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That’s a wrap! TRIUMF Science Week 2018 delivers high-impact science and mid-summer fun

22 July 2018

<image: a crowd awaits opening remarks from TRIUMF Director Dr. Jonathan Bagger>

Last week, TRIUMF members came together to celebrate a special 50th-anniversary TRIUMF Science Week 2018, a special line-up of activities that brought to light nearly every aspect of the lab’s rich and diverse science programming.

Visitors and guests from over 10 countries travelled to Vancouver to take part in the week's agenda. Some highlights included a panel discussion with several founding TRIUMF engineers and scientists, an ARIEL (Advanced Rare IsotopE Laboratory) Science Workshop that delved into the exciting present and future impact of the flagship facility, a Student Poster Slam (with prizes!), and, to cap off the week, a family barbecue picnic and outdoor movie screening alongside TRIUMF’s community neighbours in Wesbrook Village.

<image: Dr. Willem Van Oers speaks at a panel discussion about the early years at TRIUMF>

<image: the TRIUMF community sits down to a long-table barbecue dinner>

<image: the Student Poster Slam> 

<image: a signed TRIUMF banner on display at the Mid-Summer Celebration> 

“The TRIUMF 50th-anniversary Science Week showcased the many highlights of the past 50 years,” said Dr. Jens Dilling, TRIUMF Associate Laboratory Director of Physical Sciences. “It was truly a display of the evolution of the laboratory. I found it very refreshing to see a full and vibrant auditorium with students and faculty from Canada and around the word. That cemented for me that TRIUMF is relevant and on the cutting edge, today and for many years to come.”

Thank you to everyone who made TRIUMF's 50th-anniversary Science Week a smash success - participants, organizers, and all those who lended a helping hand.We're already looking forward to Science Week 2019. See you there!

For a full schedule of events from TRIUMF Science Week 2018, click here. For the full set of images, click here.