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TRIUMF Users Group


The TRIUMF Users' Group is an organization of scientists and engineers with special interest in the use of the TRIUMF facility. Its purpose is:

  • to provide a formal means for exchange of information relating to the development and use of the facility; 
  • to advise members of the entire TRIUMF organization of projects and facilities available
  • to provide an entity responsive to the representations of its members for offering advice and counsel to the TRIUMF management on operating policy and facilities.

Executive Committee

The TRIUMF Users’ Group Executive Committee (TUEC) is an elected body of seven members designed to manage the business and affairs of the Users’ Group. It consists of a Chair, Past Chair and Chair-Elect, as well as four representatives. TUEC also acts as a liaison between members of the Users’ Group and TRIUMF.  List of current and past executives (TUECs).

TUG News & Announcements

  • On October 23rd, 2014 the TUECs have met the the new TRIUMF director, Jonathan Bagger, and the Science Director, Reiner Kruecken. Several topics were discussed and concerns raised, for example about the repair of beamline M9, the beta-NMR program, the possible reduction of cyclotron operation time to 6 months, and the support of the ATLAS Tier-1 center. The directors also presented their strategy for raising additional funding beyond the present baseline funding, and outlined possible consequences if these funds cannot acquired. The minutes from this meeting can be found