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The TRIUMF Users' Group is an organization of scientists and engineers with special interest in the use of the TRIUMF facility. Its purpose is:

  • to provide a formal means for exchange of information relating to the development and use of the facility; 
  • to advise members of the entire TRIUMF organization of projects and facilities available
  • to provide an entity responsive to the representations of its members for offering advice and counsel to the TRIUMF management on operating policy and facilities.

Executive Committee

The TRIUMF Users’ Group Executive Committee (TUEC) is an elected body of seven members designed to manage the business and affairs of the Users’ Group. It consists of a Chair, Past Chair and Chair-Elect, as well as four representatives. TUEC also acts as a liaison between members of the Users’ Group and TRIUMF.  List of current and past executives (TUECs).

Call for TUEC Nominations 2016

The Call for two new TUEC members (replacing Zaher Salman and Ruediger Picker) and one new Chair-Elect (replacing outgoing chair Iris Dillmann) was sent out on September 2nd, 2015:

Dear TRIUMF Users,

As announced during the AGM, we are soliciting nominations for new members of the TRIUMF User Group Executive Committee (TUEC). The current TUEC representatives are:

Dieter Frekers (University Muenster) - continuing
Scott Oser (UBC)    - continuing
Zaher Salman (PSI)    - outgoing
Ruediger Picker (TRIUMF)    - outgoing

We are therefore seeking nominations for two new TUEC member for 2 years (2016/17).

The present TUEC Chair is Bernd Stelzer (SFU), Chair Elect is Cornelia Hoehr (TRIUMF).
Cornelia will become chair in 2016, and we thus also ask for nominations for a Chair Elect for 2016.

We are trying to rotate TUEC representation between the main fields of research at TRIUMF. According to the by-laws, Chair and Chair Elect must have different affiliations.

Please send your nominations for Chair Elect and/or Members (please indicate which) to
PLEASE ONLY SEND NOMINATIONS ONCE YOU HAVE OBTAINED AGREEMENT FROM THE NOMINEE THAT HE/SHE IS WILLING TO STAND. The deadline for nominations is in two weeks, Sep 16th, 2015. A ballot email will be sent to all TUG members soon after this deadline unless we receive less or equal than the 3 required nominations. The outcome will be announced by email.

Please see the TRIUMF User's Group homepage for information about TUG and TUG policies and your executive committee TUEC:

Bernd (for TUEC)

AGM 2015: Winners of the TUG Best Student Prize Competition

In the AGM 2015 we had for the first time the TUG Best Student Prize Competition which was sponsored by the TRIUMF Science Division. From the 20 applications we have selected four fearless student speakers to compete during the AGM for this prestigious title. Additionally we had twelve poster in the TUG Best Student Poster Prize competition. The winner of the poster prize ($150) was Steffen Cruz (UBC/ TRIUMF) for his poster "Single-particle structure and shapes of exotic Sr isotopes".

The winners of the Best Student Prize Competition, selected by an interdiciplinary committee based on their presentations and the following "grilling" by the audience, are

  1. Clay Lindsay (U of Victoria, "Reinventing the Wheel: Stepless 3D Printed Modulators for Passive Beam Delivery in Proton Therapy") $500
  2. Doug Storey (U of Victoria & TRIUMF, "A Superconducting RF Deflecting Cavity for the ARIEL e-Linac Separator") $250
  3. Koos van Nieuwkoop (SFU, "Evidence for Higgs Boson Production by Vector Boson Fusion in the WW* Channel") and
    Alex Laffoley (U of Guelph, "High-Precision Half-Life Measurements for the Superallowed Fermi β+ Emitters 14O and 18Ne") $50 each

It was a pleasure to listen to all of these brilliant talks of our young researchers which will become leaders of the future! We thank all student participants and committee members for making this event a success!

The winners of the 2015 Best Student Prize Competition: (from left to right) Science Director Reiner Kruecken, Steffen Cruz, Alex Laffoley, Clay Lindsay, Koos van Nieuwkoop, Doug Storey, Director Jon Bagger

The winners of the 2015 Best Student Prize Competition: (from left to right) Science Director Reiner Kruecken, Steffen Cruz, Alex Laffoley, Clay Lindsay, Koos van Nieuwkoop, Doug Storey, Director Jon Bagger.

TUG News & Announcements

  • If you want to receive emails on EEC meetings, beam request deadlines, information on beam schedules etc. please subscribe to the Experimental Program Listserve mailing list at this link. This mailing list is different to the TUG mailing list! We normally do not send these announcements via the TUG mailing list.
    A special issue of Hyperfine Interactions about "ISAC and ARIEL: The TRIUMF Radioactive Beam Facilities and the Scientific Program" is available under this link.

Important Dates

  • Oct. 5th, 2015: ACOT meeting

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We ask every user to subscribe to the new mailing list as soon as possible via the following link. No more emails will be send to the old TUG mailing list.

With the new list you can easily subscribe or unsubscribe, and the TUEC has a quick way to distribute TUG-related information to the community.

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Suggestions, Comments, Concerns

Send inquiries to the TUEC Liaison Officer, the TUEC Chair and Chair Elect.


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