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Past Events

Agenda for VAGR (Virtual Annual General Reunion) on Nov 26 2020

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions, it was not feasible to have a meeting in person at TRIUMF this year. We were able to connect virtually (via ZOOM) with some 50 members to renew our friendships, keep in touch with recent developments at the lab, select our executive members for the next year, and address other issues of interest to TARA members. 

Below follows some screenshots of many of those present. I hope they include most of the attendees and apologize for any that were missed.

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3


Status of TRIUMF - updates on ARIEL / Long term options considered for TRIUMF's 20 year vision / Contributions from TRIUMF to Canada's challenges related to the COVIS 19 pandemic - by Associate Director  Reiner Kruecken

Status of IAMI (Institute for Advanced Medical Isotopes)  - by Esther Schirmacher

Flash Theropy research at ARIEL - by Connie Hoehr

Leadership change and search for a new director - by Ian Doyle


Pacific Blue Cross report - by Lucy Sousa (Dehonet et al)

Approval of minutes of last year's AGM

Election of new executive

TARA chair report / Membership report - now at 169 members


Agenda for AGM on Sep 19 2019

Interior Group Picture 2019

TARA Sep 19/2019 Pictures


ISAC is 20 years old by Paul Schmor

TRIUMF-BWXT partnership by Jerry Porter

Status of TRIUMF by Reiner Kruecken


TARA AGM Nov 19 2018  Agenda

                    Group photo for Nov 19 2018 AGM

Some informal Pictures

TARA Minutes for 2018 AGM

IAMI Presentation by Ken Buckley

Status of ARIEL by Reiner Kruecken


Some photos (pdf pages) of the TARA celebration of TRIUMF's 50 anniversary held on July 16 2018

July 16, 2018 - TARA hosted Science Week event!  Click here more more details!


TARA Sep 21/2017 Annual Reunion & AGM

 Group picture samll

Partial Attendees List  and Alternate group picture

Attached is the final agenda for Thursday Sep 21/2017

Presentation by TRIUMF Director Jonathan Bagger on Past, Present, Future

Presentation by Carla Rodrigo on planning for 50th anniversary celebrations

Update material (Travel) (Enhancement Options on Pacific Blue Cross coverage)

Tour Pictures (1-page high res. pdf)

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TARA Nov/17/2016 Annual Reunion & AGM

Gather in lobby

Attached is the final version of the agenda for Thursday Nov 17/2016

Presentation by the administrator of the Retiree group medical and dental plan

TRIUMF Tour of Ariel accelerator, Main control room, Meson Hall, Nuclear medicine facilities

Report by TARA's chair

Nomination of TARA executive for 2017

Talk of Reiner Kruecken ( presented by Jens Dilling)

Talk by Jens Dilling - Physical Science Division

Presentation by Cornelia Hoehr

Presentation by AAPS Director Don Furseth

Party for TARA members and guests at Hot Spot Cafe



TARA Nov/26/2015 Annual Reunion & AGM

Attached is the final version of the agenda for Thursday Nov 26/2015 events.

TRIUMF Tour - some photos along the tour

TARA Chair Jean-Michel Poutissou presented the Annual Report

CAO Jim Hanlon presented an overview of TRIUMF's Science and Innovation.

Shirley Tang - report on retiree benefits

Ewart Blackmore gave a presentation on the Early Days of Proton Therapy

This was followed by a presentation by Connie Hoehr on Proton Therapy today.

"Views" from the doctors: Tom Pickles and Kate Paton

Party for TARA members & guests at Hot Spot Cafe


TARA Dec/12/2014 Annual Reunion & AGM .

 Attached is a revised version of the agenda for Friday Dec 12th events. A lunch will be provided by TRIUMF and served to TARA members in the Main office Building Conference room at 12:30 after the tour. It will be sandwiches, veggies,sweets and soft drinks.

The party in the ARIEL hall starts at 3pm after the series of talks celebrating the 40th anniversary of the first extracted beam from the 500MeV cyclotron which will be given in the main auditorium. The party will be pot luck by TRIUMF's staff for appetizers and dessert, hot food by the Hot SPOT cafe and drinks of the seasons. TARA members are invited to the party as guests.

TARA Members gather in lobby for Tours

Program   & Details 


TARA Nov/28/2013 Annual Reunion & AGM

Invite/program details and slideshow of event.


TARA Nov/22/2012 Annual Reunion & AGM

2012 AGM



July 11/2012 Scientific Symposium in honour of Gordon Ball

 TRIUMF is holding a special Scientific Symposium in honour of Gordon Ball, who after 15 years at TRIUMF and over 4 decades of leadership and service in the Canadian subatomic science community, retires on June 30th, 2012.

The scientific symposium will be held on Wednesday, July 11th 2012 at 13:15 in the TRIUMF Auditorium and will feature lectures from colleagues of Gordon's from throughout his career. After the symposium TRIUMF will be hosting a barbeque reception, in the courtyard and cafeteria, to celebrate. Please see the PDF of the poster below for more information.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

All the best,
Niki Martin
on behalf of the organizing committee

See for more information.

TARA Nov 3rd 2011 AGM

23 Members attended the Annual General Meeting. Both the formal (see AGM minutes) and informal parts were held in the TRIUMF (Hot Spot) cafeteria.  Snacks and drinks were provided gratis by TRIUMF. A free copy of the 1970-1974 video about the construction of the 500 MeV Cyclotron was distributed to the TARA members (and will be mailed to the remaining members - on request- that were not in attendance). The full (~55min) video is available at   while a shortened version ( ~15min) is available at  and for those who may someday want to see the 2 hr raw version at or


2011 AGM



July 28/2011 TRIUMF Summer Barbecue

Approximately 20 TARA members (including their partners)were in attendance. There was no charge for the barbecue which includes 2 alcoholic drinks. The event was held in the cafeteria courtyard and on a blocked off area in front of the main office building. Watching our youth (almost everyone else these days!) tossing/catching water balloons at ever increasing distances; who was quickest at eating/swallowing a donut hanging on a string; who was fastest at running with a raw egg at end of a spoon in ones mouth; were all fun to watch. Photos and Video clips of some of the events are shown below. Video clips at and


July 28/2011 BBQ

July 28 BBQ

July 28 BBQ

July 28 BBQ

July 28 BBQ

July 28 BBQJuly 28 BBQ

July 28 BBQ

July 28/2011


July 6/2011 TARA/TUG Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the TRIUMF Users Group (TUG) was held on Wednesday, July 6, 2011 (9:00 to 17:00) in the TRIUMF Auditorium. This meeting was followed by a BBQ Social in the TRIUMF Hot Spot Cafe& Courtyard. To encourage TARA members to take advantage of the opportunity to meet old friends and to learn more about TRIUMF as it is now and its exciting prospects for the future, TRIUMF Management subsidized the cost of TARA members' registration for this event - charging only $10 for the BBQ Social.

Barbecue of burgers

Some of the TARA membersTARA/TUGTARA/TUG


Dec 16th 2010 AGM

Dec 16th 2010 AGM

Aug 6th 2010 Re-union

Aug 6 Image 282Aug 6th 2010 Re-unionAug 6th 2010 Re-unionAug 6th 2010 Re-unionAug 6th 2010 Re-union


1st TARA Re-union



For more see the Inaugural TRIUMF "Alumni" Gathering...