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Event reports



Technical Experts from the CNSC conducted a Type II Inspection at the facility from April 23rd – 25th, 2019. The CNSC will summarize the results of the inspection in a formal report and provide it to TRIUMF.

2019-02On May 28, 2019 TRIUMF released gaseous krypton at a level 2000 times below the regulatory limit during routine medical isotope production. The event was reported to the regulatory authority. TRIUMF is investigating and will take appropriate action to address the matter.
2019-03On June 14, 2019 technical experts from PLC Fire Safety Solutions inspected TRIUMF’s Facility Fire Hazard Assessment and Fire Protection Systems.  Their report will be shared with TRIUMF and CNSC and used to strengthen fire safety across our site.
2019-04On June 18, 2019 TRIUMF detected a slow release of xenon gas from a target used for medical isotope productionThis release was 1000 times below the regulatory limit. The target was removed from service and the event was reported to the regulatory authority. TRIUMF and BWXT are investigating the incident and will make necessary repairs and process improvements before resuming operation.