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Information on new funding for TRIUMF

Dear TRIUMF User Group (TUG),

The Government of Canada yesterday announced its renewed support for
TRIUMF, committing to provide an additional $45 million in operating
funds over the next five years. The laboratory applauds the Government’s
continued investment in science, technology and innovation – core
drivers of the Canadian economy.

For the full press release, please see

This results in a total 5-year budget of $267 million. You may recall
that the 5-year plan, which you can find at, included a scenario with roughly that
amount of funding on p. 442ff.

For TRIUMF employees there will be an All-Hands meeting with Jonathan
Bagger this Friday at 14:00 PDT in the auditorium.

The TUG chairs will meet on May 11th with the directors to discuss the
impact for TRIUMF Users and cyclotron operations. Please let us know any
questions you have via

Best regards

Bernd Stelzer
Iris Dillmann
Cornelia Hoehr

for the TRIUMF User Group Executive Committee