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Contact Accounting

In response to the new protocols implemented at TRIUMF, most of the Accounting team members are working remotely.

You can reach us through E-Mail and Microsoft Teams during regular business hours (Monday to Friday 8:00am-5:00pm). We can also be contacted through TRIUMF extensions.

Invoices, travel claims, payment requests may be digitally signed and submitted to

Account change requests or general enquiries can be addressed to

Please retain all the original invoices, claims, receipts for now. We may request to see them at a later time.



Monday to Friday
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Closed statutory holidays

Contact Us

Rajni Lal, Accounting Assistant

  • payroll reconciliations
  • university ledgers
  • telephone authorization codes
  • parking fee payment processing

Phone: 604-222-7392


Kyle Bagnall, Accounting Assistant (AP)

  • requests for payment
  • foreign drafts & currency (non-PO related)
  • utility invoices
  • VISA card payment processing

Phone: 604-222-7467


Susan Jang, Accounts Payable

  • supplier invoices
  • foreign drafts & currency (PO related)
  • Diners Club/Enroute billings
  • telephone charges
  • freight invoices

Phone: 604-222-7325


Subashini Selvakumar, Accounting Assistant (AP/AR)

  • supplier invoices
  • travel claims and reimbursements
  • customs invoices

Phone: 604-222-7435

Joanna Carson, Chief Financial Officer
Phone: 604-222-7512

Benedicta Reis, Acting Chief Financial Officer, Controller
Phone: 604-222-7589

Chloe Zhang, Acting Controller, Finance Manager
Phone: 604-222-7521

Loreen Crockett, Finance Manager
Phone: 604-222-1047 x 6805

Krystal Shi, Business Analyst
Phone: 604-222-7313

Jennifer Rosen, Accountant
Phone: 604-222-7488

Francis Pau, Grants Accountant  
Phone: 604-222-7672