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TRIUMF Director Dr. Jonathan Bagger to become new CEO of APS

13 August 2020

TRIUMF today announced that Dr. Jonathan Bagger will be stepping down from his role as Director to serve as CEO for the American Physical Society (APS), effective January 1, 2021.

"Like every Director before him, Dr. Bagger has made an indelible contribution to the present and future of the laboratory," said Dr. Digvir Jayas, Chair of the TRIUMF Board of Management. "On behalf of the Board of Management, I would like to congratulate Jonathan on a job well done and to thank him for his dedicated service over his time at TRIUMF. Further, I look forward to continuing to work with Jonathan in his new role as CEO at APS. His appointment will serve to strengthen ties within our network of science leaders, for the benefit of Canadians and our wider science communities."

Dr. Bagger joined TRIUMF as Director in 2014, succeeding Dr. Nigel Lockyer. Across his tenure, Bagger worked to secure TRIUMF's long-term future, rallying the community behind an ambitious vision to increase TRIUMF's impact across its broad and multidisciplinary portfolio. Bagger's accomplishments include stabilizing the laboratory's finances, strengthening and diversifying its staff and its science, advancing ARIEL and funding IAMI, and reinvigorating the laboratory's commercialization and technology transfer efforts with TRIUMF Innovations.

"From stewarding the progress of ARIEL and IAMI to overseeing TRIUMF's Five-Year Plan 2020-2025, Dr. Bagger has guided the organization with prescient vision and bold ambition. His work has served to broaden TRIUMF's scientific program and its network, strengthen the laboratory's expertise in key areas, and drive the continued growth of a vibrant and inclusive TRIUMF community," noted Dr. Jayas.

"It has been one of my greatest privileges to serve as TRIUMF's Director," said Dr. Bagger. "With the steadfast support of TRIUMF's Board, the National Research Council, the federal and provincial governments, and the laboratory's remarkable community, TRIUMF remains on a trajectory towards tremendous success."

Reflecting on his work at the lab, Dr. Bagger noted: "I think of the notion put forth by Dr. Julia Phillips, Chair of the 2018 TRIUMF International Peer Review Committee, that speaks to the exciting task ahead:  The TRIUMF community must now begin to plan not only for the next five years, but also for the next ten, twenty, and beyond. I firmly believe that laboratory is poised to realize its noble vision – for Canada to lead in science, discovery, and innovation, improving lives and building a better world."

In consultation with TRIUMF's management and a dedicated hiring committee, an international search for Dr. Bagger's successor will soon be underway, with details forthcoming. Dr. Bagger will remain at TRIUMF's helm for the remainder of the year, and TRIUMF's scientific programs will continue in alignment with the vision and schedules detailed in the laboratory's Five-Year Plan 2020-2025.

Today's announcement was also shared in a press release from APS.