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General Shipping Procedures

TRIUMF's Shipping Address is: 6095 Nurseries Road, Vancouver, B.C. V6T 2A3

TRIUMF Shipments

There are two types of shipments commonly sent out from TRIUMF:

1.       Documents

2.       All other items

NOTE: All items being shipped require a TRIUMF Shipping Order form to be completed by the user.  Shipping Order Form Link



These consist of printed material (letters, posters, manuals…) or could be a document contained on a CD or memory stick.  In general, these items are of no commercial value.  When shipping documents not in paper format they should be described on courier waybills as:  CD based business documents, or memory stick based business documents.


These items must be properly packaged and addressed and can be shipped directly by TRIUMF reception.  Users are required to supply an account code where the charges are to be billed.


All Other Items:

There are three categories of “All Other Items”:

1.       Local Shipments (Vancouver and Lower Mainland)

2.       Domestic Shipments (Outside Vancouver but within Canada)

3.       International Shipments (Outside Canada)


Local Shipments:  TRIUMF reception should only be used to ship documents.  All other shipments should be routed through TRIUMF Shipping and Receiving.  When available we utilize our in house TRIUMF courier service to deliver these shipments for our users at no cost to the account holder.  If our in house courier services are not available we will outsource to a local courier company such as Purolator or Van City Courier and users are back charged for these costs accordingly.


Domestic Shipments:  Domestic shipments other than documents should be routed through TRIUMF Shipping.  A TRIUMF shipping order is required to be completed by the originator.  This is to ensure the goods can be traced and insured during transit.


International Shipments:  International shipments other than documents should be routed through TRIUMF shipping.  This is necessary to ensure that proper export documentation is prepared for the shipment in accordance with the regulations of Canada Border Services Agency.  This includes shipments originating from remote locations such as UBC or other TRIUMF vendors in Vancouver or elsewhere in the country. 


It is imperative to obtain the assistance of TRIUMF shipping when exporting items (other than documents).  TRIUMF shipping works very closely with our Customs Brokers who will provide the expertise to ensure all export documentation is reviewed and completed accurately.   Failure to do so can cause delays and penalties that will adversely affect TRIUMF and our ability to ship internationally.


In summary – any item other than business documents should be shipped using the TRIUMF Shipping Department.  When in doubt, please contact TRIUMF shipping.

General Shipping Procedures