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Board of Management

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TRIUMF is owned and operated as a joint venture by a consortium of universities. The joint venture agreement constitutes a Board of Management to oversee TRIUMF. The TRIUMF Board of Management is made up of membership from the Member and Joint Member Universities. It is responsible for the operation, supervision and control of TRIUMF. The duties of the Board include policy-making, determination of the budget, and fundraising.

The Board meets two times per year. It maintains several standing committees for detailed monitoring of TRIUMF.

  • Safety & Security
  • Finance
  • Personnel & Administration
  • Governance
  • Audit

The Board’s major duties include:

  • Determine all policy matters relating to the operation of TRIUMF
  • Regularly review the operation and strategic plan of TRIUMF
  • Appoint Associate Members of TRIUMF
  • Appoint the Director of TRIUMF
  • Establish a Finance Committee
  • Establish a Personnel and Administration Committee
  • Establish a Safety & Security Committee
  • Establish ad hoc committees
  • Cause the Director to have prepared a Plan which shall be in conformity with the Contribution Agreement entered into between TRIUMF and the National Research Council
  • Review and monitor the performance of TRIUMF Accelerators, Inc., the legal entity holding the operating license from the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission.


Membership has Advantages

TRIUMF is focused.  In order to deliver world-class science and maintain its international reputation, the laboratory relies on the involvement of and input from its members in setting the priorities of the research program.  This involvement begins with the appointment on the Board of Management with voting privileges for the strategic direction of TRIUMF.  Membership in the TRIUMF consortium provides the opportunity not only to enhance the synergy among the laboratory and its member universities, but it also grants instant access to a network of international scientific leaders and decision-makers, cutting-edge research results and technology and highly skilled technical and engineering support.  Membership can also offer joint or reciprocal faculty appointments.

Be a part of the future...Be a part of TRIUMF.