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Undergraduate Student Program

TRIUMF offers an outstanding training experience for undergraduate students contemplating a research career.  Each year about 100 students from across Canada and around the world come to TRIUMF to take part in projects spanning the full breadth of our scientific, engineering, technical and computing activities. Students will be immersed in a world-class research environment, participating in all aspects of laboratory life.

TRIUMF offers a number of programs through which undergraduates can apply for a work experience at the lab.  See the links below for more information on these programs.

The TRIUMF Student Program is pleased to be working together with RBC for the benefit of our students.

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Info for Current Undergraduate Students

If you are a current undergraduate student in any of our programs, the Student Program staff are here to help you.  Some general information about the program for current students is available at the website.

Otherwise, contact us if you have any questions concerning the undergraduate program.


Cooperative Education and Summer Student Program

TRIUMF hires aver 100 undergraduate students from across Canada every year, primarily through our association with university cooperative education programs, and also through our own summer student program.  TRIUMF offers an unique work experience at a world-class research laboratory amongst scientists and students from around the world. The jobs offered reflect the broad range of TRIUMF activities,  including particle and nuclear physics, material and molecular science, accelerator science, nuclear medicine,  engineering, computing, as well as business and administration. 

BCIT-TRIUMF Work-Integrated Learning Initiative

The BCIT and TRIUMF Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) initiative offers a mutually beneficial environment for learning at TRIUMF:  BCIT students gain access to TRIUMF's unique cross-disciplinary work experiences to hone their skills, and TRIUMF staff enjoy a cohort of highly-trained and energetic talent to support their work environments.


Erich Vogt First Year Student Research Experience

The Erich Vogt First Year Summer Research Experience (FYSRE, pronounced phyzzer, as in physics) is a program offering summer research experiences to budding academic stars after their First Year Physics courses at the University of British Columbia. Awardees will receive an opportunity for paid work experience for a minimum of 14 weeks in Physics or Astronomy research at UBC or TRIUMF. 

The award is supported by an endowment fund with the UBC Development Office.

International Student Programs

Students from around the world come to TRIUMF to further their research careers. TRIUMF liaises with a variety of organizations to faciliate and coordinate research opportunities for international students. It is also possible for international students to do research at TRIUMF outside of the programs covered by those agencies.


Undergraduate Awards and Fellowships

TRIUMF offers a suite of awards that offer budding and early-career scientists an opportunity to conduct research at our world-class facilities. For undergraduate students, these awards offer the research-career curious an opportunity to experience a real-life research environment alongside scientists and students from around the world.

Housing information for students or others needing short term housing

The various TRIUMF student programs offer help for students seeking accomodation near TRIUMF and UBC.

Please note that availability varies throughout the year, and some of the options  may already be rented.





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