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Announcing the Results of the KEK-TRIUMF Exchange Program for Early Career Researchers

25 June 2019

KEK (Japan’s High-Energy Accelerator Research Organization) and TRIUMF are pleased to announce the awardees for the 2019/2020 Exchange Program for Early Career Researchers (EPECR). Designed to enrich the Japanese and Canadian science and innovation landscapes, the EPECR is a researcher and student exchange program jointly established by TRIUMF and KEK that promotes the development of up and comers who will play a key role in accelerator science and its related fields.

This year saw a competitive selection process with several strong applications. Congratulations to the following awardees:

Nana Yamamoto

Institution: Nagoya University
Research Activity: Studying Ultra-Cold Neutron production using superfluid helium

Ryohei Matsumiya

Institution: TRIUMF
Research Activity: Developing the Ultra-Cold Neutron source with the superfluid helium by performing cooling tests at KEK for the cryostat

Gabriel Santucci

Institution: York University
Research Activity: Working with the Beam Group at KEK on the Optical Transition Radiation beam monitor

Chukman So

Institution: TRIUMF
Research Activity: Exchanging ideas and techniques on high precision magnetic experiments between the ALPHA-g experiment and the g-2/EDM and MuSEUM experiments

The next call for the 2020/21 fiscal year is expected to be announced this fall, with the results to follow in Spring 2020.

Once again, congratulations to the 2019/20120 EPECR winners!