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TRIUMF's Visitor Liaisons are here to help!

Visitor Services Coordinator

For all visitors (scientists, contactors, etc) unsure of where to turn, the first point of contact should be with Jill Seeley. She can help with:

Jill can be reached at:

  • jill [at] triumf [dot] ca
  • 1-604-222-1047 (front desk)

User (& Scientific Visitor) Liaison Coordinator

Dr. Marcello Pavan, can assist with general questions from experimenters: 

and can point visitors to the appropriate Facility Liaison Scientist (see below) for more technical needs.

Marcello can be reached at:

  • marcello [at] triumf [dot] ca
  • 1-604-222-7525 (direct)

User Liaison Scientists

The Liaison Scientists assist visitors with their technical needs, including:

The Liaison Scientists are available if there are any questions or concerns about an experiment.

Iain MckKenzie


Dr. Iain McKenzie is the Liasion for the Centre for Material and Molecular Science. He is responsible for all material and molecular science 
experiments performed on the muons channels and the beta-NMR facility.

Iain can be reached at

  • iain.mckenzie [at] triumf [dot] ca
  • 1-604-222-7386 (direct)

Martin Alcorta

Nuclear Physics with Isotope Beams 

Dr. Martin Alcorta is the Liaison for nuclear physics experiments involving isotope beams at ISAC and ARIEL.

Martin can be reached at

  • malcorta [at] triumf [dot] ca
  • 1-604-222-7419 (direct)

Thomas Lindner

Science Technology Services

Dr. Thomas Lindner is the Liaison for users requiring help from the Science Technology Department e.g. detectors and instrumentation.

Thomas can be reached at

  • lindner [at] triumf [dot] ca
  • 1-604-222-1047 ext 6181

Non-muon Experiments and Testing in Meson Hall

Dr. Stanley Yen is the Liaison for experiments and testing utilizing the M11 beam channel in the Meson Hall.   

Stan can be reached at

  • stan [at] triumf [dot] ca
  • 1-604-222-7414 (direct)
Note: the M11 channel is not yet in operation (as of July 2017)