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Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy at ISAC


This page contains two sets of important instructions for all those who wish to participate in experimental activities of the Gamma-Ray Spectrosocpy at ISAC group, namely GRIFFIN or TIGRESS experiments, either remotely or on site.  The sections are:

  • Important information for all collaborators:  access to TRIUMF IT
  • Important information for experiment and sabbatical visitors:  access to the TRIUMF Site
  • Hints for Returning Visitors
  • Common problems and mistakes

Please read and follow these instructions carefully, and make sure all steps are completed AT LEAST FIVE DAYS BEFORE  you visit or take a remote shift.  Access to TRIUMF IT is manadtory and necessary to complete the steps associated to gain access to the TRIUMF site.

Existing collaborators are encouraged to verify all steps before they arrive too, just to make sure nothing has expired.

Important information for all collaborators:  access to TRIUMF IT

All collaborators need to register as TRIUMF users, even if they are only taking part remotely.  Most GRSI IT resources are behind the TRIUMF firewall.  This includes but is not limited to MIDAS frontends and servers, the sorting & analysis cluster, and the wiki pages.  These must be accessed from offsite through the TRIUMF VPN.  To do this, you need a TRIDENT ID.  To get a TRIDENT ID, you must be a registered user.

Please complete all of the following steps in order at least five days before your visit or your remote shift.

  • Request visit authorization.  Send your TRIUMF contact your full government name from an e-mail account that you can use for further interactions with the TRIUMF visitor system.  Students and post-docs may wish to use a more permanent e-mail account than an insitutional one that they may lose as their careers develop.  NOTE:  If you know for sure you have a valid TRIDENT ID, e.g. because you already received an e-mail from, you can skip this step.
  • Wait for your TRIDENT ID,  Within a few days (hopefully one to two), you will be assigned a TRIDENT ID.  You will receive an e-mail from an account like "" informing you of this.  Your TRIDENT ID will have the form  Your username will typically be your first initial followed by your full last name.  Joan Marie Larkin's TRIDENT Username woudl be jlarkin, and her TRIDENT ID would be .  Arif Mirabdolbaghi's TRIDENT ID would be and his username would be amirabdolbaghi.  
  • Verify your TRIDENT ID and password:   When you receive (or if you previously received) an e-mail from  Go to, and click the Login button.  Attempt to log in with your TRIDENT ID ( and password as provided in the e-mail from  If this doesn't work, go below to "Common Problems and Mistakes".
  • Set up multi-factor authentication: Open a private or incognito browser window, and set up mutli-factor authentication (MFA) for your TRIDENT ID (  Instructions to do this are at  This doesn't log you into anything (yet), but it does set up MFA so can log into things later.  It is strongly recommended that you use a private or incognito browser to do this.  Under any circumstance, make absolutely sure if a login name or user name appears in the top left corner of the MFA setup pages, that it is your TRIDENT ID, and not some other Microsoft user ID e.g. a personal one or one from your home institution.  You are encouraged to use the Microsoft Autheticator on your device for this, as it (only) requires WiFi, it does not require a cell service.  This may be especially useful for visitors without roaming (or data) on their cell phones.
  • RSVP and enter your birthdate. You will receive at least one "RSVP" e-mail from  This may have arrived before you received your TRIDENT ID.  Follow any instrucitons and links in that e-mail.   This will allow you confirm your personal  information.  Amongst other things it will also allow you to enter your date of birth.  Do this.  If you did not receive something like this, go to the Visitor App, log in with your TRIDENT Username (no, and enter your birthday there.
  • Set up and check the VPN.  Once you have verified that your TRIDENT ID is working, go to and follow the appropriate instructions for your device.   In addition to any checks reommended in the websites or instructions above, go to .  This page is behind the firewall, so if you can see it, you will be able to access all other GRSI resources.  This page includes further information on other resources and how to access them.

NOTE:  Again, please note that your full TRIDENT ID includes both your TRIDENT Username and .  

ALSO NOTE:  TRIUMF resources may require either the TRIDENT ID or just the TRIDENT username.  GRSI resources may require even different usernames and passwords, see for further details.

Important information for experiment and sabbatical visitors:  Access to the TRIUMF Site

Please carefully read the contents of, in particular Procedures for User RegistrationBefore your Visit, and pre-approval instructions .  

At least five days before you arrive, you must do all FOUR of the following steps.

  • Register as a user and get a TRIDENT ID.  See the section above, "Important information for all collaborators". MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SET UP MULTI-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION.  Also, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE RSVP'd and entered your date of birth.  
  • Complete mandatory training on Workday.  Log in to with your TRIDENT ID (  Click on View All Apps.  Click on Learning, Discover, and Browse Learning.  Use the Search field to find, enroll in, and take each of the courses listed below.  After you have finished, them, find My Learning (you may have to start with View All Apps and Learning again), click on View Learning Transcript, and Print, save as PDF, or screen-shot your completed training records, and send them to your contact person.  If you will be installing or removing calibration sources, working with chemicals, or dispensing liquid nitrogen yourself, please ask your contact for futher training requirements. 
    • TRIUMF Safety Orientation
    • Basic Radiation Protection Training
    • COVID Return to Site Orientation
    • Bullying and Harassment 
  • Specify the dates you will be on site.  Fill in your visit dates in the Visitor App at  Log in using just your TRIDENT username (no  Your access card, whether it is a visitor temporary one or a permanent one with your photo on it, will be active only for the dates on record in the Visitor App.   Your radiation badge will be on the rack for those dates.
    • If you are planning to arrive on a weekend, holiday, or after hours; set your start-of-visit date to the working day before you intend to arrive, and advise your contact to ask about card pickup instructions.
  • Request invitation letters.  This is especially important for foreign visitors.  You may need a work permit.  Consult Before your Visit.

It is imperative that you get all of these completed and all forms submitted at least five working days before you are scheduled to arrive.

You must specify your on-site dates and request invitation letters for each period you will be on site.  You are strongly encouraged to verify your training each time as well, as some of the training expires and needs to be repeated periodically.

Hints for Returning Visitors

Most visitors who have been on site since November 2021 have likely gone through most of all the steps above.

If your most recent visit was prior to November 2021, there is a significant chance that you will have to repeat some if not all of the steps above.  Most likely you will need at minimum to set up Multi-Factor Authetication and complete any missing training through Workday.

Common problems and mistakes

If you are struggling following these instructionsCamille Belanger-Champagne has prepared a nice flow chart to help her visitors with this.  It includes nice examples and screen shots.  With the exception of the Personnel Safety Alarms training module, the rest of these instructions are appropraite for GRSI experiment and sabbatical visitors.

Can't log in to the visitor app or TRIDENT:  Check your password at  Verify with your contact that you still have a vailid visitor authorization.

Can't make the VPN work:  If you've already verified your TRIDENT ID, try going through .

Can't log in to Workday:  If you've already verified your TRIDENT ID and you're connected by the VPN, and you get an error message like "For security reasons, we require additional information to verify your account" or "The selected authentication method is not available":  set up  mutli-factor authentication (MFA). Go to

Common mistakes: 

  • The most common sources of problems with accessing TRIUMF resources with the TRIDENT Username or TRIDENT ID come from  account conflicts.  In particular, if you or your instution use Microsoft services of any type and you use a non-TRIUMF username or ID for those, make absolutely sure you have not remained logged in to one of those services.  Any MFA you set up for other Microsoft services will not migrate over to your TRIDENT ID.  This has been a recurring problem for visitors from University of Guelph, for example.  Better yet, start up an incognito or private browser window and do your TRIUMF business there.  This should ignore any accounts where you "Stay[ed] logged in?".
  • Many people confuse visitor authorization and visits.  Visitor Authorization entitles you to access TRIUMF electronic resources, gets you a TRIDENT ID, and allows you to book visits.  This authorization is limited in term and is set at the discretion of your contact.  Individual visits specify what days you will actually be on site.  When you enter visit dates, reception and RPG will prepare an access card and dosimeter active only for those dates.
  • Some visitors forget to RSVP and do not enter their birthdates.  A visitor's birthdate is mandatory for dosimetry recordkeeping.  If you do not enter your birthdate, you will not get a dosimeter.


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