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Community Gallery

In 2009, TRIUMF joined with Emily Carr University in the inaugural Artists in Residence program. For TRIUMF, the program is an extension of our already strong student program, which hosts high-school, undergraduate, and graduate students from around the world. For Emiliy Carr, it was an experimental collision between art & science. For both, it was an opportunity to create new ideas and new ways of exploring physics.

Each year, from September to December, Ingrid's Koenig's (Emily Carr) students explore the ideas of physics and the scientific method in her class, Black Holes & Other Transformations of Energy. They explore through reading papers, discussing ideas, as well as talking with TRIUMF's reserachers and spending time at the lab. From these experiences, the students explore ideas, and create pieces in a variety of differnt mediums. Sculptures, paintings, videos, and much creativity emerge.

This year, for the first time, the art is being presented to the community. Come and explore this year's peices in Tapestry, in the new University Village. Visit with researchers and the artist's during the gallery opening on January 19, from 4-6pm.  The art will be on display until February 10.

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