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Past Winners

* CSSE C. Gordon Lindsay Award Winners

# LSBC/GenomeBC/CDRD-affiliated Winners







Nicolas Fedrigo*ClaremontVictoriaMaterial Irradiation Sample Distributor and Thermocouples for ISAC targets

Elizabeth BaranesCrofton HouseVancouverbetaNMR for biological samples
Molly LongWhistler SecondaryWhistlerStudies of Silicon Photomultipiers
Michael SekatchevWinston ChurchillVancouverCamera system for monitoring photomultiplier detector vessels in the T2K experiment
Xander NaumenkoSir Charles TupperVancouverNeutron EDM Search with Ultra cold Neutrons   
Anish Sivakumar#Mount DouglasVictoriaInvestigating Drug Research and Discovery
Kisa Naqvi#Seaquam SecondaryVictoria


Helen Newton*South Central Interior Distance Eduction SchoolMerrittThermal FEA Simulations and Analysis for High-Power Tantalum Targets in ISAC
Duncan McIntyreRA McMathRichmondScintillation Spectrum of Nitrogen Gas
Jack LiSt. George'sVancouverDetector development for Summer School
Nadia ChigmaroffSentinelWest Vancouver

Dual-fluxgate gradiometry system development for ultra cold Neutrons at TRIUMF

Angela Chang#
Michelle Lam#
Nick Murray#
Zehan Zhou#
Nicole Wong#
2017Francesca Crema*TempletonVancouverUltra cold neutrons at TRIUMF
Nubia De La TorreClaremontVictoriaAssembly and Testing of Prototype Muon Detector
Guy StoppiMount DouglasVictoriaEnergy Calibration and Efficiency curves for the TIGRESS gamma-ray spectrometer
Alex WenSemiahmooSurreySimulations for the Electromagnetic Mass Analyzer
2016Micah GayPrince of WalesVancouverNuclear Astrophysics experiments with DRAGON
Ray Liu*R.C. PalmerRichmond 
Jake HauserSt. GeorgesVancouverModelling electric fields in ultra cold neutron cell
Robert LeeOak BayVictoriaNeutron detector for CRM GeoTomography Inc
2015Lauren Johnston*ColingwoodWest VancouverBeagle Bone coding for Micro-PET microcontroller
Rex ChenUniversity Transition, UBCVancouver 
Chaim WeinermanMount DouglasVictoriaSONIK gas target for nuclear astrophysics experiments
Weiwei MengMcMathRichmondTesting of cosmic-ray detector for mining
2014Morgan CasselsEsquimaltVictoriaUltra cold neutrons at TRIUMF
Carlos MartinMulgraveWest VancouverResonator designs forLaser Ion Source
Max ShenMcMathRichmondMeasurement of 23Na(alpha,p)26Mg for 26Al Production in Massive Stars and Type-IA Supernovae
2013Keiler TotzSMUVictoriaMo-100 targets for Tc-99m radioisotope production 
Lloyd JamesSemiahmooSurreyMPPC Characterization through Dark Current Measurements
Benjamin FriedmanSouth KamloopsKamloopsLabVIEW Implementation at the UCN High Voltage lab
2012Kevin MultaniEnver CreekSurreyDesign and specification for a demonstration cyclotron accelerator
Lily ZhangSouth KamloopsKamloopsProton Cancer Therapy studies
Wyatt GronnemoseLord TweedsmuirSurreyDevelopment of neutrino detection technologoes
2011Saige McVeaMission SecondaryMissionTesting multichannel plate detector for nuclear astrophysics experiments
Kiel StrangSunshine Coast Alternate SchoolGibsonsTc-94m production with TR13 cyclotron
Adam DeAbreuArgyleNorth VancouverATLAS experiment data analysis and simulation
2010Laurel StothersLord TweedsmuirSurreyEfficiency studies of a small Positron Emission Tomography detector
Andrew WarrenSt. GeorgesVancouvermuSR
2009Anffany ChenPoint GreyVancouver18Ne(alpha,p)21Na reaction with TUDA
Jeremy JohnsonMount DouglasVictoriamuSR with Type-II superconductors
2008Sen MeiPenticton SecondaryPentictonRadioisotope Laser Ion Source
Darien NiamirCollingwoodWest Vancouver muSR superconductivity Rsearch
2007Jany Gao Maple RidgeMuon Spin Resonance (muSR)
Andy Cheema North SaanichInvestigation of Convective Heat Transfer in Helium-cooled Target Windows
2006Elizabeth Du VancouverTesting Mirror Symmetry and the ANC method in Astrophysics
Aidan Chatwin-Davies VictoriaTarget Design for Radioisotope Production
2005Jacob CosmanSouth KamloopsKamloopsMuon Spin Resonance
2004Reka MoldovanKelowna SecondaryKelownaMuon Spin Resonance