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Job Search Resources

Academic Jobs

  • InspireHEP Job Search - Many particle and nuclear physics job openings listed. Search criteria include rank, region/continent, and field.
  • Academic Jobs - Job postings for all possible academic disciplines (mostly used by Physics, however), sorted by application deadline, type of job, and country/region.

Job Tip: A good tip when applying for graduate student or postdoc positions is to find a group that does research in an area you are interested in and approach them directly, outside of the context of the job searches. Make yourself known to the group, and your application will stand out more when you do apply.

Government Jobs

  • - All Government of Canada job postings are available here

Job Tip: Government jobs have a lot of lateral and vertical mobility. Many job positions are filled internally. Finding a job in the public sector can often lead to more prominent jobs later-on.

Private Sector and Not-For Profit Jobs

  • - Many private sector job listings.
  • LinkedIn - A social network for employers and job seekers.
  • T-Net BC - A site for technical job opportunities in British Columbia.
  • JobRapido - A website that indexes many major job/career engines from around the world.
  • Job Hero -  A website with not only job listings, but career-related information, including sample resume content and cover letters

Job Tip: Corporations sometimes have positions available for which they do not advertise. Don't hesitate to find a company for which you are interested in working, call them up and ask to meet in-person with someone involved in hiring/management. Even if they don't have a position open, this shows that you are pro-active, and you can leave a resume for a time when they may be looking.

Skill Development Resources


Curriculum Vitae