workshop (hosting, event planning and coordination, website, and/or proceedings), please use the “Request for TRIUMF Conference Support” form (see below).  After you have obtained signed approval from the TRIUMF director, forward the information to conferences at  We will then set up a launch meeting to discuss and select the best path forward for your conference.  Because of the finite levels of effort and resources available, not all conferences will be entertained and approved for TRIUMF involvement.

Steps to follow:

  • Complete the "Request for TRIUMF Conference Support" form - submit for directorate approval.
  • Complete the standardized TRIUMF Conference/Workshop budget and seek approval from accounting. (link to come)
  • Complete the Project Intitiation Sheet (conference mapping). (link to come)

And at each step liase and consult with Jana at:

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