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Five-Year Plan Steering Committee

The Five-Year Plan Steering Committee (5YPSC) is accountable for the formulation and preparation of the Five-Year Plan 2015-2020.  More specifically, the 5YPSC is formed by the TRIUMF director to:

  • Oversee preparation of the Five-Year Plan 2015-2020;
  • Engage and consult the broader community; and
  • Structure and edit the components of the 5YP.

Ultimately, the responsibility for the 5YP rests with the TRIUMF director and the content of the 5YP is subject to approval by the TRIUMF Board of Management.

As such, the 5YPSC includes participants from the TRIUMF staff, the Canadian community, and several nominees from community-based advisory organizations.

The 5YPSC can be contacted directly by sending e-mail to


  1. Tim Meyer, TRIUMF (chair)
  2. Ken Ragan, McGill
  3. Colin Gay, UBC (PPAC chair)
  4. Hiro Tanaka, UBC
  5. Sampa Bhadra, York (Board member)
  6. Paul Garrett, Guelph
  7. Paul Schaffer, TRIUMF
  8. Khashayar Ghandi, Mount Allison (TUEC Chair)
  9. Jens Dilling, TRIUMF
  10. Byron Jennings, TRIUMF
  11. Lia Merminga, TRIUMF
  12. Iain McKenzie, TRIUMF/CMMS
  13. Reiner Kruecken, TRIUMF
  14. Carsten B. Krauss, Alberta
  15. Isabel Trigger, TRIUMF