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ALPHA Collaboration once again charges up antimatter research 
 June 03, 2014 
 The ALPHA collaboration reports on their latest measurement of a fundamental property of antihydrogen, the ephemeral antimatter twin to normal hydrogen. It is the first time that the charge of an antiatom has been measured to high precision, yielding an improved measurement of the antielectron’s (positron) charge. 
Antimatter Team Wins NSERC John C. Polanyi Prize
 February 3, 2014 
 For its role in creating, trapping, and studying atoms of antihydrogen, the ALPHA Canada team led by TRIUMF's Makoto Fujiwara has received the NSERC John C. Polanyi Prize 2013. The award is being presented by the Governor General David Johnston at a ceremony at Rideau Hall, Ottawa today.  NSERC Video available here.
Canadian-led research zaps antimatter 
 March 7, 2012 
 In their latest paper published online today by the journal Nature, the ALPHA Collaboration at CERN reported on a measurement, spearheaded by their Canadian collaborators, that measured for the first time an intrinsic property of antimatter atoms. In doing so, they’ve provided the world with its first glimpse of an “anti-atomic fingerprint.” 
Upping the Anti - Canadian researchers instrumental in game-changing antimatter study 
 June 6, 2011 
 In a paper published online today by the journal Nature Physics, the ALPHA experiment at CERN, including key Canadian contributors, reports that it has succeeded in storing antimatter atoms for over 16 minutes. 
Scientists succeed in trek to capture atoms of antimatter 
  November 17, 2010 
 Boldly going where the universe has not gone before, scientists at the CERN laboratory near Geneva, Switzerland have succeeded in capturing anti-matter atoms.