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New documentary highlights TRIUMF’s role in producing promising radioisotope for cancer treatment

12 September 2018

Canada is home to world-leading researchers, clinicians, and industrial partners who are working to realize the benefits that next-generation medical isotopes can bring to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, dementia, and cardiac disease. 

TRIUMF is a hub in this nuclear medicine cluster, leveraging its multidisciplinary expertise and its suite of particle accelerators to play an integral role in developing new techniques and technologies and by providing key radioisotopes for disease research, diagnosis, and treatment.  

Presented as part of TELUS’ STORYHIVE initiative, a new short documentary from Vancouver-based Avocado Video titled ‘The Rarest Drug on Earth’ is delving into the possibility for TRIUMF to take up the reins as the world’s largest producer of actinium-225 (Ac-225), a radioisotope with promising potential as an anti-cancer therapy. The documentary explores the research landscape surrounding Ac-225, as well as TRIUMF’s current and future role as a hub for its production.   

The documentary can be found here.

For more information on the science behind actinium and other targeted alpha therapies, seeTRIUMF targets alpha therapy (2016)